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Oldham Woman Wins £50K Bingo Prize

Woman Wins £50K Prize

UK and bingo go hand in hand. There are lots of bingo fans and halls they can visit. Naturally, they can go for bingo online if they’re looking for something different. But some people prefer the old-school way of playing bingo.

That can be said of Oldham bingo fans as the Mecca Bingo hosts national bingo games regularly. Recently, an Oldham woman played such a game and won a whopping prize of £50,000. She called house as she managed to get all the numbers right which is why she’s another lucky bingo winner.

Mecca Bingo Gets a New Winner

Certain countries host national bingo games, and the same can be said about the UK. Mecca Bingo is one of the brands that helps organize it which is why it hosts national bingo games regularly. There are lots of attendants at these games and the Oldham woman happened to be one of them.

Patricia came to the bingo hall looking to have the usual fun by playing bingo. She bought her ticket just like everyone else and took her seat. The numbers started rolling in and she got them one by one. Before she knew it she had all the right numbers which is why she called the house and she turned out to be the top winner.

In other words, she was the recipient of a £50,000 prize which happens to be the top prize in the game. More prizes were won by other players, but Patricia was the lucky one that got the max prize in the game. She didn’t expect it, but lady luck turned out to be on her side. Now she’s the lucky bingo winner of the week.

You can also say that she got an early Christmas with such a prize. This is just one instance of bingo changing a person’s life because the woman won a top prize. Prizes in bingo will vary, but they will always reward the top players in the game or rather those players that have lady luck on their side. Mecca Bingo has enriched itself with another top winner.


Bingo is more about luck than it is about skill because there’s no telling which numbers will be picked as the top ones. The luckiest of all will get all the numbers right and get a prize, and those that get close to the prize will get runner-up prizes for their efforts.

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Bingo Fan Wins $3,296 Progressive Jackpot

Progressive Jackpot

Bingo is one of the most popular games in the world. There are lots of bingo fans across the US which is why there are lots of bingo halls filled to the brim with people looking to play the game. One bingo hall in Main got a nice surprise in the form of a jackpot winner.

The game was a regular game of bingo with a progressive jackpot attached. The player was quite young and accompanied her grandmother to the bingo hall for a night of fun. Little did she know that she would end up winning an incredible prize of $3,296.

Another Progressive Jackpot Winner

The thing about jackpots is that you don’t know when they’ll land. When it comes to bingo jackpots, you’ll need to get the right numbers so you can land the jackpot. But this happened to be a progressive one which means that there’s no telling how high it can go.

So, when the right numbers land you’ll have landed a certain sum. This is what happened in Wild Rose Lions recently. This Main bingo hall hosted a bingo game and lots of people came to play. Among them was a young girl accompanying her grandma that was looking for a fun night out with friends and family.

The grandmother bought a ticket and picked the numbers. Once everyone was done, then it was time for the numbers to be called. One by one the numbers were called out and the grandma saw that she got them all right. There was one more number to be called and it just so happened to be the one that was left on her ticket.

She was the winner and she got her prize which turned out to be a progressive jackpot prize of $3,296. Just like any other winner she was excited and was congratulated by the other players in the hall. Soon after she got her prize and decided on staying anonymous, as some players do, for safety reasons. It was a bingo night she wouldn’t forget soon enough.


Bingo players are happiest when they get to spend a night with their bingo buddies playing their favorite game. The luckiest of them will get to land a prize or two and if they’re lucky enough some of the prizes will be progressive jackpot ones like what happened with the grandmother mentioned above.

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Accrington Hosts Bingo Disco Event

Accrington Host Bingo Disco Event

UK and bingo go hand in hand as there are lots of bingo halls available. Accrington is one place in the UK that has loads of bingo fans that like to get together and play some bingo. It will be a host to another unusual bingo event this December.

The event in question is the Bingo That’s Bonkers event which combines bingo with disco music. Besides bingo attendants will have a variety of drinks and snacks at their disposal. They can also enjoy some quality music and an overall fun night with their friends.

Bingo and Music for a Fun Night

Accrington has been chosen as the place to revive the fusion of bingo and disco. The event has been popular for some time but it still is pretty new. But, once the owner of Bingo That’s Bonkers decided on a comeback and Accrington was the place to be.

The event is going to take place at the Poplar Social Club. The event is going to feature bingo with bigger balls than ever, as well as bigger tables to seat more people. The social club also has a bar and a variety of drinks and snacks for anyone looking to attend.

Those people can buy their tickets in time for the event. Each ticket covers seats, as well as inflatable bags, glow sticks, whistles, bingo pens, and even cakes. The bingo event will be accompanied by a group of performers that will have players dance the night away.

The luckiest of all bingo players will get prizes and the others will get an atmosphere that they won’t forget. The event will have all sorts of visitors and all of them will be properly entertained. Music and bingo go hand in hand.

There have been several such events across the UK, and Accrington is just another place where bingo fans will get to experience such an event. Music makes the atmosphere better and when combined with bingo it makes the game more exciting. So, the combination of bingo and music will continue to happen.


Bingo That’s Bonkers is a truly bonkers version of bingo that provides players with a unique bingo version. Disco and bingo are a good match as both provide solid entertainment which is why Arrington bingo players will have fun at such an event later in December.

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Britney Spears Bingo Night in Doncaster

Britney Spears Bingo Night in Doncaster

Bingo is a friendly game because even if you’re playing it with strangers you’ll see some friendly faces. They create an unforgettable atmosphere as you’re waiting for the right numbers to land and you win a prize.

Even if you don’t win, you’ll get to make some friends and enjoy a fun night out. Speaking of fun nights out, Bada Bingo is hosting one such night in Doncaster. This is a bingo event mixed with some music and dancing. The main attraction is a Britney Spears Tribute Act that will have you dance the night away.

An Alternative Bingo Event With a Britney Spears Tribute Act

Doncaster is going to have a lovely bingo event this December. It’s going to combine the joys of bingo and music which is why it’s going to be extra fun. A Britney Spears Tribute Act is going to be present and will have the best songs picked out for the occasion.

With dance-offs, confetti showers, and more, anyone looking to attend will get to enjoy a night to remember. Bingo is a fun game as any bingo fan will tell you, which is why they’re going to enjoy the event in Doncaster.

They can buy their tickets and wait for the date to come around. Naturally, they’ll need to get to their seats in time when they get there. The event will also feature some snacks and drinks to keep the attendees’ energy levels high.

Doncaster bingo fans will get to have fun at this event. Other visitors that aren’t into bingo will also get to have fun with Britney Spears’ hits banging away in the background. Anyone that’s looking to dance can do so as everyone attending are free to enjoy themselves any way they want.

A bingo game will be available to anyone looking to play it. Moreover, there will be several prizes available and the best one will go to the player that picks the right numbers. The numbers will land and the runner-ups will also have a shot at a prize.

Either way, the event is quite an unusual one as the world of bingo hasn’t seen anything like it. That’s why Doncaster will be the host to many bingo fans and anyone that’s looking to have some fun with friends or family.

These events bring people together for the festive season that’s just around the corner. The festive season might be the reason to have this bingo and music event. Moreover, it can serve as a warm-up event right before the holidays. Either way, bingo fans will get to play some bingo and people will get to have some fun.


Bada Bingo is taking bingo to the next level by mixing it with some music. People will get to enjoy the greatest hits of Britney Spears and will also enjoy a night of bingo. Drinks and snacks are also available for one of the most unique events that Doncaster has hosted so far.

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Angels’ Closet Hosts Redlands Bingo Event

Angels’ Closet Hosts Redlands Bingo Event

By now you should know that bingo is a social event rather than just a game. Lots of people across the States play bingo which is why you can say bingo is a popular game. And it goes well with charities.

Redlands is a place where lots of bingo fans dwell and they’ve decided to come together for a bingo night. Angels’ Closet Charities is the organization behind the event and the aim of the event is to help the students of the Redlands East Valley High School.

A Charity Event for the Redlands East Valley High School
Angels’ Closet is an organization that supplies schools with various materials. They offer school attire such as formal outfits and other pieces of clothing for free. They also help high school seniors with yearbooks and having their photos taken, and more.

In short, they are a charitable organization that helps various high schools with materials and other operations. They have decided to get the people of Redlands together to help the high school students of East Valley High School. And they have decided on an event with a bingo game.

The event will also feature donations of various body sprays for male and female high school students. Moreover, people will be able to buy tickets online and at the door. The event will have a dauber as well as 6 games. Those that decide to donate will also get an extra game.

Bingo is the ideal game for events like this one because there are lots of people that like playing bingo. This way they’ll be able to enjoy a bingo game at a charity event. In other words, they’ll be able to play their favorite game and help some people in need.

Bingo and charity have gone hand in hand several times in a row which is why the charity organization has decided on the game. The event is to take place in December and anyone looking to be part of it will get to play some bingo and help some students. Snacks and drinks will also be available.


Angels’ Closet has been helping high schools and their students with lots of different things and is hosting a bingo charity event to help them again. Anyone looking to attend will enjoy bingo and some other games as well as have a fun night out with friends.

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Everton FC and Bongo’s Bingo Host Christmas Event

Everton FC and Bongo's Bingo Host Christmas Event

Bingo is a social game played at many events. It’s popular across the UK as there are lots of people enjoying it at bingo halls. Liverpool is a city with lots of bingo lovers.

Bongo’s Bingo is a popular bingo brand and it has bingo halls across Liverpool and the UK in turn. The brand has teamed up with Everton FC to host a Christmas bingo event in December. It will have bingo, music, and lots of happy bingo fans enjoying a night out. In other words, it will be a blast.

Football and Bingo Together

Football is a sport that many people enjoy in the UK, and Everton FC is one of the most popular teams. It has produced amazing football players throughout the years. It has been keeping its fans happy with its performance which is why the officials behind it have decided to ally themselves with a popular bingo brand and create a Christmas event like never before.

Bongo’s Bingo has been doing pretty well across the UK as it combines music with bingo. In other words, this is a bingo brand that likes to offer a variety of things to visitors which is why players can enjoy bingo games, music, snacks, and drinks at their events which is why they come back for the next party.

Liverpool is the place where the event will take place and it’s an event for people that are 18 and up. It will feature a variety of bingo games with some cash prizes as well as prizes given by Everton FC. The latter are quite unique and are available because the football club decided to throw in something extra.

Besides the bingo games and prizes, attendees will be able to enjoy raves as well as dance-offs and the company of some special guests, courtesy of Everton FC. This event will take place later in December and anyone looking to attend can buy tickets online.

A fun night out filled with bingo games, music, and dancing as well as the company of special guests from Everton FC. Bingo and football may seem like a strange matches, but both of them are fun and together make for a fun night at any kind of event.

The people attending the event can have some fun with the bingo games. Alternatively, they can dance the night away at the raves. Bingo’s Bongo has events across many countries which is why this next one is also going to be a hit. Together with Everton FC, Bongo’s Bingo will host a lovely event this December in Liverpool. So all bingo and football fans can visit Liverpool for a fun night out.


Football and bingo may seem like a strange combination but Bingo’s Bongo seems to make it work every time. The same goes for adding music into the mix and making an event out of it. Everton FC and the popular bingo brand have gotten together to provide a Christmas event in Liverpool.

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Bingo Caller Helps to Deliver Baby

Bingo Caller Helps to Deliver Baby

When you have a game of bingo, you need a person to call the numbers, some people to buy the tickets, and a room to fit them all in. The bingo caller is a job for an energetic person as that person creates the entire atmosphere of each bingo session.

Steve Barlow-Linder is one such man and has had a long career as a bingo caller. During that career, he has helped a woman deliver a baby on stage. This is just one of the examples of how exciting a career as a bingo caller can be.

Steve Barlow-Linder Ends Successful Career

He had been working as a bingo caller for various big-brand bingo names such as Buckingham and Castle Bingo. The thing about Steve is that he wasn’t really looking to make a career out of it. Instead, he was waiting for a hotel job that never came.

So, once he got into bingo, he made the most of it. As mentioned before, one of his exciting moments during his career is helping a woman deliver a baby. But it isn’t the only one. During his bingo calling days he has helped announce lots of winners of dizzying sums of money.

He had called out the names of people that had won £250,000 and £750,000 as well as the winner of a £1 million prize in a national bingo game. Bingo is a special game for some, which is why they play it on special occasions. Some even use bingo games to change their lives forever like proposing to your loved one. Steve has seen his fair share of proposals during his career.

Besides being a bingo caller, Steve is also known as a fundraiser in Liverpool. He’s using the popularity of bingo to help those in need and it’s unlikely that he will stop doing charity events now. He has had a career of 40 years as a bingo caller and is looking back on his years with joy.

Bingo fans will certainly miss Steve as he’s going into well-deserved retirement. But there will be other bingo callers that take his place and bring the same vigor that he brought to bingo halls across the UK. He will also be remembered as a charity man who used his voice and influence to raise millions of pounds for those in need.

In other words, he’ll go down in bingo history as a figure that people could look up to. A career of 40 years is something to be admired and respected. Bingo fans will continue enjoying this amazing game without Steve calling the numbers. It’s safe to say that he will be remembered by his flock.


Steve Barlow-Linder was one of the most popular bingo callers and recently he decided to put a stop to his career of 40 years. Bingo fans across the UK will remember him because he left a mark on the world of bingo. His vigor and energy will forever be remembered by UK bingo fans.

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Ripon Ugly Sweater Bingo

Ripon Ugly Sweater Bingo

There’s no doubt that the UK is a bingo country as there are lots of bingo halls across it. You can go to the big towns or the smaller ones and you’ll find people playing bingo everywhere.

Ripon is another bingo city and recently it has announced a special kind of bingo night. The event will be hosted at Town Square and it’s an Ugly Sweater Bingo event. In other words, bingo and the sweater tradition are brought together to make for a fun event. Attendees are encouraged to bring their ugly sweaters along.

Ugly Sweater Bingo Just in Time for the Holidays

The Ugly Sweater has become a tradition. It’s not the best-looking sweater, but you wear it for Christmas or through the entire holiday season. Moreover, it’s a popular tradition across the UK, so why not merge it with bingo?

Bingo is another popular thing across the UK as there are loads of people playing it. That’s why Ripon has decided to mix the two and make an event out of it. Towns Square is the place the event is going to take place and all visitors should wear an ugly sweater.

There are prizes for particularly ugly sweaters, and the ugliest one also gets a prize. The event will also feature 13 different games, bingo included. The bingo event will come with a progressive jackpot prize that’s said to exceed $1,600.

People looking to take part in the bingo game can buy their tickets and pick their favorite numbers before the game begins. Those that arrive early will get to pick their seats. The event will also have some snacks and beverages to offer. These include wine, beer, snacks, and hotdogs.

Besides this people can also visit the Holiday Market and buy some gifts for their family and friends. The kids will also get to write their letters to Santa too. In short, it’s an event for all ages, but the bingo game is strictly for adults.

The bingo game will come with many prizes. The jackpot will be the top prize, but there will also be prizes for those that get some of the numbers right. The goal here is to have fun which is what every bingo event is about. It’s the holiday season and it’s the time to be jolly. You can do so with a game of bingo or any other game available. Alternatively, you can shop at the market and get a nice deal on some presents.

The bottom line is that bingo goes pretty well with the holiday season. The point of bingo is to have fun with friends and family, which is what the holiday season is all about.


Bingo and the festive season always go hand in hand. It’s the season to be jolly and Ripton is celebrating it with an Ugly Sweater event that includes a lovely bingo game with a jackpot prize. The event is filled with fun activities for everyone which is why it’s going to gather quite a crowd.

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