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Valley Teen’s Veterans Bingo Program a Resounding Success

Valley Teen's Veterans Bingo Program a Resounding Success

Valley Teen’s Nonprofit Brings Heartwarming Bingo to Veterans

Jay Jhaver, a junior at Hamilton High School, may be preoccupied with the start of his second day of school, but his heart remains dedicated to serving veterans. Two years ago, he founded the nonprofit Teens4Vets, which has been making a significant impact on the lives of veterans in need.

Teens4Vets: Empowering Veterans Through Homes and Heartwarming Bingo

The nonprofit’s activities range from working alongside Habitat for Humanity to build homes for soldiers to hosting a beloved bingo event at US Vets in Phoenix. For the 187 veterans battling homelessness, US Vets provides a safe refuge and vital services, including career support, counseling, and housing.

When Jhaver and his volunteers arrive at US Vets with bingo cards in hand, the excitement is palpable among the residents. The game not only provides entertainment but also gives them a chance to win impactful prizes that Jhaver carefully selects, such as coffee makers, laptops, and bed sheets. These prizes, purchased with donations raised throughout the year, can make a significant difference in the lives of the veterans.

For Torkawase Robinson, a former combat medic and resident at US Vets, winning a bicycle meant reliable transportation for work and daily life. Such seemingly small gifts can be life-changing for those struggling with homelessness.

Homelessness among veterans is a serious issue, and Jhaver is determined to do everything he can to prevent it. He recognizes the importance of forming real connections with the veterans, listening to their stories, and understanding their needs.

Inspiring Dedication: A Valley Teen’s Journey to Empower Veterans

Ernie Verrue, one of the veterans benefiting from Teens4Vets’ initiatives, praises Jhaver’s dedication, wishing more young people were like him. Jhaver remains committed to expanding his nonprofit’s reach to make a broader impact across the nation.

Reflecting on his journey, Jhaver finds great fulfillment in his efforts to give back to those who have served their country. As he continues to support veterans through his nonprofit, he embodies the spirit of compassion and service that makes a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

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End of Electronic Bingo in Macon County After Marshall’s Court Decision

End of Electronic Bingo in Macon County After Marshall's Court Decision

Attorney General Marshall Secures Permanent Injunction Against Electronic Bingo Machines in Macon County

In a major victory for Attorney General Steve Marshall’s ongoing campaign against illegal gambling, the 5th Judicial Circuit has granted his request to permanently halt the operation of electronic bingo machines at Victoryland, once a prominent casino in Macon County. The court ruling also extends the injunction to Epic Tech, Inc. (the machine maker), K.C. Economic Development, LLC (the transporter), and Macon County Sheriff Andre Brunson, all co-defendants in the case.

The court’s decision unequivocally prohibits these entities from engaging in electronic bingo activities in Macon County, receiving any proceeds from electronic bingo machines, transporting or providing additional machines to the county, and issuing bingo licenses or permits for electronic bingo play in Macon County.

Marshall’s Strategy to Permanently Eliminate Illegal Gambling

Attorney General Marshall hails the court ruling as a significant milestone in his long-term strategy to eradicate illegal gambling in Alabama. Unlike previous instances where casinos simply recalibrated their machines and reopened after raids, Marshall aims to establish a permanent solution.

“Electronic bingo machines blatantly violate state law, as consistently reaffirmed by the Alabama Supreme Court,” Marshall emphasized in a statement. “Similar to the facilities in Morgan, Houston, and Lowndes Counties, the Macon County establishments are permanently prohibited from utilizing electronic bingo machines going forward.”

Victoryland’s Compliance and Consequences

Victoryland owner Lewis Benefield announced earlier this year that the facility would cease offering electronic bingo following a Supreme Court ruling. Notably, Milton McGregor, the founder of Victoryland and Benefield’s father-in-law, had vigorously fought legal battles to keep the casino operational, even winning acquittal in a high-profile federal bribery case in 2010 before his passing in 2018.

Benefield stated to, “I’m not going to do what maybe some people have done in the past and say, ‘Hey, screw it. We’re going to still offer it.’ I’m not going to offer electronic bingo… I’m fully running the thing within the law and what the law allows me to do.”

However, Benefield acknowledged that the discontinuation of electronic bingo has resulted in significant job losses at the facility, affecting hundreds of employees.

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Exciting July Promos & Tournaments at CyberBingo!

CyberBingo Promotions

Prepare for an extraordinary bingo extravaganza as CyberBingo unveils a thrilling array of July promotions. Brace yourself for an unforgettable journey into the realm of bingo, where a multitude of exciting events awaits. Among them is the highly anticipated Sparkling Bingo Tourney, where a staggering cash and bonus prize pool awaits the top 20 players!

Mark your calendars for every Tuesday to Thursday this month, as players playing for victory can now add an extra $500 in cash to their collection of winnings. Yes, you heard it right! An additional $500 will be bestowed upon the players with the most triumphant dabs and grabs. But that’s not all – the second and third place winners will also be rewarded with fabulous cash prizes. And let’s not forget about the remaining top 20 contenders who will be treated to delectable bonus rewards, ensuring the excitement never ceases!

Dazzling $25,000 4th of July Special

4th of July

Embrace the spirit of Independence Day with over $25,000 in prizes. Prepare for five thrilling $5,000 coverall games and a minimum of $500 games throughout the day, starting from 6pm and concluding with a final game at 11pm.

Epic Bingo Party Tourney

Epic Bingo Party

Prepare for a grand event on Saturday, July 29th, where an astonishing $20,000 in cash prizes awaits. With cards priced as low as $2, this is an unmissable highlight of the bingo calendar. The party kicks off with 10 warm-up games guaranteeing $10,000 in winnings, followed by a thrilling $10,000 end-of-event special.

Mini Games Tourney

Mini Game Tourney

Showcase your skills in the numerous mini games available and compete for up to $250 in extra rewards. Mini games can be played using both bingo bonus and cash balance. The top 10 players on the leaderboard will receive prizes, with the first-place winner taking home $250, followed by $150 for second place and $75 for third place. Positions 4 to 10 will receive bonuses ranging from $15 to $30.

Tropical Bingo Room’s $13,750 Summer Breeze Tournament

Summer Breeze bingo

Join the action every Saturday to Monday for a chance to win the bingo crown and an incredible $1,200 cash prize. Even second and third place winners will take home enticing cash rewards, while the top 20 participants can enjoy fantastic bonus rewards.

Explore the exciting world of CyberBingo this July and seize the incredible opportunities to win big!

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Colchester Buzz Bingo Member Upset by Lifetime Ban

Colchester Buzz Bingo Member Upset by Lifetime Ban

An avid bingo player from Colchester, Maureen Potticary, is experiencing profound distress after her membership at Buzz Bingo was revoked. Initially suspended for a year, the suspension was escalated to a lifetime ban after she dared to question the decision.

Passionate Membership and Unfortunate Circumstances

Maureen had been an enthusiastic member of Buzz Bingo in Osborne Street for over five years, willingly spending £100 per month for the privilege. For her, bingo was not just a game but a way to socialize and connect with friends, sometimes spending up to ten hours a day at the venue.

During a visit on June 16, Maureen made the rare choice to have a couple of alcoholic drinks, which she attributes to a deviation from her usual routine and her intake of medication for PTSD. Unfortunately, this led to her feeling intoxicated and would have significant consequences.

A Ban That Deepens the Upset

A few days later, Maureen received a letter notifying her of a one-year ban from Buzz Bingo due to alleged inappropriate behavior toward staff members. Refusing to accept the accusation, she voiced her concerns. However, her attempt to address the issue backfired when she received a subsequent letter indefinitely closing her account, accompanied by Buzz Bingo’s determination to prevent her from creating a new one in the future.

Maureen strongly asserts her innocence, expressing remorse for her intoxicated state and emphasizing her desire to return to the beloved environment she cherishes. Nevertheless, Buzz Bingo remains steadfast in their decision, claiming it was the correct course of action in accordance with their protocols and club rules.

The Uncertain Future and Resilience

Despite Maureen’s heartfelt plea for reconciliation and the resumption of her cherished pastime, Buzz Bingo stands firm in upholding the lifetime ban. The future remains uncertain for this dedicated bingo player as she grapples with the loss of a treasured community.

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Introducing Sporty Bingo: Vista Gaming’s Innovative Bingo Lobby

Introducing Sporty Bingo: Vista Gaming's Innovative Bingo Lobby

Attention all soccer fans! Prepare for an unparalleled bingo adventure in the all-new Sporty Bingo room by Vista Gaming. Immerse yourself in the excitement of this unique fusion of soccer and bingo, exclusively available at Vegas Crest Casino and CyberBingo.

Affordable Fun with 90-Ball Bingo

Experience the thrill of 90-ball bingo at an affordable price in the Sporty Bingo room. With ticket prices ranging from $0.01 to $0.05, players from around the world can enjoy this popular variation of the game. Whether you’re in Canada or the US, the Sporty Bingo room offers an accessible and exciting gaming experience for all.

Enhanced Player Experience: The Newly Redesigned Lobby

Step into the newly designed modern lobby, where convenience meets excitement. Discover a range of features that enhance your bingo journey:

The newly redesigned lobby in the Sporty Bingo room offers a range of exciting features to enhance your bingo experience. First, you have the flexibility to choose between 75 or 90-ball bingo, allowing you to play according to your preferences. Additionally, the lobby provides a player count display, keeping you informed about the number of players in the room. This information is valuable as it gives you insights into potential winnings and odds of winning. Moreover, you can easily view the prizes available in the ongoing bingo games, adding to the excitement.

The lobby also keeps you updated on the progressive jackpot value, allowing you to track its growth and heightening anticipation. Lastly, the room status updates ensure seamless planning for your bingo sessions, allowing you to instantly check if the room is open or closed. With these features, the Sporty Bingo lobby by Vista Gaming offers convenience and an enhanced gaming experience for players.

Exciting adventures await in the Sporty Bingo room and the newly redesigned lobby at Vegas Crest Casino. Get ready to kick off a bingo experience unlike any other!

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Westbury Leigh Hosted Alzheimer’s Bingo

Westbury Leigh Hosted Alzheimer’s Bingo

The world of charities is known for organizing fundraising events to help those in need. The community of Westbury Leigh is no different as the Alzheimer’s Society had recently organized such an event featuring a bingo game.

The event was a successful one as it had support from local companies and businesses. The bingo game attracted some attention as well and over £500 was raised for the Alzheimer’s Society. The money will be dedicated to helping those affected by the illness. Furthermore, this won’t be the last charity event to help society.

Another Successful Bingo Charity Event

Bingo is one of the most popular games in the world. It’s also extremely popular across the UK as there are many bingo halls across the country. But the popular game isn’t just played to win a prize, sometimes it can help people out.

In other words, bingo is a popular game at charity events as it gets loads of attention. Westbury Leigh decided to feature such a game at their recent charity event. Various members of the community and local businesses decided to visit the event and enjoy their favorite game.

The list of local businesses included Tesco Express, Center Parcs, The View, Eastern Paradise, and others. Naturally, there were winners and losers during the game, but the ones that won the most were those in the care of the Alzheimer’s Society. The charity event raised £500 thanks to its participants.

The money will be put to good use by those that are cared for by society. These are people in need of research and medical help as Alzheimer’s is a serious disease. Every penny is vital to their situation which is why charity organizations do fundraising events.

Bingo happens to be a game of the masses that never goes out of style. Because of this, the charity event was successful. Bingo and charity have been known to go hand in hand which is why there will be many more charity events in the future featuring bingo as the titular game. This is just another example of a successful bingo charity.


Alzheimer’s Society in Westbury Leigh had a successful charity event. £500 was raised for those dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease via this event which featured local companies and community members. The event also had a bingo game which got a lot of attention and helped the charity as a whole.

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Bongo’s Bingo Announces Glasgow Events

Bongo’s Bingo Announces Glasgow Events

People are always looking for interesting ways to entertain themselves. Bingo happens to be a game that they enjoy with friends, family, and strangers. Bingo is a fun affair for anyone involved, but one company has managed to enhance the popular game.

Bongo’s Bingo is the company in question, as they have managed to merge bingo with music and dance. In other words, the company has been quite successful at organizing bingo parties across the UK and has had some international events. Currently, they will be taking over Glasgow with their bingo mania.

A Cinematic Bingo Experience

Music and dancing can be fun, and we all know that bingo is a fun activity. Bongo’s Bingo agrees with both statements which is why they have successfully managed to mix the two. The company has been organizing extravagant bingo events across the UK.

These events feature parties with all sorts of soundtracks as well as techno raves for those looking to shake it on the dance floor. But they have something to offer bingo fans as well. In other words, these parties let bingo players enjoy several bingo rounds. They’re free to enjoy the music on the dance floor and get some drinks while they’re playing.

Recently, Bongo’s Bingo company has announced several events in Glasgow. Some of them will be standard ones with the usual mix of music and bingo, but one event is designed to stand out. This is the Night at the Movies event that will feature soundtracks from several movie favorites. The event is designed to be a celebration of cinematic success over the years. The participants are welcome to come dressed as their favorite characters.

The officials behind the company have stated that they’re looking to make this cinematic bingo experience available for their next events. In a way, this first event of its kind is going to be a test run and determine if the visitors like this sort of event or not. Either way, Glasgow is going to be a bingo hotspot in August with several interesting bingo events.


Glasgow is the spot to be in this August if you’re a bingo fan looking for some fun. Fans will get to enjoy a cinematic bingo experience with soundtracks from their favorite movies and some bingo games. Bongo Bingo’s events are spread throughout August and if you’re a bingo fan you should mark those dates.

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Join Us for Free Bingo and Refreshments at Buzz Bingo!

Join Us for Free Bingo and Refreshments at Buzz Bingo!

Get ready to mark your calendars for the upcoming National Bingo Day and join the festivities at Buzz Bingo. Embracing inclusivity, Buzz Bingo invites everyone to partake in this exciting celebration. Not only will you have a blast, but you also stand a chance to win incredible cash prizes without spending a penny. Buzz Bingo is offering you and a companion a fantastic opportunity to enjoy a complimentary game of bingo and a free drink.

If you’re seeking a phenomenal evening of entertainment with your friends and the chance to walk away with impressive jackpot rewards, look no further than your local Buzz Bingo club. Each club exudes a warm and welcoming atmosphere, accompanied by thrilling games, helpful staff, and an exquisite selection of mouth-watering cuisine and refreshing beverages. With 82 clubs spanning across the country, from the scenic landscapes of Scotland to the captivating shores of England’s south coast, Buzz Bingo ensures you can always experience their legendary and professional service. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to play for alluring jackpots reaching up to £50,000!

Beyond the exhilarating bingo experience, Buzz Bingo offers a diverse range of entertaining slot machines, where players can potentially win hundreds of pounds in cash prizes. During bingo call breaks, many participants can enjoy playing mobile slots games for added excitement. Moreover, every club presents enticing offers and promotions. In addition to cash rewards, you might even win remarkable prizes such as luxurious vacations, state-of-the-art TVs, extravagant shopping sprees, or exclusive tickets to themed party nights!

Prepare yourself for unforgettable nights at Buzz Bingo’s party events, where they take traditional paper bingo and their club ambiance and elevate them to new heights. Experience an electrifying fusion of games, nightclub vibes, dance-offs, whimsical prizes, sing-your-heart-out anthems, and live entertainment. For further details, please visit Buzz Bingo

To claim your complimentary bingo game for you and a companion, along with a refreshing drink each, simply grab your copy of the Daily Mirror on Saturday, June 17, Sunday, June 18, or Monday, June 19, which includes a voucher for this exciting offer. Please note that this offer is exclusively for individuals aged 18 and above. *The free drink includes a selection of 16oz soft drinks or standard tea or coffee. Refer to the voucher within the newspaper for comprehensive terms and conditions.

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