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Apollo Bingo Player Lands £50K Jackpot

Apollo Bingo Player Lands £50K Jackpot

The older generation loves playing bingo which is why they fill up most of the UK bingo clubs on a regular basis. It’s a great game that lets them get together and have some fun. They also get some brain exercise while doing it.

The Apollo Bingo Hall in Camborne recently celebrated a jackpot win. The 70-year-old grandmother had a lucky streak as she had landed a jackpot prize of £50,000. She had a rough day, but it all ended well once she called the house on the bingo prize after picking the right numbers.

The Lucky Grandmother

Bingo players get lucky even if they win a modest prize. It’s not about the prize with them, as they’re more interested in the experience and fun they get to have with one another. The lucky player mentioned above was introduced to bingo 20 years ago.

She has been doing it ever since. She happened to have a rough day on the day of the win. So she decided to visit her local club and try her luck at the fruit machines first. A few spins in she managed to win a nice prize of £500 which had her surprised as she wasn’t expecting to get a prize.

Little did she know that it would be the first prize she won that day. Once she was done with the fruit machines she decided on a bingo ticket. She got one and the woman was joined by the other club members in a game of bingo.

The numbers started rolling in as the excitement grew. The woman had each number down and as it happened she picked the right ones. This is what led her to the second prize of the day, a bingo jackpot prize of £50,000.

She decided to share the win with her daughters to help them with some home improvements. She is also going to give some of the money to her grandchildren and donate some of it to charity. In other words, she decided to give back to the community.


A 70-year-old woman decided to play some bingo and managed to win a £50,000 jackpot prize. She won a prize of £500 on fruit machines before landing the big one and had a day she’s going to remember forever. More importantly, she decided to share the money with her family and donate some of it. Sharing is the way to go in bingo and life.

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Bongo’s Bingo Aims for a Million Tickets

Bongo's Bingo Aims for a Million Tickets

Bingo is one of the most popular games in the world. Lots of people across the UK enjoy it which is why the bingo halls are full. There’s more than one brand that provides players with bingo fun, and one of them happens to be Bongo’s Bingo.

This is a brand based in Liverpool and has had huge success in the past couple of years. 2022 was a busy year for them and they almost sold a million tickets. This is their goal for 2023 as it’s a milestone they’ve been looking to achieve.

2023 Is Another Busy Year for the Brand

The brand revolutionized the game of bingo by combining it with all sorts of parties. Whether they’re raves, themed parties, or other kinds of events to make them more interesting. The point of each Bongo’s Bingo event is to help people loosen up and enjoy a game of bingo in a thrilling atmosphere like never before.

So far, the brand has hosted parties across the UK including Nottingham, York, Brighton and Swansea. There’s no doubt about the fact that this kind of bingo party is popular in the UK as lots of people have visited them.

The team of Bongo’s Bingo has also hosted bingo parties in Ibiza and Dubai which were pretty successful. Moreover, they are going to try and get into the US in 2023 which is another of the goals they’ve set for themselves. As mentioned before, they’re also looking to sell a million tickets to their events in 2023.

Bongo’s Bingo is a bingo game like no other because it combines bingo and parties. The music depends on the event, but all attendants are welcome to enjoy an exciting bingo game. If they want to, they can take that excitement to the dance floor too.

This kind of bingo is pretty popular across the UK which is why it’s going to have no trouble getting into the States. The bingo variant will also continue to rise in popularity across the UK as the officials behind it are going to work tougher than ever.


Bongo’s Bingo is a popular bingo brand that merges music, bingo and dancing at spectacular events. The brand is looking to go international as well as sell a million tickets in 2023. And they’re going to work hard to make those goals happen.

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Clacton Bingo Player Lands £50K Jackpot

Clacton Bingo Player Lands £50K Jackpot

Bingo is a fun game when you win a prize. It’s also fun to play when you don’t win anything at all. It’s fun when you play it online, or when you enjoy it in a bingo hall. And there are lots of bingo halls and brands across the UK.

Buzz Bingo happens to be one of them and it recently got a winner at the Clacton bingo hall. The lucky winner landed a £50,000 jackpot prize. Kelly Williams thought she had landed a respectable £100 prize but was gobsmacked when she learned how lucky she got.

An Unexpected Win, but a Welcome One

Nobody expects to land a jackpot, but when they do it’s pretty amazing. That’s why Kelly was so excited to win one. She was traveling with her caravan to various places on the seaside and decided to stop in Clacton. While she was there, she went to the bingo hall and decided on a game.

Bingo halls are pretty popular in the UK, and Clacton consequently. Bingo fans can get together regardless of whether they’re family, friends, or total strangers. Bingo unifies them with the goal of having a good time.

She bought her ticket and she sat down with the rest of the people. The game had begun and the numbers started rolling in. To Kelly’s surprise, she managed to get them all right and when she stamped them out she was the one yelling “House”.

Bingo halls don’t usually give out big prizes, at least in Kelly’s opinion, which is why she was looking to get a modest prize of £100. When she went to get her prize she was told that she was the lucky winner of a £50,000 jackpot prize. She was so surprised she couldn’t speak.

Kelly decided to take a picture with the employees and decided on a way of spending her money. In other words, Kelly is going to help her parents get some new windows for their home and treat her family. All in all, she’s another lucky bingo player that managed to snag a jackpot.


Kelly Williams is a lucky bingo player that landed a £50,000 jackpot prize at Buzz Bingo Clacton. She bought a ticket, picked the right numbers, and is a richer woman because of it. She and her family are going to celebrate the win, as she decided on treating them.

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Bingo Player Lands £38K Jackpot Online

Bingo Player Lands £38K Jackpot Online

There are lots of bingo fans across the world and some of them happen to be situated in the UK. There are several bingo halls to help these people come together and enjoy some bingo games. But certain players prefer to enjoy bingo online and they’re welcome to do so.

Mecca Bingo is one bingo brand across the UK that offers bingo fun at 76 different bingo halls. Recently a woman from the Uxbridge area decided to play some bingo and was surprised to land a £38K jackpot while doing so.

Uxbridge Woman Lands Amazing Bingo Jackpot

Bingo halls are filled with bingo maniacs looking to get their game on regardless if they’re going to win or lose. The thrill of the atmosphere is all that they’re looking for. Good times can be had with excellent friends and bingo fans at these halls.

That’s why they’re still full and lots of people enjoy playing bingo games. But bingo is available online in the digital age. This is why some players decide to go for bingo games online. Mecca Bingo happens to be a brand that offers online bingo games and it has some active users.

The woman mentioned before likes playing bingo online at Mecca Bingo. The Uxbridge woman decided on an online game with a £2 ticket and little did she know that she would be a lucky winner later on. She was sent a notification email that told her that the purchase had been confirmed and once she picked her numbers she waited.

It didn’t take long for her to get another notification that she had just landed a bingo jackpot of £38,000. She was excited to have landed such an amazing jackpot prize. She also decided to remain anonymous.

Additionally, the female bingo player stated that she was going to treat her family to a Disneyland trip and she was also going to give some of her money to family members. The officials behind Mecca Bingo were also excited about her win and they congratulated her on it.


A Uxbridge woman was lucky enough to land a bingo jackpot prize of £38,000 while playing bingo online. Mecca Bingo is now lucky to have another anonymous jackpot winner among its players. The woman was surprised at her bingo win and she decided to spend the money on her family.

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Coventry Gets Bingo Lingo Attraction

Coventry Gets Bingo Lingo Attraction

Bingo is a fun pastime for many people in the UK. It’s frequently a part of many charity events, but it’s been known to be mixed with dancing, singing, and a variety of other things to make for spectacular events.

Bingo Lingo is one such event and it will be coming to Coventry in late January. The event will take place in the Rialto Plaza and will be happening again in February and March. It’s going to give bingo fans a bingo game like never before as it will have loads of fun activities.

Bingo Like Never Before

Dancing, singing, and raving can all be pretty fun which is why clubs across the world offer such activities. Bingo is a traditional game that can be fun which is why the minds behind Bingo Lingo have decided to merge them into a single event.

In other words, Bingo Lingo is an event that has something for everyone. Bingo players can go for a bingo game will prizes and raffles, while anyone looking to party will get the night of their lives as there will be dance-offs, sing-offs as well as raves throughout the night at this event.

Bingo is all about having some fun with friends, family, or complete strangers in a bingo hall. You can also play bingo online or go experience something completely different like Bingo Lingo. It’s taking bingo and giving it more fun if you’re looking to try something else.

You might be looking for such an experience which is why Bingo Lingo will be in Coventry this January, February, and March. Regardless if you’re going solo, with your partner, family, or friends, you’re bound to have a good time as Bingo Lingo has been pretty successful in Ibiza, London, and Bristol.

When visiting Rialto Plaza for some Bingo Lingo fun then you’ll get the full package. Expect some wacky decorations, dancing, singing, and a bingo game with big prizes. In other words, Bingo Lingo is here to give you an alternative bingo experience, one you’ll be remembering for the rest of your life.


Bingo Lingo is taking a classic game like bingo and turning it into so much more. With dancing, raves and singing, wacky decorations, big prizes, and a lot of smiling faces Bingo Lingo will show you just how different and amazing bingo can be in Coventry’s Rialto Plaza in January, February and March.

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Designer Bag Bingo Event in New Jersey

Designer Bag Bingo Event in New Jersey

Bingo and charities have been going together for years which is why a certain school in NJ has decided to go for such an event to raise the funds for the Class of 2024 event. The committee is organizing a bingo event with designer handbags as prizes.

This is an unusual bingo event because the lucky winners would get designer handbags by Madewell, Kate Spade, Longchamp, and a bunch of other brands. There are 16 handbags available and they correspond to the 16 bingo games that will be played at the event.

A Bingo Charity Event at Robbinsville High School

As mentioned before, it’s not uncommon for bingo games to be played at charity events. Bingo is a popular game with a variety of people in the US which is why they enjoy playing it for a good cause. The holy matrimony of bingo and charity is matrimony that won’t drop out of fashion soon.

That’s why bingo and charity are unified again for the event to be held at the Robbinsville High School to fun the Class of 2024 post-prom event. The community is looking to help with the event which is why people are going to attend the bingo night.

The bingo charity event will be held in early February and people can buy tickets via email or at the door. Each ticket comes with 16 bingo tickets that correspond to the 16 bingo games that will be played during the event.

What makes this charity event so unusual is the fact that the winners of these games will get to go home with an upscale designer handbag. This might be the first-ever handbag charity bingo event. The funds raised will go to the Class of 2024 post-prom event.

In other words, the community will get to have a fun bingo night and in exchange, the class of 2024 will get to organize an interesting post-prom event. It’s a way of making a community take care of each other. The older generations will take care of the new ones, so that they may return the favor.


The NJ community is going to participate in a handbag bingo charity event to help fund the Class of 2024 post-prom event. The winners of these games will get designer handbags and will also get to contribute to the future of Robbinsville High School.

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Family Rave Bingo Charity in Desborough

Family Rave Bingo Charity in Desborough

Bingo and charity have gone hand in hand and have helped lots of people get the help they need. Bingo is a fun game that people across the UK have been playing for some time which is why they go together with charity events.

The Desborough United Reformed Church Hall is going to be the place for a bingo charity event that’s also going to include a rave. Bingo games coupled with prizes, snacks, and drinks, as well as a dance or two, is aimed at helping the Cransley Hospice Trust.

A Bingo Charity Event for Cransley Hospice Trust

When people hold charity events they go for activities that people enjoy. That’s why dancing and other forms of fun are picked out. The goal of such an event is to have people over and make it an enjoyable experience.

The amount of money they donate is different for each individual. The aim of a charity event is for the funds to get to the people that need them. In this case, that turns out to be the people at the Cransley Hospice Trust. Bingo has been chosen as the fun game they can play during the event.

The thing about bingo is that it’s a simple game. You only need a ticket, and a dabber and you’re set. If you land a row on the ticket you’ll get a prize. Going for two rows will get you a bigger prize and if you land them all right then you’ll get the top prize.

The Family Rave bingo event in Desborough is going to have a bingo game with a variety of prizes. Those looking to take part in this charity event will need to buy their tickets. A DJ will also be available as the event will be hosting a rave, but a family rave. Drinks and snacks will also be available to take the event to the next level. The bingo rave event is the right mix of bingo, music, and atmosphere which is why the Cransley Hospice Trust will have the funding they need.


Desborough will have a family bingo rave event that combines music and bingo for the purposes of charity for the Cransley Hospice Trust. The event will have a bingo game, some snacks, drinks as well as the right DJ to get the people moving. You can go for bingo or head straight to the dancefloor, either way, you’ll have some fun.

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Stockton Woman Lands £50K Bingo Jackpot

Stockton Woman Lands £50K Bingo Jackpot

Bingo is pretty popular across the UK. There are lots of bingo brands that have their bingo halls across the country. Stockton is just one such place and Mecca Bingo is one such brand.

Recently, a Stockton woman visited one such bingo hall and got pretty lucky. She’s now another winner at Mecca Stockton by landing a jackpot prize of £50,000. She was a regular player and she enjoyed the game. This goes to show that being a regular at the bingo hall can pay off.

Regular Visits to the Bingo Hall Can Pay Off

Mecca Stockton hosts all sorts of bingo players. Some win and some lose, but all of them enjoy the friendly bingo atmosphere. This is pretty much the case with every bingo hall across the UK. Bingo players will need to be pretty lucky to land a prize.

Bingo is all about luck and picking the right numbers. Sometimes players pick an entire row while other times they pick all 3 rows. They are awarded accordingly for both efforts, but if they don’t land any combinations of numbers, they won’t get a prize. The company they’re with and the splendid atmosphere is the prize they get.

The Stockton woman came into the Mecca Bingo hall with a good time in mind. She bought her ticket and she sat down at the nearest table. The numbers started rolling in and she started stamping them out. To her amazement, she had the majority of them right and there was one that separated her from landing a huge prize.

It was all down to that last number and when it landed she got a £50,000 jackpot. The top prize was hers and she decided to remain anonymous. This is what some players do to keep themselves safe. She’s a richer woman now because of her luck.

The Stockton woman hasn’t commented on how she plans to spend her money, but she will be returning to the hall to play some bingo with her friends. The win has changed her life as any prize would.


Bingo is a wonderful game that has prizes for everyone involved. Some will get to make new friends while others will take on a £50k prize just like the Stockton woman did in Mecca Bingo. She’s a lucky bingo player that got richer and she’ll keep playing bingo in the hall.

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