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Colchester Buzz Bingo Member Upset by Lifetime Ban

Colchester Buzz Bingo Member Upset by Lifetime Ban

An avid bingo player from Colchester, Maureen Potticary, is experiencing profound distress after her membership at Buzz Bingo was revoked. Initially suspended for a year, the suspension was escalated to a lifetime ban after she dared to question the decision.

Passionate Membership and Unfortunate Circumstances

Maureen had been an enthusiastic member of Buzz Bingo in Osborne Street for over five years, willingly spending £100 per month for the privilege. For her, bingo was not just a game but a way to socialize and connect with friends, sometimes spending up to ten hours a day at the venue.

During a visit on June 16, Maureen made the rare choice to have a couple of alcoholic drinks, which she attributes to a deviation from her usual routine and her intake of medication for PTSD. Unfortunately, this led to her feeling intoxicated and would have significant consequences.

A Ban That Deepens the Upset

A few days later, Maureen received a letter notifying her of a one-year ban from Buzz Bingo due to alleged inappropriate behavior toward staff members. Refusing to accept the accusation, she voiced her concerns. However, her attempt to address the issue backfired when she received a subsequent letter indefinitely closing her account, accompanied by Buzz Bingo’s determination to prevent her from creating a new one in the future.

Maureen strongly asserts her innocence, expressing remorse for her intoxicated state and emphasizing her desire to return to the beloved environment she cherishes. Nevertheless, Buzz Bingo remains steadfast in their decision, claiming it was the correct course of action in accordance with their protocols and club rules.

The Uncertain Future and Resilience

Despite Maureen’s heartfelt plea for reconciliation and the resumption of her cherished pastime, Buzz Bingo stands firm in upholding the lifetime ban. The future remains uncertain for this dedicated bingo player as she grapples with the loss of a treasured community.

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Introducing Sporty Bingo: Vista Gaming’s Innovative Bingo Lobby

Introducing Sporty Bingo: Vista Gaming's Innovative Bingo Lobby

Attention all soccer fans! Prepare for an unparalleled bingo adventure in the all-new Sporty Bingo room by Vista Gaming. Immerse yourself in the excitement of this unique fusion of soccer and bingo, exclusively available at Vegas Crest Casino and CyberBingo.

Affordable Fun with 90-Ball Bingo

Experience the thrill of 90-ball bingo at an affordable price in the Sporty Bingo room. With ticket prices ranging from $0.01 to $0.05, players from around the world can enjoy this popular variation of the game. Whether you’re in Canada or the US, the Sporty Bingo room offers an accessible and exciting gaming experience for all.

Enhanced Player Experience: The Newly Redesigned Lobby

Step into the newly designed modern lobby, where convenience meets excitement. Discover a range of features that enhance your bingo journey:

The newly redesigned lobby in the Sporty Bingo room offers a range of exciting features to enhance your bingo experience. First, you have the flexibility to choose between 75 or 90-ball bingo, allowing you to play according to your preferences. Additionally, the lobby provides a player count display, keeping you informed about the number of players in the room. This information is valuable as it gives you insights into potential winnings and odds of winning. Moreover, you can easily view the prizes available in the ongoing bingo games, adding to the excitement.

The lobby also keeps you updated on the progressive jackpot value, allowing you to track its growth and heightening anticipation. Lastly, the room status updates ensure seamless planning for your bingo sessions, allowing you to instantly check if the room is open or closed. With these features, the Sporty Bingo lobby by Vista Gaming offers convenience and an enhanced gaming experience for players.

Exciting adventures await in the Sporty Bingo room and the newly redesigned lobby at Vegas Crest Casino. Get ready to kick off a bingo experience unlike any other!

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Westbury Leigh Hosted Alzheimer’s Bingo

Westbury Leigh Hosted Alzheimer’s Bingo

The world of charities is known for organizing fundraising events to help those in need. The community of Westbury Leigh is no different as the Alzheimer’s Society had recently organized such an event featuring a bingo game.

The event was a successful one as it had support from local companies and businesses. The bingo game attracted some attention as well and over £500 was raised for the Alzheimer’s Society. The money will be dedicated to helping those affected by the illness. Furthermore, this won’t be the last charity event to help society.

Another Successful Bingo Charity Event

Bingo is one of the most popular games in the world. It’s also extremely popular across the UK as there are many bingo halls across the country. But the popular game isn’t just played to win a prize, sometimes it can help people out.

In other words, bingo is a popular game at charity events as it gets loads of attention. Westbury Leigh decided to feature such a game at their recent charity event. Various members of the community and local businesses decided to visit the event and enjoy their favorite game.

The list of local businesses included Tesco Express, Center Parcs, The View, Eastern Paradise, and others. Naturally, there were winners and losers during the game, but the ones that won the most were those in the care of the Alzheimer’s Society. The charity event raised £500 thanks to its participants.

The money will be put to good use by those that are cared for by society. These are people in need of research and medical help as Alzheimer’s is a serious disease. Every penny is vital to their situation which is why charity organizations do fundraising events.

Bingo happens to be a game of the masses that never goes out of style. Because of this, the charity event was successful. Bingo and charity have been known to go hand in hand which is why there will be many more charity events in the future featuring bingo as the titular game. This is just another example of a successful bingo charity.


Alzheimer’s Society in Westbury Leigh had a successful charity event. £500 was raised for those dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease via this event which featured local companies and community members. The event also had a bingo game which got a lot of attention and helped the charity as a whole.

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Bongo’s Bingo Announces Glasgow Events

Bongo’s Bingo Announces Glasgow Events

People are always looking for interesting ways to entertain themselves. Bingo happens to be a game that they enjoy with friends, family, and strangers. Bingo is a fun affair for anyone involved, but one company has managed to enhance the popular game.

Bongo’s Bingo is the company in question, as they have managed to merge bingo with music and dance. In other words, the company has been quite successful at organizing bingo parties across the UK and has had some international events. Currently, they will be taking over Glasgow with their bingo mania.

A Cinematic Bingo Experience

Music and dancing can be fun, and we all know that bingo is a fun activity. Bongo’s Bingo agrees with both statements which is why they have successfully managed to mix the two. The company has been organizing extravagant bingo events across the UK.

These events feature parties with all sorts of soundtracks as well as techno raves for those looking to shake it on the dance floor. But they have something to offer bingo fans as well. In other words, these parties let bingo players enjoy several bingo rounds. They’re free to enjoy the music on the dance floor and get some drinks while they’re playing.

Recently, Bongo’s Bingo company has announced several events in Glasgow. Some of them will be standard ones with the usual mix of music and bingo, but one event is designed to stand out. This is the Night at the Movies event that will feature soundtracks from several movie favorites. The event is designed to be a celebration of cinematic success over the years. The participants are welcome to come dressed as their favorite characters.

The officials behind the company have stated that they’re looking to make this cinematic bingo experience available for their next events. In a way, this first event of its kind is going to be a test run and determine if the visitors like this sort of event or not. Either way, Glasgow is going to be a bingo hotspot in August with several interesting bingo events.


Glasgow is the spot to be in this August if you’re a bingo fan looking for some fun. Fans will get to enjoy a cinematic bingo experience with soundtracks from their favorite movies and some bingo games. Bongo Bingo’s events are spread throughout August and if you’re a bingo fan you should mark those dates.

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Join Us for Free Bingo and Refreshments at Buzz Bingo!

Join Us for Free Bingo and Refreshments at Buzz Bingo!

Get ready to mark your calendars for the upcoming National Bingo Day and join the festivities at Buzz Bingo. Embracing inclusivity, Buzz Bingo invites everyone to partake in this exciting celebration. Not only will you have a blast, but you also stand a chance to win incredible cash prizes without spending a penny. Buzz Bingo is offering you and a companion a fantastic opportunity to enjoy a complimentary game of bingo and a free drink.

If you’re seeking a phenomenal evening of entertainment with your friends and the chance to walk away with impressive jackpot rewards, look no further than your local Buzz Bingo club. Each club exudes a warm and welcoming atmosphere, accompanied by thrilling games, helpful staff, and an exquisite selection of mouth-watering cuisine and refreshing beverages. With 82 clubs spanning across the country, from the scenic landscapes of Scotland to the captivating shores of England’s south coast, Buzz Bingo ensures you can always experience their legendary and professional service. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to play for alluring jackpots reaching up to £50,000!

Beyond the exhilarating bingo experience, Buzz Bingo offers a diverse range of entertaining slot machines, where players can potentially win hundreds of pounds in cash prizes. During bingo call breaks, many participants can enjoy playing mobile slots games for added excitement. Moreover, every club presents enticing offers and promotions. In addition to cash rewards, you might even win remarkable prizes such as luxurious vacations, state-of-the-art TVs, extravagant shopping sprees, or exclusive tickets to themed party nights!

Prepare yourself for unforgettable nights at Buzz Bingo’s party events, where they take traditional paper bingo and their club ambiance and elevate them to new heights. Experience an electrifying fusion of games, nightclub vibes, dance-offs, whimsical prizes, sing-your-heart-out anthems, and live entertainment. For further details, please visit Buzz Bingo

To claim your complimentary bingo game for you and a companion, along with a refreshing drink each, simply grab your copy of the Daily Mirror on Saturday, June 17, Sunday, June 18, or Monday, June 19, which includes a voucher for this exciting offer. Please note that this offer is exclusively for individuals aged 18 and above. *The free drink includes a selection of 16oz soft drinks or standard tea or coffee. Refer to the voucher within the newspaper for comprehensive terms and conditions.

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Wakefield Regular Lands £19K Bingo Jackpot

Wakefield Regular Lands £19K Bingo Jackpot

Bingo is one of the most popular games across the UK. The country has loads of bingo halls that are brimming with bingo fans looking to have some fun. Buzz Bingo is one of the bingo brands with halls, and its hall in Wakefield recently got a huge win.

The Buzz Bingo Hall in Wakefield held a game night with a Community pot of gold jackpot game that happened to be a bingo game. One lucky player spun the reels and landed a jackpot of £19,000. She called the house and landed the prize.

Buzz Bingo Wakefield Gets Another Jackpot Winner

The thing that makes bingo so popular is the fact that it’s a game of luck. Sure, some experience would come in handy, but it comes down to picking the right numbers. Buying a ticket is easy, and if you get the right numbers picked, then you’ll get to enjoy a prize.

Landing all of them is a treat as you’ll get to enjoy a nice jackpot prize. One such player decided to visit the Buzz Bingo Hall at Wakefield. She was a regular and she was looking for another fun night out. Bingo was the name of the game and she bought a ticket.

After she picked some numbers she waited to hear which ones are going to be called out. Number after number, she got them all right and there was one number left. After it was called out, she got the house on the prize and was the lucky winner of a jackpot.

At first, she thought she had won a symbolic prize of £1,900, but she was told she is the recipient of a huge prize of £19,000. She was flabbergasted to have won such a prize. Moreover, the regular player decided she would remain anonymous after having won such a prize.

Bingo can turn a life around, especially with prizes like this one. The Wakefield regular is now another legendary jackpot winner at the Buzz Bingo Hall and remains an inspiration for other bingo players of the region.


A regular player at the Wakefield Buzz Bingo Hall landed an incredible jackpot of £19k. She bought a ticket and got all the numbers right, and when she called the house on the jackpot she was hoping for a smaller sum. Now, she’s a jackpot winner the players of Buzz Bingo Wakefield will remember.

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Slingo Money Train – A Wild West Slingo Game with a Twist

Slingo Money Train - A Wild West Slingo Game with a Twist

Relax Gaming has launched an exciting new game called Slingo Money Train, which combines the popular Money Train slot with the unique Slingo format. If you’re a fan of the Money Train series, you’ll be thrilled to experience this Wild West and Mad Max-inspired Slingo adventure.

Money Train introduces a fresh take on the traditional slot game, incorporating elements of bingo. The game features five reels and 12 paylines filled with numbers that act as your bingo ticket. The objective is to mark off these numbers as they are called, offering an exhilarating twist on the classic game of bingo.

Prepare for a thrilling ride as you embark on a Wild West and post-apocalyptic-themed journey. The game captures the essence of the Wild West, while also drawing inspiration from the Mad Max universe, creating a unique and captivating atmosphere.

One notable aspect of Slingo Money Train is the money cart bonus. During this feature, players can unlock a range of exciting bonuses, including multipliers, bonus symbols, and more. The game also offers a money wheel feature with bronze, silver, and gold wheels, where players have the chance to win up to 50 times their bet.

With a minimum bet of 20p and a maximum bet of £25, Slingo Money Train caters to players with various budgets. And for those seeking big wins, the game offers a potential maximum win of 10,000 times your stake, making it an enticing choice for both casual players and high rollers.

Slingo and Relax Gaming Partnership

The partnership between Slingo and Relax Gaming has been instrumental in bringing popular slot games into the universe. By signing a licensing agreement with Relax Gaming, Slingo has been able to transform well-loved titles such as Fluffy Favourites into thrilling Slingo games. The addition of Money Train to the Slingo lineup further demonstrates their commitment to delivering innovative and engaging gaming experiences.

If you’re eager to learn more about Slingo Money Train and delve into the world of Wild West-themed Slingo gaming, be sure to try this exciting new release. Discover the gameplay mechanics, features, and all the reasons why Slingo Money Train stands out in the world of online gaming.

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Bingo Jackpot Turns a Life Around

Bingo Jackpot Turns a Life Around

Bingo is a fun game that is played across the UK. Players go out with friends and family and meet complete strangers at a bingo hall. The best part about this is that all of them make new friends, and enjoy a game of bingo.

Alex Hollywell-Rolfe decided on a bingo night out at Mecca Bingo Luton. She was with her mother and her partner and all of them went for a fun bingo session. She got all the numbers right which is why she won a £50K jackpot prize.

Alex Landed a £50K Jackpot on a Bingo Night Out

Jackpots are the most sought-after prizes in any bingo game. The one that gets all the number right, gets to walk away with a nice prize. The runner-ups will also get smaller prizes in comparison. And if the others don’t happen to win anything, they’ll still make some friends along the way.

Alex decided on a bingo night out one day. She had a pretty tough period up to that point as she was working as a dental receptionist. Luck was not on her side as she was made redundant 2 times in a matter of 6 months. After such a rough patch she decided to have a night out with her mom and partner.

She bought a ticket like anyone else and picked out her numbers. After a while, the numbers started rolling in and she saw that she had gotten them right up to that point. Once the final number was called out she was the lucky winner. Alex was thinking of a reward of a couple of pounds, but it was revealed that she had won a jackpot prize of £50,000.

Alex was pleasantly surprised by such a win. It’s a sum that she hadn’t hoped for and has stated that she has put in a deposit for her dream home. Alex is another lucky bingo player that managed to land a life-changing prize. After losing a job twice her life turned around after one bingo night out. Now she’s a jackpot winner.


Alex had a rough patch recently when she lost her job twice in six months, but all that turned around when she went for a bingo night out with her mom and partner. She managed to get all the numbers right and landed a £50,000 jackpot prize which she used to make a deposit for her dream home.

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