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Ontario Brewery Gets Bingo License

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Bingo players usually enjoy bingo games in bingo halls. They can also enjoy them online on bingo sites that offer several variants of the game. Additionally, charity bingo charity events may be held in bingo halls or other locations.

Ontario bingo fans will have a new venue to visit and it’s a brewery. Bingo and beer will go hand in hand as BingoI Market Brewing Company is the first brewery that holds a bingo license and will offer bingo to players in the town some bingo games and some beer. This new venue puts a twist on bingo.

Beer and Bingo

It all started in 2020 when the brewery was organizing a charity event. They decided to go for bingo as the game of choice, but they found out that you needed a license for it. The brewery decided to do it the right way and applied for a license from the city council.

Then the pandemic happened and instead of real bingo, the brewery went for a virtual bingo game. Similar to the first time, the brewery was notified that they will need a license to operate such an event. Once things calmed down, they applied for a license again. The community supported the decision and eventually, the council agreed to grant them a license. It is a C bingo license.

Now that they have their license, the first-ever bingo brewery, plans on hosting charity events each month. This event will bring people to a good cause and let them enjoy their favorite game. The winners will get their prizes and a portion of the money will go to charity organizations. In addition to an amazing bingo game event, players will also enjoy some delicious snacks and tasty beer.

This is one example of how any bingo operator should operate. They will need a license to do so and they’ll need to apply for it. Once they’re granted a license they will need to find a place for the bingo hall as well as the right staff for the job. Once that’s done, it’s time for the players to come in and enjoy the game.

The best part about the first bingo brewery is that it’s doing something that’s never been done before. By merging bingo and beer, this venue will offer players a tasty pint or two and the chance to enjoy their favorite game in a different setting.

With the right license obtained, the brewery can safely organize charity bingo events and raise money for those in need. Bingo players will have fun, and a portion of the money will go to charity. The other portion will go to the brewery so it can pay the busy staff.


Ontario has a new attraction in the form of the first bingo brewery. Bingo fans will get to enjoy their favorite game with friends, have a nice beer and some snacks, and raise money for charity. It’s a brewery that provides fun for all visitors and funds for those in need.

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