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Hamilton Bingo Player Seizes Staggering £50,000 Jackpot Prize

Hamilton Bingo Player Seizes Staggering £50,000 Jackpot Prize

Is there anything more exhilarating than witnessing a dedicated bingo enthusiast striking gold with a life-altering jackpot win? The Mecca Bingo Hamilton establishment has once again become the backdrop for a heartwarming story of luck and joy, marking the second National Bingo Game Jackpot Win this year.

Celebrating Success at Mecca Bingo Hamilton

This recent triumph has left the entire community buzzing with excitement. The fortunate winner, opting to maintain their anonymity, has graced the halls of Mecca Bingo Hamilton since its inception back in 1996. After an astonishing 26 years of unwavering commitment, this beloved club member now faces the delightful challenge of deciding how to make the most of their substantial £50,000 windfall.

An Absolutely Electrifying Atmosphere

James Watson, the ever-grinning general manager of Mecca Bingo Hamilton, couldn’t hide his enthusiasm regarding this grand victory. He exclaimed, “The £50,000 National Bingo Game jackpot win is a genuine cause for celebration, and the atmosphere within the club on that Friday night was nothing short of electric.”

He continued, “The uncertainty of when and where these substantial prizes will land always keeps us on our toes, and we’re overjoyed that it has once again found its way into the hands of a loyal Mecca Hamilton player. As a familiar face within our community, they are cherished by our entire team, and we couldn’t be happier for them.”

This year has proven, once more, that fortune favors the steadfast, as another cherished long-time regular at Mecca Bingo Hamilton had previously clinched the coveted £50,000 jackpot prize. It serves as a heartwarming reminder that persistence and dedication can indeed lead to life-changing rewards.

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Bingo Victory of £500 Snatched from Dundee Woman During Early Morning Hours

Bingo Victory of £500 Snatched from Dundee Woman During Early Morning Hours

Imagine the elation of winning £500 while playing bingo. It’s a modest sum but one that can bring joy, fun, or a sense of security. Now picture that very victory turning into a tale of loss and theft all in one night.

A Twist of Fate: Stolen Winnings and a Startling Encounter

This unexpected turn of events unfolded in Dundee, Scotland, where a local resident—whose identity remains hidden—experienced a rollercoaster of emotions. Having withdrawn £250 from an ATM and spent the evening at her favorite bingo establishment, Buzz Bingo on Harefield Road’s Stack Retail Park, she struck gold by winning a £500 prize. With an impressive £750 in cash, including her initial withdrawal, she became an unwitting target.

As the clock struck 3am, a man named John Lawrie entered the scene. Under the cover of night, Lawrie infiltrated the woman’s home through a bathroom window while she slept beside her husband. He made his way to their bedroom, where a handbag containing the cash awaited. The woman woke to the shocking reality of a stranger in her sanctuary. Though Lawrie managed to escape unnoticed, he left behind a crucial piece of evidence.

DNA Clues Unravel the Bingo Burglary

Lawrie’s misdeed led to the discovery of his DNA on the broken window—a pivotal clue that tied him to the crime. With a prior criminal record, his identity was swiftly established by the police. The investigation concluded with Lawrie’s arrest, and during his trial, he admitted his culpability. John Caird, his solicitor, noted, “Mr Lawrie is quite frankly disgusted with himself.” Caird further explained Lawrie’s battle with substance abuse during the time of the incident.

Lawrie’s conviction for burglary resulted in his remand at HMP Perth until the impending sentencing, scheduled for the end of September. The motivations behind Lawrie’s actions remain shrouded in mystery. Whether he had inside information, overheard conversations, or merely chanced upon the situation, the truth may never be fully unveiled.

While the tale underscores the dark side of a momentary triumph, it also highlights the resilience of justice and the pursuit of truth. In the end, the pursuit of a fleeting fortune led one individual down a treacherous path, reminding us of the thin line between success and misfortune.

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Silver Screen Spectacle: Bongo’s Bingo Liverpool Hosts an Unforgettable Movie Night

Lights, Camera, Bingo!

Roll out the red carpet for a night like no other as Bongo’s Bingo brings you an unforgettable cinematic experience.

Event Details

  • Date: Thursday August 17th, 2023
  • Location: Stanhope St, Liverpool L8 5RE
  • Start Time: 6:00pm | Last Entry: 7:30pm
  • First Game of Bingo: 8:00pm


A Night at the Movies

Get ready to step into the silver screen and become your favorite movie characters! Whether you’re channeling Shrek, James Bond, Ghostbusters, or even Mary f*cking Poppins, this is your chance to shine.

Experience an evening filled with thrilling bingo games, epic dance-offs, crowd karaoke, and non-stop dancing to the most iconic movie soundtracks of all time.

But remember, for everyone’s safety and enjoyment, please refrain from wearing face-covering attire, large/fake weapons accessories, or oversized costumes. Such items will not be allowed entry.

Join us for:

  • Bingo with a twist
  • Electrifying rave atmosphere
  • Cheesy singalongs that will make your night
  • Dance-offs that’ll keep you moving
  • Unbelievable prizes and cash rewards


Our fantastic bingo hosts will ensure you have the ultimate Bongo’s Bingo experience!

Keep in mind that all events will adhere to government COVID-19 guidelines and any additional rules set by the venue. Please contact the venue for more details.


COVID-19 Note:

If your event is postponed and you booked via the Bongo’s Bingo website or app, you’ll receive credit of the same value on your Bongo’s Bingo account within 30 days of the postponement. This credit will grant you advanced access to upcoming Bongo’s Bingo events across the UK, with a window of 24 months from the restart of indoor shows.

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Bingo Billy’s Mesmerizing American Expedition – August 2023!

Bingo Billy American Tour

August 2023 brings the much-awaited Tour of America contest to Bingo Billy, delighting players with its beloved tradition. Embark on an exhilarating journey across the United States, making unforgettable stops in iconic cities like New York, Atlantic City, Kansas City, Hollywood, Vegas, and Miami. Each destination offers special activities and incredible prizes to make your tour truly remarkable.

Win Big with Billy Miles and Daily Facebook Live Shows!

Bingo Billy American Tour

From August 17th to August 31st, you have the chance to win Billy Miles, which can be redeemed for an amazing $1,000 in cash prizes. But that’s not all; stay connected with Bingo Billy’s famous Facebook group page and tune into their exciting Facebook Live shows daily to collect entries and get your deposits back credited as cash. The fun never stops with the array of events, including slot tournaments, the Bitcoin Club, FREE Spins, Team Bingo, and more, awaiting you every day throughout August.

Get Ready for the Thrilling Adventure of a Lifetime!

Are you prepared for the most exciting event of the summer? Pack your bags, grab your lucky charms, and get ready for a thrilling tour of America with Bingo Billy! Explore the vibrant streets of New York, try your luck in Atlantic City, immerse yourself in the heartland of America in Kansas City, indulge in the glitz of Hollywood, experience the electrifying atmosphere of Las Vegas, and relax on the tropical beaches of Miami.

This is an adventure you won’t want to miss – filled with laughter, excitement, and incredible prizes. Bingo Billy is all set to create an unforgettable experience for you throughout August. Join the Tour of America contest and make this summer truly exceptional!

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Discover the Fabulous 9 Celebrities Who Find Joy in Bingo!

Discover the Fabulous 9 Celebrities Who Find Joy in Bingo!

Celebrities Embrace the Bingo Fever

Bingo, a game loved by people from all walks of life, has captured the hearts of celebrities as well. From hosting lavish bingo parties to representing online gaming sites, many famous personalities have shown their loyalty and addiction to this classic game.

The Avid Celebrities Who Top the Bingo Chart

Catherine Zeta-Jones, Kate Moss, Bono, Russell Crowe, Courtney Cox, Mick Jagger, Robbie Williams, Sharon Osbourne, and Denise Von Outen are among the notable celebrities who proudly confess their love for bingo. These stars take their passion for the game to another level, setting themselves apart from countless others who are also fond of bingo.

Unveiling the Bingo Secrets of Famous Personalities

From Catherine Zeta-Jones’s personalized bingo balls to Kate Moss’s Saturday night bingo sessions with her kids, the celebrity world is buzzing with bingo enthusiasts. Bono’s involvement with a Dublin pub-turned-bingo hall, Russell Crowe’s early days as a bingo caller, and Courtney Cox’s bingo bonding with friends add more charm to the list.

Not to be outdone, Mick Jagger hosts bingo nights at his palatial residence, while Robbie Williams passionately participates in charity bingo games. Sharon Osbourne is an expert on the game, even having her own online bingo site. Denise Van Outen can often be spotted visiting bingo clubs, sharing the joy with fellow fans.

With the rise of online bingo, celebrities now have even easier access to their favorite pastime. The allure of bingo continues to grow, attracting more and more stars to the world of numbered balls and anticipation.

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Valley Teen’s Veterans Bingo Program a Resounding Success

Valley Teen's Veterans Bingo Program a Resounding Success

Valley Teen’s Nonprofit Brings Heartwarming Bingo to Veterans

Jay Jhaver, a junior at Hamilton High School, may be preoccupied with the start of his second day of school, but his heart remains dedicated to serving veterans. Two years ago, he founded the nonprofit Teens4Vets, which has been making a significant impact on the lives of veterans in need.

Teens4Vets: Empowering Veterans Through Homes and Heartwarming Bingo

The nonprofit’s activities range from working alongside Habitat for Humanity to build homes for soldiers to hosting a beloved bingo event at US Vets in Phoenix. For the 187 veterans battling homelessness, US Vets provides a safe refuge and vital services, including career support, counseling, and housing.

When Jhaver and his volunteers arrive at US Vets with bingo cards in hand, the excitement is palpable among the residents. The game not only provides entertainment but also gives them a chance to win impactful prizes that Jhaver carefully selects, such as coffee makers, laptops, and bed sheets. These prizes, purchased with donations raised throughout the year, can make a significant difference in the lives of the veterans.

For Torkawase Robinson, a former combat medic and resident at US Vets, winning a bicycle meant reliable transportation for work and daily life. Such seemingly small gifts can be life-changing for those struggling with homelessness.

Homelessness among veterans is a serious issue, and Jhaver is determined to do everything he can to prevent it. He recognizes the importance of forming real connections with the veterans, listening to their stories, and understanding their needs.

Inspiring Dedication: A Valley Teen’s Journey to Empower Veterans

Ernie Verrue, one of the veterans benefiting from Teens4Vets’ initiatives, praises Jhaver’s dedication, wishing more young people were like him. Jhaver remains committed to expanding his nonprofit’s reach to make a broader impact across the nation.

Reflecting on his journey, Jhaver finds great fulfillment in his efforts to give back to those who have served their country. As he continues to support veterans through his nonprofit, he embodies the spirit of compassion and service that makes a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

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End of Electronic Bingo in Macon County After Marshall’s Court Decision

End of Electronic Bingo in Macon County After Marshall's Court Decision

Attorney General Marshall Secures Permanent Injunction Against Electronic Bingo Machines in Macon County

In a major victory for Attorney General Steve Marshall’s ongoing campaign against illegal gambling, the 5th Judicial Circuit has granted his request to permanently halt the operation of electronic bingo machines at Victoryland, once a prominent casino in Macon County. The court ruling also extends the injunction to Epic Tech, Inc. (the machine maker), K.C. Economic Development, LLC (the transporter), and Macon County Sheriff Andre Brunson, all co-defendants in the case.

The court’s decision unequivocally prohibits these entities from engaging in electronic bingo activities in Macon County, receiving any proceeds from electronic bingo machines, transporting or providing additional machines to the county, and issuing bingo licenses or permits for electronic bingo play in Macon County.

Marshall’s Strategy to Permanently Eliminate Illegal Gambling

Attorney General Marshall hails the court ruling as a significant milestone in his long-term strategy to eradicate illegal gambling in Alabama. Unlike previous instances where casinos simply recalibrated their machines and reopened after raids, Marshall aims to establish a permanent solution.

“Electronic bingo machines blatantly violate state law, as consistently reaffirmed by the Alabama Supreme Court,” Marshall emphasized in a statement. “Similar to the facilities in Morgan, Houston, and Lowndes Counties, the Macon County establishments are permanently prohibited from utilizing electronic bingo machines going forward.”

Victoryland’s Compliance and Consequences

Victoryland owner Lewis Benefield announced earlier this year that the facility would cease offering electronic bingo following a Supreme Court ruling. Notably, Milton McGregor, the founder of Victoryland and Benefield’s father-in-law, had vigorously fought legal battles to keep the casino operational, even winning acquittal in a high-profile federal bribery case in 2010 before his passing in 2018.

Benefield stated to, “I’m not going to do what maybe some people have done in the past and say, ‘Hey, screw it. We’re going to still offer it.’ I’m not going to offer electronic bingo… I’m fully running the thing within the law and what the law allows me to do.”

However, Benefield acknowledged that the discontinuation of electronic bingo has resulted in significant job losses at the facility, affecting hundreds of employees.

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Exciting July Promos & Tournaments at CyberBingo!

CyberBingo Promotions

Prepare for an extraordinary bingo extravaganza as CyberBingo unveils a thrilling array of July promotions. Brace yourself for an unforgettable journey into the realm of bingo, where a multitude of exciting events awaits. Among them is the highly anticipated Sparkling Bingo Tourney, where a staggering cash and bonus prize pool awaits the top 20 players!

Mark your calendars for every Tuesday to Thursday this month, as players playing for victory can now add an extra $500 in cash to their collection of winnings. Yes, you heard it right! An additional $500 will be bestowed upon the players with the most triumphant dabs and grabs. But that’s not all – the second and third place winners will also be rewarded with fabulous cash prizes. And let’s not forget about the remaining top 20 contenders who will be treated to delectable bonus rewards, ensuring the excitement never ceases!

Dazzling $25,000 4th of July Special

4th of July

Embrace the spirit of Independence Day with over $25,000 in prizes. Prepare for five thrilling $5,000 coverall games and a minimum of $500 games throughout the day, starting from 6pm and concluding with a final game at 11pm.

Epic Bingo Party Tourney

Epic Bingo Party

Prepare for a grand event on Saturday, July 29th, where an astonishing $20,000 in cash prizes awaits. With cards priced as low as $2, this is an unmissable highlight of the bingo calendar. The party kicks off with 10 warm-up games guaranteeing $10,000 in winnings, followed by a thrilling $10,000 end-of-event special.

Mini Games Tourney

Mini Game Tourney

Showcase your skills in the numerous mini games available and compete for up to $250 in extra rewards. Mini games can be played using both bingo bonus and cash balance. The top 10 players on the leaderboard will receive prizes, with the first-place winner taking home $250, followed by $150 for second place and $75 for third place. Positions 4 to 10 will receive bonuses ranging from $15 to $30.

Tropical Bingo Room’s $13,750 Summer Breeze Tournament

Summer Breeze bingo

Join the action every Saturday to Monday for a chance to win the bingo crown and an incredible $1,200 cash prize. Even second and third place winners will take home enticing cash rewards, while the top 20 participants can enjoy fantastic bonus rewards.

Explore the exciting world of CyberBingo this July and seize the incredible opportunities to win big!

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