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Groom Lands Bingo Jackpot Before Wedding

Groom Lands Bingo Jackpot Before Wedding

Bingo is one of the most simple games out there which is probably why there are lots of people playing it. There are lots of bingo fans in the UK and some of them enjoy the game at Mecca Bingo halls.

One such hall in Hertfordshire recently got a lucky winner that managed to land a prize of £50K. The player happened to be a groom, soon to be married, and has stated that he’s going to have an interesting wedding as the money will go to the celebration.

He Had a Stroke of Luck Before Tying the Knot

People get lucky in bingo and they win a prize. When they get lucky in life, they tie the knot. Phil Bacon happened to be the king of the guy that found the love of his life. He proposed and what followed was a wedding.

He decide that the wedding isn’t going to be that big, but all of that was about to change as he decide to go out with a friend one night. They decided to visit the local Mecca Bingo Hall. They decided to enjoy a game of bingo and both of them got a ticket.

Once they picked their numbers, they sat down and waited for the winning numbers to be called out. As the session was nearing the end, Phil realized that he was missing a number to get a full house. Then the last number came round and it was the number on Phil’s ticket.

Phil was the lucky winner and he was expecting a small prize of around £100. But when they told him that he had won £50,000, he was shocked. It was a pleasant surprise, as he happened to pick the numbers randomly. He was happy to have won such a prize and he decided to add the win to the budget for his upcoming wedding.

In other words, Phil Bacon got lucky just before he tied the knot. He decided on celebrating the best day of his life with his friends and family, and make it an extra special day by using the prize to add something extra to the celebration.


Phil Bacon and one of his mates decided to visit the local Mecca Bingo hall in Hertfordshire on a night out. Before he knew it, Phil got all the numbers on his ticket right and landed a £50K prize. The groom decided to make the wedding extra special with his prize.

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Bongo’s Bingo to Celebrate 8th Birthday

Bongo’s Bingo Coming to Edinburgh in March

Bingo is one of the most popular games across the UK. The country has loads of bingo halls visited by fans frequently. They get together to enjoy their favorite game and make some new friends.

A certain company has decided to add more fun to bingo, by making it a part of a party or a rave. The company’s name is Bongo’s Bingo and has been around for 8 years. That’s why it’s decided to celebrate its 8th birthday in September in Liverpool. The bingo mania continues.

The Brand Will Celebrate Its Birthday in September

The thing about bingo is that it’s pretty simple to play. You just buy a ticket, pick a few numbers and wait for the numbers to come. Once they do, you’ll see if you got some of them right. The more you’ve guessed the better off you’ll be.

This goes for bingo played in bingo halls as well as online bingo. If you don’t win, you’ll get to make some new friends that enjoy the same game as you. Bongo’s Bingo values the game of bingo and adds to the fun by organizing parties around bingo events which makes a bingo night out pretty memorable.

This company has been around for quite a while, and it has been touring across the UK. Bingo games mixed with parties and raves are what have made the company what it is today. Their recipe for bingo has brought them many accolades. Their dedication has been around for 8 years. Their 8th birthday is coming up in September and they’ve decided to celebrate it with a big party in Liverpool.

This is going to be another mega bingo party filled with lots of music, bingo, and some birthday prizes. Bingo fans can enjoy the party in a couple of months. Bongo’s Bingo hasn’t disappointed so far, and they’ll have a star to introduce.

In other words, the majestic Craig David is going to perform which will make the birthday party even better. Bongo’s Bingo will be celebrating its 8th birthday with a bang.


Bongo’s Bingo has been around for 8 years and will celebrate its upcoming birthday in Liverpool, in September. The legendary Craig David will perform and bingo fans can enjoy a night of music and bingo like never before. In other words, Bongo’s Bingo will have a wild birthday party every bingo fan should visit.

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Colchester Bingo Charity Raises Over £1K

Colchester Bingo Charity Raises Over £1K

Bingo is a wonderful game that makes friends of strangers. Even if you don’t win anything, you’ll get the chance to have some fun with other bingo fans. This is why bingo is a frequent game at charity events.

One such event took place in Colchester recently, and the game and the charity event were meant to raise money for breast cancer awareness. The Breast Friends organization together with the Palmer and Partners 500 Club organized the bingo night and managed to raise over £1,000.

Desborough United Reformed Church Raises Money for Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast cancer is a serious illness that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. As soon as it’s diagnosed, this cancer must be treated for the patient to survive. Some patients don’t have the funds necessary for these treatments which is why they turn to organizations such as Breast Friends.

The founders of the organizations, Caroline Sturman and Janine Aldiswas, were diagnosed with breast cancer and managed to beat it. Now, with their organization, they’re raising funds for those in need, taking cancer heads on one fundraiser event at a time. Their most recent one was held in Colchester.

Together with the like-minded individuals of Palmer and Partners 500, they hosted a boozy bingo night. The community loves bingo which is why they were looking forward to an opportunity to enjoy a game or two and help those in need.

The Colchester bingo event turned out to be a success as with the help of the community over £1,000 were raised. The founders of the Breast Friends organizations were surprised by the turn up of the event and thanked everyone that came. The funds will be given to a woman that’s currently battling breast cancer.

The participants got to enjoy a fun night out with friends and family and made new friends along the way by playing some bingo and helping those in need. Thanks to the Colchester boozy bingo event, Breast Friends will have the funds to help another soul in the battle against breast cancer.


Breast Friends held a bingo fundraising event at Colchester to help a patient with breast cancer. This non-profit organization organized a boozy bingo event for the community, in collaboration with Palmer and Partners 500, and successfully raised over £1,000. The organization will continue throwing such events to help other souls.

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Burnley Player Lands £12K Bingo Prize

Burnley Player Lands £12K Bingo Prize

Bingo is one of the most popular games Brits play in their free time. Some brands have taken to make special games for special occasions such as coronations, as well as regular sessions throughout the week.

Buzz Bingo is one of the many popular bingo brands that have several bingo halls across the UK. One of them happens to be in Burnley and it hosts bingo sessions regularly. Recently, the hall had a visitor and he was lucky enough to land a jackpot prize of £12,000. He decided to remain anonymous.

Buzz Bingo Burnley Gets Another Winner

Bingo might be a popular game because it’s pretty simple to understand, and therefore play. Players buy their tickets and pick out numbers randomly. Some go for strategies and implement all sorts of tips and tricks, but the truth of the matter is that numbers are chosen randomly and either you get some or all, or you don’t get them.

The anonymous player happened to be a regular at Buzz Bingo, and that experience might have helped him a bit. But it also might not have had an impact on the outcome of that night. He decide on playing his favorite game and bought a ticket. The numbers he chose were random, and once everyone else had sat down, he joined them for the game.

It seemed unreal at first, but he had gotten several of the numbers right. The game continued and the balls came out and were called out. It seemed like he was the lucky one as he had gotten all of them right. The last number on his ticket remained uncalled and the last number had landed. The numbers were a match and the player was the lucky recipient of a £12,000 prize. The 40-year-old player decided to remain anonymous after getting his prize. He was cheered on by everyone around him.

Buzz Bingo Burnley got another bingo winner. The man decided to celebrate his upcoming birthday, and with such a win it’s no surprise he’s going to celebrate. Either way, he proves bingo is a fun game to play.


A local man from Burnley played bingo at Bingo Buzz regularly and recently he was lucky enough to pick the right numbers and land an amazing jackpot prize of £12,000. He decided on celebrating his upcoming birthday and stay anonymous. Either way, he’s a bingo legend.

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Bingo Rave at Bournemouth in June

Bingo Rave at Bournemouth in June

Mixing bingo and crazy parties sounds like a recipe for disaster, but the minds of Bongo’s Bingo have managed to merge the two with massive success. This is a new kind of bingo experience that bingo fans enjoy across the UK.

Bournemouth is the next great stop for the people of Bongo’s Bingo as two dates have been secured. June 2nd and 30th are the dates when Bournemouth bingo fans will be able to enjoy bingo and party through the night. The month’s theme is associated with pop divas throughout the years.

Bongo’s Bingo Get 2 Dates in June

Bingo is quite popular across the world, the UK included. There are lots of bingo halls and brands offering the game to bingo fans. But the minds of Bongo’s Bingo have decided on going for something else entirely.

Partying and bingo don’t seem to mix, but music and dancing relax people. And some of those people happen to be bingo fans which is why they are going to enjoy Bongo’s Bingo events. The company has had several successful events across the UK and the world. The most recent one in Scotland was quite successful and it got the attention of Samuel Jackson, the famous actor.

Recently, the team secured the O2 arena in Bournemouth again. June is going to offer 2 amazing parties for bingo fans. In other words, Bongo’s Bingo has amazing events planned. Besides bingo, participants will also be able to enjoy karaoke, dance-offs, as well as rave rounds. June is going to be a month dedicated to pop divas such as Rihanna, Beyonce, Cher, Whitney Houston, Dolly, Celine, and Madonna.

Both events are titled Night of the Divas and fans of 90s music will get to enjoy their favorite songs while playing some bingo. The previous events speak for themselves, and the company is bringing bingo back to Bournemouth with crazier parties. 90s songs and bingo seem like a good match which is why the bingo fans and other visitors to the event are guaranteed to have some fun.


Bongo’s Bingo strikes again in June with Nights of the Divas as the company has secured two dates in June where visitors will have the chance to play some bingo and enjoy 90s hits from various pop divas. In other words, bingo fans will have the opportunity to visit the O2 arena and have some fun.

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Mecca Bingo Introduces Golden Dabber

Mecca Bingo Introduces Golden Dabber

There are lots of bingo brands across the UK, and Mecca Bingo happens to be one of the most popular ones. There are Mecca Bingo halls across the UK and all of them are filled with bingo fans enjoying the atmosphere.

The illustrious bingo brand is looking to commemorate the upcoming coronation of King Charles III and Camilla as King and Queen by introducing a golden dabber adorned with the brand’s logo, king’s crown, and some crystals. The brand will also celebrate the coronation with games starting on May 5th.

The Golden Dabber Commemorates the Crowing of King Charles III

After Her Majesty passed away, Charles was next in line for the throne. His coronation will be taking place on May 5th, 2023 and thousands of people are looking forward to the live streams. Mecca Bingo is a brand that is fond of the royal family, which is why it’s hosting celebrations and covering the coronation ceremony.

The brand has also introduced a golden dabber to commemorate the coronation. The dabber is adorned with the brand’s symbol and is made from a mixture of gold and silver. It has a lid that looks like a crown and has 13 more crystals to offer. The idea of the dabber has come to life thanks to Sarah Weatherall. The dabber will be on display at all the Mecca Bingo halls throughout the summer.

Mark Cheevers, the head of PR at Mecca Bingo, has stated that this would be the ideal dabber for royalty. King Charles has visited Mecca Bingo halls in the past and Kate and William have taken to playing bingo during the pandemic. In other words, the royal family is a fan of bingo and now they have the perfect dabber to enjoy their games with.

The bingo brand has also stated that it will be screening the coronation and offering parties and bingo games starting on May 5th. Bingo fans and royal family enthusiasts will have the opportunity to enjoy the coronation and a couple of rounds of bingo. They’ll also get to see the golden dabber.


Mecca Bingo, one of the prominent bingo brands in the UK, has introduced a golden dabber adorned with a crown lid, crystals, and the brand’s logo to commemorate the coronation of King Charles III. The bingo brand will also screen the coronation and offer parties and bingo games for all visitors.

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Wrexham Bingo Player Lands £50K Jackpot

Wrexham Bingo Player Lands £50K Jackpot

Bingo is popular across the world which is why there are bingo halls pretty much everywhere. The UK is a country that’s big on bingo and it has its fair share of bingo halls. Wrexham happens to be one of the locations with a bingo hall.

Mecca Bingo is one of the many brands across the UK, and it has a bingo hall in Wrexham. This bingo hall got a visitor recently and the visitor happened to win a jackpot prize of £50,000. The player decided to remain anonymous as is her right.

Player Lands Jackpot on April Fools Day

The lucky player decided to visit the Wrexham bingo hall on April Fools’ Day. The atmosphere on any Saturday is excellent in the bingo hall, but everyone was in a good mood that day. Bingo puts everyone in a good mood.

It’s a fun activity to be enjoyed with friends, family, and total strangers. By the time the game’s over, everyone will have a new friend. Bingo halls are fun places and when everyone is done playing they congratulate the winner. Even if they don’t win, they will be looking forward to the next game.

The lucky lady was just going in to see her friends and have some fun on that day. The bingo hall happened to be packed with other players looking to have some fun. She bought a ticket and picked some cards. It was time for the game to start as the numbers started rolling in.

They were called out and the lady had each one consequentially. The ticket was on fire as there was a single number missing. The last number for the session was called out and the lady couldn’t believe herself. She was the lucky winner of a £50,000 jackpot.

She couldn’t believe her win which is why she had to check. Everything was in order despite it being April Fools’ Day. The woman got her prize and decided to remain anonymous as is her right. She’s another lucky bingo winner at Wrexham Hall that happened to pick the right bingo cards.


Wrexham bingo hall happened to see quite a win on April Fools’ Day as a female player landed a £50,000 jackpot prize. She picked the right cards and she landed the prize. It wasn’t a prank as she checked before getting the prize. Now, she’s a happy jackpot winner.

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A Hit Easter Bingo Event at Dawlish Library

A Hit Easter Bingo Event at Dawlish Library

Bingo is a game for the people which is why bingo halls across the world decide to get together once in a while. In other words, bingo is a social game that has fans come together and enjoy it.

Sometimes they do so just for fun, other times they go for prizes. But sometimes they go to charity. Bingo and charity go hand in hand and this Easter there was such an event at Dawlish Library in Teignbridge. The event was a success as lots of people decided to visit.

Quite the Turnout for a Bingo Event

The thing about libraries is that they’re quiet places most of the time. Dawlish Library is no exception, but just before Easter weekend it wasn’t that quiet and it had more people than usual. That’s because the library was chosen as the place for a bingo charity event.

The library had been having some hard times and needed some help. That’s why it decided to turn to the locals and give them a nice bingo charity event. Local companies and businesses helped out by donating prizes and the locals helped out by going to the event. In other words, the Dawlish Library bingo charity event was a hit.

The people came together to show their support. The money went to the library service and the donators got to have some fun. Bingo fans got to play some bingo and had some fun. Some of them won some prizes and they went home happy knowing that they’d had a good time and helped the community.

The library staff was grateful for such a turnout and for the donations made during the event. Both locals and local companies made sure that the Dawlish Library will continue to provide its services to people.

This event was a success because the library got the necessary funds, and the locals got to play some bingo. It was a fun night for everyone involved and the turnout helped the library. In other words, it was a win-win situation for all parties involved.


The Dawlish Library at Teignbridge decided to organize a bingo charity event for the library service. The event had an Easter theme as it happened to happen before Easter. Locals and companies gave their fair share to the event which was a success. In other words, bingo fans got to have fun and the library got what it needed.

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