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Pragmatic Play’s Bingo Progressive 50K Jackpot

Progressive Jackpot Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play’s Bingo Progressive Jackpot Delivers €50,000 to a Lucky Player

It’s been a while since we’ve shared with you great news, about a player winning a huge bingo prize. And as we understood, we have a winner!

Pragmatic Play is known for its innovative bingo games and its progressive bingo jackpot network. Two weeks ago, the developer’s progressive bingo jackpot has delivered €50,000 to a lucky player at Princess Casino.

€50,000 Hit on Pragmatic Play’s Bingo Progressive Jackpot

A lucky player at Princess Casino decided to play one of Pragmatic Play’s bingo games connected to its progressive bingo jackpot network and managed to win €50,000. The player went straight to the Jackpot Room and chose the lucky numbers on the ticket. Little did the player know or expect that a massive win of more than €50,000 was on the way!

The developer shared the news with the world two weeks ago, on the 27th of August, but still, the win is so exciting that it’s worth your attention. It is not that often that we hear such incredible news of players winning such sums playing bingo, so this is a moment to remember.

The leading content provider to the online gambling industry was excited to share the news that a player has been fortunate enough to hit precisely €50,811.57. This enormous win arrived just weeks after the developer’s bingo products became available at Princess Casino.

This is the latest colossal win on the developer’s bingo network, and one worth mentioning. Pragmatic Play’s bingo network has gone from strength to strength as it continues to be recognized throughout the online gambling industry. The developer not only launches brand new and innovative bingo games but is also known for its Live Casino titles and its immersive slot games. Even though the supplier does not launch new bingo games as often, considering it launches up to five new slots each month, players are more than satisfied with its bingo offering, especially with its progressive bingo jackpot network!

Pragmatic Play’s Statement

Pragmatic Play’s Vice President of Bingo Operations, Claire McDaid, said that they were all incredibly happy to hear about the mind-blowing win. The Jackpot Room, according to McDaid, was doing exactly what they hoped for and expected, offering huge non-stop progressive jackpots and colossal game pots totaling well over €300,000 a month in guaranteed prizes alone.

McDaid finished the statement emphasizing how truly spectacular the win was for the lucky player, and extended their warmest congratulations to the player, hoping the player would enjoy the winnings.

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CyberBingo $1,500 Bingo Academy Tourney

CyberBingo $1,500 Bingo Academy Tourney

Now You Can Win $1,500 in Cash! The Bingo Academy Tourney at CyberBingo Is Finally Here

How about getting a chance to win $1,500 in cash? If you are up for it, then this is the perfect event for you. The well-established CyberBingo is organizing the most exciting bingo event that is going to mark the beginning of the autumn season. The Bingo Academy Tourney is the event we are talking about and it is scheduled to happen in the month of September.

If you are interested in finding out all of the important details regarding the event, including how you can enter and become a potential winner, then you should continue reading this article. Here, you will come across everything that you need to know about the most exciting Bingo Academy Tourney at CyberBingo.

Without any further ado, let’s get right into it!

Bingo Academy Tourney Details

With the beginning of a new month, there are so many interesting bingo promotions & tourneys that are coming your way. One of them is the Bingo Academy Tourney that is organized by CyberBingo. This particular event is going to take place every weekend in September including Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

All you need to do here is access the Seasonal Room at CyberBingo and you will immediately get a chance to become a part of this exciting Bingo Academy Tourney. Because it is the official back-to-school season, this tourney is inspired by this exact theme that will take you back to your academic days.

There is nothing more interesting than having the opportunity to experience this nostalgic feeling without having the need to actually go back in time. The complete theme of the tourney follows the classic school-inspired theme and all of the bingo patterns are created to fit the academy setting.

Within this particular Bingo Academy Tourney, there is a Top of the Hour game that is going to take place once an hour, so make sure that you are properly prepared.

Important Ranking Properties

This event consists of Multi-Part Guaranteed games of $15, $30, and $45. This implies the fact that the first part of the event is played on a small pattern with 4 corners. The second part of the event is based on the school-inspired bingo patterns. The final part, which is the third one, takes place on a coverall pattern.

The game rankings start from the 50th place all the way up top to 1st place. There is a number of cash prizes that player will get a chance to win is they manage to rank on the board. The importance of becoming one of the top 50 layers of the Bingo Academy Tourney will give you the chance to become a potential winner that will grab the impressive $1,500 in cash.

So, make sure that you are giving your best, take advantage of the number of free play bingo bonuses that will come your way, and enjoy your time playing the exciting Bingo Academy Tourney at CyberBingo.

Visit the CyberBingo website so that you can find the Seasonal Room and begin your Bingo Academy Tourney adventure.

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Exciting Team Bingo Event At Amigo Bingo

Amigo Bingo Team Bingp

Bring Your Team Game On With the Most Exciting Team Bingo Event at Amigo Bingo

If you have always been a team player, now is your time to shine! Join in the fun and exciting online bingo event at Amigo Bingo and team up with all of your bingo friends. There are so many interesting things that you will get a chance to discover along the journey of playing Team Bingo, so join the Team Tourney to find out all of the necessary details that you need to know.

With all of this established, here, you will be able to explore all of the most important things that you need to know before you even sign up and create your team for the Team Bingo event, the Team Tourney at AmigoBingo. Hence, without any further ado, let’s get right into it.

Important Dates to Remember

Gather your dream team energy, practice your skills, and join in the Team Tourney that is happening every Saturday and Sunday between 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM. Here, you will get a chance to sign up for the Team Tourney event that is happening at AmigoBingo in the most efficient manner possible.

All you need to do is register on the website where the event Team Bingo Tournament is happening and you will be placed in the perfect team alongside your online bingo players. All of this will give you and your bingo friends a chance to explore and win some of the most exciting cash prizes that are up for grabs every weekend. This is one of the most popular online bingo events of the season as it explores the nostalgic elements of the joy that original bingo games have to offer.

Get Ready to Play

Team Bingo is one of the most impressive events that will give you the chance to establish a firm communication with your online team, thus act together in order to win some of the biggest prizes available.

All you need to know before you start playing is the fact that you will need to buy-in for only $12.40. Within this sum, there is the registration fee of $10.00 and the buy-in for $2.40 included. This implies the fact that the initial fee covers all of the pre-bought cards that will give you the chance to explore the Jackpot games that are available that evening. Another impressive thing to consider is the fact that the complete buy-in is going to be divided among the top 3 winning teams.

Here, the team that is in 3rd place will get 15% of the buy-in, the team that ranks in 2nd place gets 35%, and the team that ranks in the 1st place will get 50% of the buy-in.

Building the Bingo Team

If you want to compete and be a part of the Team Bingo event at AmigoBingo, you will have to make sure that you place your registration by 4:00 PM on the exact evening that the tourney is scheduled to happen. The Tourney room will open one hour early so that players can explore the room and get familiar with all of the terms and conditions for the upcoming game.
So, make your registration on time, get to know your team, and have fun.

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Amigo Bingo $150K Lost Treasure Hunt

Amigo Bingo 150K lost treasure

Amigo Bingo Is Hosting $150,000 Lost Treasure Hunt Event and This Is Everything You Need to Know

Wake up the pirate in you because we are going on the biggest Lost Treasure hunt of the bingo season! Amigo Bingo has managed to establish one of the most exciting events that are going to mark the 2021 bingo season, as they have put together one of the most exciting hunts for the lost treasure.

There are so many big prizes that you will get a chance to explore as you move your way through the map of the lost treasure. The ultimate hidden treasure that you will have to look for goes up to $150,000 in cash. So, continue reading and find out all of the smallest details that you need to know before you go off on your pirate journey of searching for the Lost Treasure. With all of this established, let’s get right into it.

Let’s Celebrate the International Pirate Month!

Amigo Bingo is celebrating International Pirate Month with an exciting treasure hunt for the Lost Treasure with $150,000 in guaranteed cash, as well as numerous extra prizes. If you have always wanted to become a pirate, even for a day, now you have the chance to do it.

All you need to do is visit the Amigo Bingo website and you will find the Lost Treasure bingo event that is happening right now. Here, you will have to find the Main Contest Room that will allow you to access some of the most entertaining multi-part games that are filled with double or triple the chance for winning in a single game. This is the beginning of your pirate journey where you will start the hunt for the Lost Treasure.

With the Lost Treasure bingo event, you can win your fair share of $5,000 guaranteed cash every day, as well as hitting the jackpots that go up to $10,000 every hour. All of this and so many extra weekly prizes are waiting for you in the Main Contest Room at Amigo Bingo.

How to Participate in the Lost Treasure Event?

This process is fairly simple and really exciting to complete. All you need to do is know that the treasure is separated into four leader boards throughout the month. This implies the fact that you can easily place deposits and play bingo games on any of the ‘Gold Coins/Chest’ Games during the period of the contest and you will get a chance to rank yourself on the board.

Here, every win in the Treasure Item game will get you 1 point, every $10 that you wager on Treasure Item games will get you 2 extra points, and each deposit that you make within the weekly contest will get you 3 extra points.

The Weekly Winnings

Every week a random winner is selected and you can look out for the top 5 places in order to get a chance to find and open one of the numerous hidden treasure chests.

If you rank in the 5th place you will get $25 BBS, if you rank in the 4th place you will get $50 BBS. The 3rd place will award you $75 BBS, the 2nd place gives you $100 BBS, and if you rank in the 1st place you will get $200 BBS.

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Bingo Spirit Happy Hour Bingo

Happy hour bingo bingospirit

Bingo Spirit Happy Hour Bingo Is Here and Here Is Everything You Need to Know

Do not miss out on the most exciting opportunities that the world of online bingo has to offer. Tune in for the most entertaining Happy Hour Bingo event at Bingo Spirit that is happening this August. Within this event, you will get a chance to explore some of the biggest and most impressive online bingo opportunities that will come your way, thus, allowing you to enjoy every minute of the process.

The Bingo Spirit Happy Hour Bingo is happening and if you continue reading you will find out everything that you need to know about the most exciting bingo day of the week. So, without any further ado, let’s get right into exploring all of the juicy details about the Happy Hour Bingo event.

Join In the Fun

In the hottest days of August, everyone is searching for ways to cool down and enjoy the rest of the warmer season. There is no better way to enjoy all of this than the opportunity to attend the biggest happy hour of the season. Here, we are talking about the most exciting Happy Hour Bingo event that lasts right up to the very end of this month. The end might be near, so hurry up and gather all of the important details you will need to know.

Starting from the important dates, the Happy Hour Bingo is happening twice every Thursday. Bingo Spirit is quite generous when it comes to organizing some of the most exciting online bingo events. The overall setup of the event explores a morning portion that lasts 1 hour and an evening portion that lasts 2 hours. All of this takes place on the same day at the Seasonal Bingo Room, in this case, that is every Thursday of the month of August.

What Are the Prizes?

If you decide to explore the first portion of the Happy Hour Bingo, which is the morning one, the schedule that you have to remember is that it starts at 14:00 pm EDT and lasts to 15:00 pm EDT. The first Happy Hour of the day players will get a chance to explore the bingo games that start with $50 game with $10,000 coverall. Within this segment, you can find a promotion that offers buy 6, get 3 free for all of the cards. This implies the fact that they cost just $0.25.

For you to access the second part of the Happy Hour Event, you should be there at 21:00 pm EDT and stay until 23:00 pm EDT, in the same room, which is the Seasonal Bingo Room.

Within this portion you will get a chance to start the event with Bungee Bingo, this is where cards will get a chance to stick at $0.75 for each game. For this particular promotion, there is a $1,000 prize up for grabs. The event keeps on going until it reaches $100. Towards 22:00 pm EDT, there is going to be a high or low $50/$150 gaming possibilities where cards will cost only $0.25.

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CyberBingo Celebrates 25 Year Anniversary

Cyberbingo 25 years bingo tourney

CyberBingo Celebrates 25 Year Anniversary! – Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Reaching a huge milestone is something that deserves a proper celebration, especially when that milestone is marking 25 years of existence of the most popular CyberBingo. There are so many things to expect from this celebration and you will get a chance to explore some of the most exciting online bingo games that will bring you the biggest prizes.

Here, in today’s article, we are going to explore all of the details that you will need to know about the biggest celebration of the online bingo world. So, let’s get ready to attend CyberBingo’s 25 years celebration!

Many Cash Prizes and Other Rewards at CyberBingo

Marking their anniversary is one of the most exciting events that CyberBingo is proud to celebrate. They have managed to organize one of the greatest bingo months of the season, as they have scheduled the 25 years of BINGO tourney celebration for the entire month of August.

Starting from the 1st of the month until the very last day of August, players can join in the celebration and explore all of the gaming possibilities that are created to reward their loyalty.

Organizing such an event allows players to explore all of the possibilities to make big winnings every possible day of the whole month. Besides winning big prizes, players will get a chance to enjoy some of the most exciting and entertaining bingo games that perfectly depict this celebratory event.

How to Join In the Celebration?

If you have been interested in finding out how you can join in this celebratory tourney, then you should go to the Anniversary BINGO Room at CyberBingo. Here you will get a chance to explore the Top of the Hour games that will be running every possible minute of the day. All of the games at this segment are going to be multi-part guaranteed games, which consist of $25/$25/$25.

To explore this multi-part scheme, the first part of the game is going to be played on a small pattern, which only explores a tourney 4 corners game.

The second part of this segment is going to be played on the Anniversary patterns. Finally, the third and last part is going to be a coverall. The cost of each of these games is the same, meaning it is only $0.35 for a card.

Important Rankings and Prizes

Within the 25-year celebration tourney, players will get a chance to compete for 50 places, which hold a variety of different prizes. The winner that ranks in 1st place within the tourney will receive a $250.00 cash prize.

In addition to all of this, CyberBingo offers a card promotion that allows players to use the offer of Buy 7 Get 3 Free. This will allow you to purchase the playing cards in bulk, which eventually will give you even more chances to win.

Within this segment, there is a Prize Pool feature that holds $1,020 in cash. This sum is going to be split across the top 50 players in the 25-year anniversary tourney. Within all of this, there is an added bonus feature where players can reach “One to Go”, meaning you will be able to get 500 BINGO points instead of the regular 250 points.

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BingoFest Summer Bingo Tourney

bingofest summer bingo tourney

The Hottest Summer Bingo Tourney Is Here! Get the Party Started

It is hot in here! Let’s jump in the pool of exciting bingo games that are going to mark this hot summer season. There are so many exciting features that bingo enthusiasts can explore, and they all come with this Summer Bingo Tourney at BingoFest! The hottest month of this summer is getting even more exciting with the possibility to win some of the biggest cash prizes that are included within this Summer Bingo Tourney.

The season of bingo fun is yours to explore, and if you continue reading through this article, you will find out every juicy detail that you need to know in order to keep things cool this Summer Bingo Tourney season. Keep on reading to find out everything you need to know!

A Summer Bingo Tourney Schedule

To properly begin this summer season, thus, explore the most exciting ways to have fun during the Summer Bingo Tourney, you have to know the exact dates when the event is going to take place.

Starting from July 5th until July 25th, bingo enthusiasts can tune in to the hottest summer bingo event that is filled with some of the most exciting party elements.

To get ready for the biggest Summer Bingo Tourney at BingoFest, take all of your cards and visit the Summer Bingo Room where you will get a chance to explore the Multi-Part Guaranteed Games that are set with prizes of $10, $25, and $60, which are going to be played once an hour. All of the cards for the games will only cost $0.35 each, and in addition to all of this, players can explore the promo pack that is Buy 7, Get 3 FREE! Hence, mark your schedule so that you do not miss out on the hottest opportunities for the summer.

The Hottest Bingo Prizes

Alongside the exciting prizes to win, the actual theme of the games perfectly portrays this summer season. Within the Summer Bingo Tourney event, players will be offered a variety of hot prizes for each of the tournaments that are going to happen throughout the end of the tourney.

The top 50 players will get a chance to participate in the Massive $4,500 Weekly Prize Pool event. This grand prize will be split among the best 50 players of the Summer Bingo Tourney event and will receive the following prizes.

This big event will reward up to 50 players throughout the time frame of happening. The important rankings include 1st place $1,800.00 in cash, 2nd place $900.00 Free Play Bonus, 3rd place $450.00 Free Play Bonus, 4th place $230.00 Free Play Bonus, 5th place $120.00 Free Play Bonus, 6th – 10th place $70.00 Free Play Bonus, 11th – 20th place $30.00 Free Play Bonus, 21st – 30th place $15.00 Free Play Bonus, and the 31st – 50th place $10.00 Free Play Bonus.

Within these multi-part games, players will get the chance to score some of the biggest wins that will help them move their ranking up the leaderboard, thus, get closer to the biggest prize of this Summer Bingo Tourney event.

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BingoBilly’s 16th Anniversary Celebration

bingobilly 16th anniversary celebration

A Sweet 16 Celebration! Let’s Celebrate BingoBilly’s 16th Anniversary

Let’s get ready for the big Sweet 16 Party at Bingo Billy. It is time for their 16th-anniversary celebration, which is the most exciting event that is filled with an abundance of special prizes. There are so many winning opportunities that players can enjoy that are going to represent the impressive amount of years that BingoBilly has been within the borders of the entertainment world.

Here, we have managed to create this article that will help you get ready for the biggest party of the season, thus properly prepare to celebrate the Sweet 16th Anniversary event. Continue reading and you will get a chance to explore all of the details regarding the celebration, as well as the opportunities that will grant you some of the biggest winnings! Let’s get started.

Anniversary Celebration Party Details

This is your official invitation to the big Sweet 16 Party at BingoBilly. Mark your calendar, since the promo started on June 1st and will last till July 17th. There are so many generous prizes and exciting games that you will get a chance to explore during this celebratory time frame, thus enjoy the most exciting atmosphere that every party should have.

Furthermore, you can immediately place your deposit, and access the gaming events that are scheduled to happen within the Anniversary Room from 4 pm to 8 pm ET. Within the private anniversary room, players can explore the most exciting features that will allow you to enjoy some of the best game settings, as well as the possibility to win jackpots! The excitement is real, so you better hurry, place the deposit and RSVP this 16th Anniversary invitation to celebrate BingoBilly.

Important 16th Anniversary Celebration Event Codes

Every party has a specific set of important things that guests should follow. This is also the case when it comes to celebrating the Sweet 16 Celebration Party at BingoBilly. All of the players will be awarded within the Anniversary Room, meaning you can play your bingo game without any game winnings and still be in the run for the major prizes based on the total of cards that you have bought during the celebration.

Here, within this anniversary party, you will find daily prizes that will reward the unluckiest players in the room. Starting from the 3rd worst result winner that will get $25.00 cash, the 2nd worst result winner that will get $50.00 cash, and the absolute Worst result winner of the day will get the chance to win $100.00 in cash.

Alongside the daily rewards for the unluckiest players, there are general rewards that are based on a similar reward system. Here, the 11th – 1000th worst results will win $10.00 cash each, 6th to 10th worst result will win $25.00 cash each, 5th worst result will win $50.00, 4th worst result will win $75.00, 3rd worst result will win $100.00, 2nd worst result will win $200.00, and finally the 1st worst result player will win $300.00 in cash.

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