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Sam L. Jackson Visits Bongo’s Bingo Event

Sam L. Jackson Visits Bongo’s Bingo Event

Bingo is a community game, and when that community stretches globally. There are lots of bingo halls across the UK that host bingo nights and accept bingo fans of all shapes and sizes. And then there’s Bongo’ Bingo.

They recently had an event in Glasgow and the party was wild. It took place on April Fools Day and everyone was having fun. But the party went viral went Samuel L. Jackson decided to visit. The star is shooting a film in Scotland and decided to see what the fuss was all about. He wasn’t disappointed.

The Star Decided to Have Some Fun

Bingo is fun when enjoyed with friends, family, or complete strangers that are visiting the bingo hall for the first time. But bingo can be made even more fun by adding some music and some DJs. That’s the idea behind Bongo’s Bingo.

This is a unique way to enjoy bingo because it combines the titular game with some party elements. In other words, people looking to play bingo can do exactly that. Those that have come for a party can party the night away. This idea of bingo with partying has become popular across the UK.

The company has also stated that it’s looking to expand abroad as there have been a few Bongo’s Bingo events that have been pretty successful. The latest one happened to be quite successful. It took place in Glasgow and the event was packed with bingo fans and party maniacs.

In other words, the place was full. The event was going on when a star decided to join the party. Samuel L. Jackson visited the event and had people taking pictures with him. He had a fun time too. The actor is currently shooting a film in Scotland and decided to enjoy the rest of his day by visiting a Bongo’s Bingo event.

The event was a huge hit across social media and in general. Bongo’s Bingo truly does a good job if it happens to attract the likes of Sam Jackson. It was a surprise for the organizers and the visitors.


Recently, Bongo’s Bingo made a lot of noise in Glasgow. The event was done on April Fools Day and a lot of masked people had come to enjoy bingo and have a good time. Samuel L. Jackson also decided to visit and had the organizers and fans surprised.

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Refugee Road Bingo Hall Shootout

Refugee Road Bingo Hall Shootout

Bingo halls are places filled with joy. They have various prize winners each night they open and these winners attract all sorts of attention to the hall. Some of the people that come around are interested in bingo, while others aren’t.

A bingo hall at Refugee Road happened to be part of an incident. It was near the bingo hall, that a shootout occurred. One police officer was run over by 2 teens in a car. His partner drew out his gun and shot the driver of the vehicle. Both the teens and the injured officer are in the hospital.

3 Injured in the Hospital and No Other Victims

Bingo halls attract bingo players from across the world, but they also attract criminals. They might be looking to snag the prize of the winner just as soon as the winner leaves the premises. Also, they might be looking to follow them and then rob them of their winnings. There are countless examples of bingo winners being robbed.

This might have been the plan behind the Refugee Road Bingo Hall incident. There were 2 teens in a car near the bingo hall. One officer was outside and the other was inside the premises. It’s possible that the 2 suspects were looking to incapacitate the officer before going inside to rob the bingo hall.

But they were unaware of the second officer who came out of the bingo hall and shot and injured the driver of the vehicle. After injuring the driver, the car went into another car and the other assailant was injured.

Luckily, no one lost their lives and both teens and the injured police officer have been transported to the hospital. The incident is being looked at and cleared up. It’s also possible that the 2 teens might have had other motivations for assaulting the police officer with a vehicle.

Either way, they gave the bingo fans at Refugee Bingo Hall a start as a shootout is something that usually doesn’t occur near a bingo hall. Time will tell what motivated the 2 teens to take part in such an incident and be part of a shootout.


A shootout occurred near Refugee Road Bingo Hall in Ohio after a police officer outside the premises was run over by 2 teen suspects in a car. The second police officer shot the driver of the vehicle that ran over his colleague after which the car hit another car. All 3 are in the hospital and the case is being investigated.

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Former Bingo Hall Turned to Cannabis Farm

Former Bingo Hall Turned to Cannabis Farm

The thing about bingo halls is that they get people together to enjoy a variety of bingo games. It’s a sad occasion when these halls close down and members are forced to find another hall.

Barry Bingo happens to be a former bingo hall filled with memories of good times. The hall had been around for quite some time in South Wales, and recently it found another use. The police raided the hall recently and found around 3,000 cannabis plants all over. No perpetrators were found at the scene.

The Former Bingo Hall Was Raided by the Police

As mentioned before, bingo halls are usually filled with joy. Their members are there to have some fun while playing bingo regardless if they win or not. That’s why they’re sad when their favorite bingo hall closes down. Some of these buildings are turned into an apartment complex, a store, or something else, but some of them stick around.

They are ruins and are filled with memories of fun bingo games. But some of them are of use to certain people or others. The National Grid expressed concerns about high energy usage coming from Barry Bingo. The hall was abandoned which is why it was unusual for a building like that one to use energy at all.

The concern was expressed to the police and they decide to check it out. Upon entering the building it turned out that Barry Bingo, a former bingo hall, had been turned into a cannabis farm with more than 3,000 plants in various rooms. No people were found at the scene, but the tons of fertilizer, equipment, and lights showed as well as food showed that the farm had been active.

The lights and equipment were the reasons a former bingo hall had used so much energy. The police estimated that there’s roughly £3 million worth of cannabis at the bingo hall. They also suspect that the farm is run by organized street gangs. The police are taking action to clear out the farm and are actively looking for the persons that tended to it.


Barry Bingo may have been a former bingo hall that once brought joy to bingo fans, but it was discovered that this hall was turned into a cannabis farm by street gangs. The police seized over 3,000 plants from the premises and are actively looking for the people behind the farm.

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Say “I Do” in a Mecca Bingo Hall

Say “I Do” in a Mecca Bingo Hall

The world of bingo makes friends out of strangers, and family out of friends. Some couples decide to propose at bingo halls which is why these halls offer a unique atmosphere. The thrill of bingo and the thrill of getting married are joys that everyone should experience in life.

Mecca Bingo Luton will offer them both. In other words, members of the hall and visitors will have the opportunity to get married at the hall. In other words, after proposing, they could tie the knot on the spot, and live happily ever after.

The Bingo Brand Offers Members the Opportunity to Get Married

You can enjoy bingo solo at online bingo sites, but even then you’re not the only one playing bingo in a virtual bingo room. Bingo halls resemble the community of bingo as they keep bingo fans occupied and entertained with every event they have.

They bring joy to that community, not just because someone managed to land a jackpot, but because the hall provides bingo fans with the opportunity to come together and hang out. Sure someone always wins a prize, but companionship is the ultimate goal of bingo.

That companionship can be a lifelong goal, which is why strangers become friends at bingo halls. Sometimes friendship will turn into love, and if that love lasts long enough, it will turn into a marriage. That’s why some bingo fans decide to propose to their partners at bingo halls. It’s a place associated with excitement and a proposal is an exciting event for everyone involved.

Proposals at bingo halls have been happening for some time now, which is why Mecca Bingo has decided to go a step further by providing visitors with a location where partners can get married. In other words, they can propose to each other at bingo halls, and they could turn the proposal into a lifelong companionship until death does them part. The Mecca Bingo hall in Luton is the first one that offers this opportunity. And it’s similar to the love chapels of Sin City.


In addition to the excitement of bingo, Mecca Bingo Luton will offer players the chance of getting married. Players have been known to propose to each other at bingo halls, and now they’ll have the chance to get married at the same hall they enjoyed bingo and themselves in. This is just another example of how bingo brings people together.

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Bongo’s Bingo Coming to Edinburgh in March

Bongo’s Bingo Coming to Edinburgh in March

Bingo is an entertaining game for many which is why bingo halls across the UK are filled with bingo enthusiasts regularly. The idea of bingo and fun is already there which is why Bongo’ Bingo is taking it to the next level by combining wild parties with bingo.

The brand has announced an Edinburgh party in March. Scotland has always been a popular destination for the Bongo’s Bingo team which is why they’re excited to go there again. Bingo fans have tickets available for the event, and they know they’re going to have the time of their lives.

The Bingo Rave Experience

Raves have been known for letting people escape the worries of the week. Dancing is another way of doing so which is why discos have been full since their inception. The kind of music played at these establishments may have changed, but they remain popular.

Bingo is a delightfully simple game where players need to pick out a bunch of numbers on a ticket and wait for the numbers to be announced to know if they’ve won a prize or not. Bingo games are quite social and friends and families have been enjoying them throughout the years.

Bongo’s Bingo is a company that merges the 2 which is why it has been successful. Bingo fans that have attended these parties have enjoyed the bingo-rave experience. That same experience is coming to Edinburgh and will be held in The 02 Arena. The event will feature crazy prizes, Karaoke shows, dance-offs as well as some bingo rounds coupled with raves.

In short, bingo fans will get bingo and much more than they bargained for. The officials of the company are looking forward to the event dubbed the Matinee Madness, which will take place in Edinburgh this March. Edinburgh along with Glasgow have been 2 spots in Scotland that the company praises as there are lots of bingo fans that love Bongo’s Bingo events. They as well as many others will come together on Matinee Madness and enjoy the bingo experience that is Bongo’s Bingo.


Bingo has never been the same since Bongo’s Bingo stepped on the scene with the fusion of bingo games and raves. The illustrious company is having an event in Edinburgh this March. Matinee Madness will bring bingo maniacs from all across Scotland to the capital for some bingo, music, dancing and a night they won’t forget.

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Windsor Mom Wins $100K Bingo Jackpot

Windsor Mom Wins $100K Bingo Jackpot

A bingo ticket can go a long way if you pick the right numbers that are. The people that get the right numbers are winners in a game of bingo regardless if they’re playing it online or offline. Recently there was a bingo winner at Windsor.

In other words, Thain Mai, a Windsor woman got lucky on her bingo ticket. She is $100,000 richer now for picking the right numbers. Naturally, she didn’t expect the win which is what made the whole process of winning more interesting.

A Bingo Player Gets Lucky

All it takes is for one bingo ticket to go the right way, and the bingo player with it is going to land a prize. But bingo is a social game, which means there’s more than one contender for the prize. These players might get runner-up prizes for the players depending on the online bingo site or the bingo hall.

Even if they don’t win, bingo players get the pleasure of enjoying their favorite game. The social aspect is there to make them get together again for the next game. The funny thing about bingo is that there’s no telling which numbers will land.

Players have different strategies for picking the numbers, but the truth is that when the game comes the numbers are picked randomly to ensure fair play. Mai knew this which is why she bought multiple tickets. She happened to buy one on Christmas Day which made it special in a way.

When the time came for picking the numbers, she did her duty and waited for the numbers to come in. When they did, they turned out to match hers which is why she won the top bingo prize. In other words, she managed to land the bingo jackpot prize of $100,000.

Mai was surprised by the size of the prize, just as anyone would be. She also said that she’s going to take her family and kids to Vietnam on a trip. In other words, she’s going to have some much-deserved fun with the amount.


Mai is another lucky bingo winner. The Windsor mother landed a $100,000 bingo jackpot prize and she plans to take her family on a trip to Vietnam with it. Moreover, she’s another bingo jackpot winner that will go down in history. She had bought the bingo ticket on Christmas Day which is why Mai thinks it’s special and why it brought her the prize.

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Mecca Bingo Chester Hosts Final Bingo Week

Mecca Bingo Chester Hosts Final Bingo Week

All great things must come to an end, which is why Mecca Bingo Chester will be hosting its final bingo week before closing its doors for good. Bingo fans have fond memories of the place, and they can continue enjoying a game of bingo at other bingo halls online.

The Mecca Bingo venue in Chester is set to close its doors after many years of entertaining thousands of bingo players in the area. The bingo hall, located on Brookdale Place, has become a well-known landmark in the city, with its building signage leading to the adjacent St Oswald’s Way Roundabout being commonly referred to as the Mecca Bingo Roundabout. The venue had previously announced its plans to close in January, and it has now confirmed that it will host its final set of bingo games. The final day of operations is scheduled for February 26 and will feature five jackpot prizes of £1,000.

The Cause for the Close

The parent company of Mecca Bingo, Rank Group, had earlier attributed the decline in its financial performance to factors such as the World Cup and colder weather, which had led to fewer customers visiting its casinos and bingo halls. The company stated that it expects its profits to fall by more than half over the current financial year, with the biggest impact being felt by its Grosvenor Casinos business. Rank CEO John O’Reilly had explained that the bingo hall wasn’t doing all that well which is why the venue will be closed.

Despite the challenges faced by the company, O’Reilly expressed a commitment to investing in initiatives that would ensure the long-term recovery and success of the group. The Mecca Bingo venue in Chester will be missed by many loyal customers who have enjoyed playing bingo there over the years, and the closure is a reminder of the challenges faced by businesses in the current economic climate. However, as the company looks to adapt to the changing circumstances and invest in growth opportunities, it remains hopeful of a brighter future for its operations. In other words, it’s the end for Mecca Bingo Chester, but not the company and certainly not for bingo as there are many other halls bingo fans can visit.

They can go to other nearby bingo halls, and get together and reminisce on the famed bingo hall in Chester. Alternatively, they can go online and enjoy a plethora of bingo games.

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Bongo’s Bingo Returns to Bournemouth

Bingo's Bingo Returns to Bournemouth

Bingo players are always looking for a fun night out which is why they go for their favorite bingo halls as much as possible. Some of them have opted for a more modern approach which is why they go online and visit a bunch of online bingo sites.

Some people like to party which is why they go to the nearest disco. But some people like both which is why they go to bingo events and parties. Certain charity events make sure to mix the 2 to give attendants an unforgettable experience which is why Bongo’s Bingo has decided to go that way.

Bingo and partying are unified in every Bongo’s Bingo event. Bingo players get to play their favorite game and the rest can just enjoy the party. Some snacks and drinks are optional, but they also contribute to the experience.

The Bournemouth Return

Bongo’s Bingo, the award-winning bingo event, is set to make a return to Bournemouth this spring. The bingo rave will take place at the 02 Academy on April 6th and 14th. Ticket holders can expect a unique and exciting evening that combines traditional bingo elements with modern chaos. The night will be filled with nostalgia-filled revelry, energetic dance rounds, audience participation opportunities, mass karaoke, and exciting prizes. Adding to the fun, special guests Harvey & Romeo from So Solid and DJ Dandaman will be joining the party.

According to Jonny Bongo, the mastermind behind Bongo’s Bingo, he is thrilled to announce the April dates for Bournemouth. He believes that spring is the perfect time to host the event as everyone is getting ready for the summer season. He mentioned that tickets are selling quickly and he is grateful for the support from their customers both in the UK and abroad.

Bongo’s Bingo has big plans for 2023, with more dates and exciting events to come. Additionally, they are working on launching in the USA this year, which promises to be a wild and insane experience. Overall, the return of Bongo’s Bingo to Bournemouth promises to be a night to remember, filled with fun, laughter, and exciting prizes.


Bongo’s Bingo has had a pretty successful year when it comes to 2022, but they’re looking to take that up a notch in 2023. They’re returning to Bournemouth in the spring and they’re looking to sell a million tickets this year, another goal they’ve set for themselves.

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