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Online Bingo Spring Sweep- $14,000 In Guaranteed Prizes

Online bingo has never been better with Spring in the air. Feel the eternal spring shower and the pleasant fragrance blooming in your heart as there is a $14,000 cash prize waiting in the Bingo Tourney Room on Saturday, April 25th. Spring is nature’s way of saying: Let’s Party! Explore the big event starting at 8 PM EDT with three warm-up games every hour at 8 PM, 9 PM and 10 PM, which will give out guaranteed top of the hour $1,000 cash prizes each.

These games set the stage for the mega moment at 11 PM EDT played in 3 parts. The front runner takes home $250 in the first part, $1,000 for the 2nd part and an incredible $10,000 in the 3rd part. Crack the deal and track your zeal on the right numbers, right room and at the right time.

Close your eyes and imagine the quiet yet revealing creation of nature; which can’t be touched but is everywhere, has no end but is beautifully bounded in a poet’s imagination. Yes; get your wings ready to soar high to the serene and open skies. Remember, the sky has no limits and so does the very popular Bingo Sky. So, go crazy this season and see your thrill, excitement, and riches rise above the horizon with your cherished game of bingo at Bingo Sky. Your wait for the perfect time is over; just hop on to the enthralling bingo promotions this April and try the most amazing promotions on the go.

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Spring Holiday Brunch

After a hectic workweek, what could be more delightful than a weekend full of fun? Have brunch to some exquisite eatery or be pampered with a crazy shopping spree. A single code ‘SPRINGBRUNCH2015’ can do the magic. Make your Bingo play more electrifying with a free sweepstake of $300 Gift card in the Spring Holiday Brunch. Shower your bingo account with Bingo Sky before 12 AM EDT on Friday, May 1st, 2015 using the special code and you are eligible for the free raffle. Bestow your game with the additional special funding bonus to keep the game on and spirits high.
This April can shower you with some mesmerizing and yummy moments with your family and friends. Keep an eye on exciting promotions this month!

Want to be a bingo Star?

This is a very unique and exciting way to Bingo Sky’s wall of fame. Any regular player who has deposited at least once in the last 45 days can participate to be a star. Record your exciting and thrilling moments or talk about any of your fabulous wins and post it on YouTube. Share the link with Bingo Sky and you could be the chosen one for the bonus and feature on the splashing screen. Keep your video short and crisp so that it’s captivating.

Celebrate this spring with a line up of these exciting bingo promotions at the Bingo Sky.

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Break The Bank Bingo $1,000 Spring Break Bingo Tourney

An explosion has got a new target. It is now the USA’s top charted online bingo site “Break The Bank Bingo” with a large assortment of bingo games, slots, blackjack, roulette, poker and much more ready to explode your bank account with its fun-filled and exciting jackpots. Gear up in this wise month of April for tons of vivid bonanzas with fun and excitement. Wink at these promising and passionate promotions to loot the boot:

Visit Break The Bank Bingo

$1,000 Spring Break Bingo Tourney

Mesmerize your week with fun and add tons to your bank account by winning a share of $1,000 in the upcoming majestic Spring Break Bingo Tourney. This commences on Wednesday, April 15th to the 21st, 2015. A single real money deposit during the tourney gets you in and gives you a splendid bingo experience, all in Green (Quarters) Room. Players with the most bingo wins at the end of the tourney are well-acknowledged and pampered with the $1,000 prize money dispensed as $175, $100, $75 as first, second and third prizes and thirteen runner up prize give outs of $50 each.

A Grand Tax Cut

Go April and visit the Green (Quarters) Room. Don’t miss out on a chance to win $1,000 on a Tax Cut pattern. Bingo this pattern within 19 calls to hit the $1,000 jackpot. On the conclusion of 19 calls, you gear up for a chance to grab a guaranteed $75 cash prize. Clutch $3 consolation prize upon missing the bingo by just one number. Hit the pattern every day and go lucky this April with a joyous jackpot.

Visit Break The Bank Bingo

Spring Time Fun

Make your Sunday the Fun day after winding down from brunch. Play Bingo in three parts and win three folds. Its spring after all so let’s try our luck. Buy out a single ticket worth only 25 cents and enthrall the Sunday Stars from 10 PM till Midnight in the Green (Quarters) Room. Capture the spring sprouting patterns of Daisy, Tulip, and Garden Path and take home a minimum of $25 guaranteed prize for each pattern. So, you got a chance to grab a total of $75.

$59,500 Weekly Coverall Madness

Give wings to your excitement and power to your bank balance as every week of April brings a smashing bonanza of $59,500 on hitting the coverall on a bingo ticket. The coverall challenge comes in varied assortment as:
• Coverall Challenge – Win $100 Chip: Need to win 5 coveralls by the end of the month.
• Assured $1,000 Progressive Jackpot: every day at 8 Pm
• Coverall Hour: Its Bingo Blackout at 9 PM every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Coverall bingo in 35 calls gives $1,000 cash straight away. The player winning next to the 35th call gets $100 cash prize. Even the unlucky chap, missing the coverall by a single number wins $5 consolation prize.
• Top of the hour Coverall & Take all: Giving passion to the latter half of the week and making nights sensational, Break The Bank Bingo shoots jackpots worth up to $2,500 from 9 PM to 12 AM (midnight) every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Go Green this spring and visit Green (Quarters) Room for every possible bingo bash and bonanza with Break The Bank Bingo for a thrilling and exciting journey in April.

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Bingo Prize-Win a Brand New Nissan Versa

Vic’s Bingo takes pride in showering the best deals and prizes in the bingo world. This time it is a “four-wheel shell”. Yes! Vic’s bingo serves you the sweetest taste of victory you ever had. Bestow all your love for Bingo this spring season and take home this special prize. They are a trustworthy and time-honored brand in bestowing players with the largest assortment of patterns and an array of other games goes beyond miles to fascinate both the novices and proficient with the best in class online bingo experience round the clock.

Visit Vic’s Bingo

Drive the Bingo Prize: Brand New Nissan Versa

Enter the highway to bingo with this ongoing promotion and steal the electrifying deal. Join the carnival in Drive the Prize tournament from March 1st to March 30th in all rooms. Look out for the car pattern to collect bingo bonuses and cash with every game you play. Every bingo room right from Nickels to Supernova has different payouts and points to gather. Garnish your game with a chat game to guess the right color and you could pocket anywhere from 1 to 15 points more.
Mark the calendar red until you reach March 30th, 11:59 PM EST, because following this time signal may turn green for you to drive crazy. Make an effort with excitement to reach the top 50 players, as only then you can enter the finals on Tuesday, March 31st in Fair & Square Room from 5 PM to 12 AM EST. Don’t just be a spectator, rather be a part of the thrilling race to win most games within the time frame. The final winner can drive home the dream: a brand new Nissan Versa.
Unveil the bingo enthusiast in you and nurture the bingo bonuses to crown the daily leader board. Even if you don’t win a car, you still manage to drop healthy pounds into your account throughout the month.

Million Dollar Party: One Night, Infinite Fun

It’s time to party and celebrate as Vic’s Bingo has come up with a spectacular promotion for the night owls or the fun engaging souls. Make your Saturday night buffing with bingo and capture memorable and infinite fun in a single night. The bingo is going to be overloaded with sumptuous prize pots amounting to $ 2,000,000. Enjoy the bingo party from 9 PM EST to 3 AM EST, every Saturday in the Million Dollar Party Room. Warm-up for the luxurious fun at 8 PM for a pre-game session which enthralls with free fixed $100 games. Reach out for different defined bingo patterns and take home the impressive prize pots.

Visit Vic’s Bingo
Don’t wait and get started with Vic’s bingo’s lucrative and enthralling promotion for the full month of spring. Get on the cards, play your tunes with the numbers and let the lucky charm measure the miles for you. Catch the promo before it vhrooooms away!
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Online bingo adds passion to your life

A dreary land covered with snow has been rejuvenated to look more lustrous and fascinating right on your screens, at the very home page of Bingo Cabin. An online bingo wonderland full of thrill, fun, entertainment, and surprises, Bingo Cabin is a one-stop-shop for all bingo enthusiasts. In harmony with its name and theme, Bingo Cabin proves to be a winter sun in the modern-day mundane & stress full lifestyle. The theme offers a lodge in the snow land and the features bestow the beloved players with a captivating assortment of offers and promotions.

Visit Bingo Cabin

Mega Bingo Marathon

Tie up your shoelace; get the headgear on and warm up before you end up with an awful heartbreaking expression of missing a chance. Bingo Cabin has initiated this bingo pursuit both for daydreamers and night owls. Join Bingo Cabin in the Mega Bingo Room either at 7 AM EST or 11 PM EST and get lucky to sway at least one guaranteed mega payout. Acquire 5 bingo cards priced at a mere $1 each and get 10 free bonus cards.
Relax and take a chill pill even if you are not webbed. All your purchased cards will be played on the scheduled gaming time. Bingo Cabin is not only a respite from work and depression but also a buddy to bother at times.

Pot of Gold

Bingo Lingos is not only sensual and fun but this time they are up to serious business. Indeed, on a meticulous task of counting on how much are you in love with them! Yes, numbers are goanna cast an aura of magic and phew; you are bestowed with a pot of $10,000 BBs. You will obtain this pleasure in treasure when you bingo on these magical numbers: 4, 7, 13, 29, 33, 37, 50, 58, 65 or 70. The prize pot improves with the number of magic points you land up at.
Get mesmerized with this month-long competition and fill up your buckets with loads of bingo bonuses.

Rainbow Connection

Add a pleasant and colorful sight to the snow-clad landscape with a rainbow. Sprinkle blush to the 9 to 5 exertion and rushed routine with the Bingo Cabin’s rainbow connection where $1,200 BBs are up for grab. Prevalent any day from Monday through Sunday, during CM hours, the color of your best card will be used to determine which color you receive a point for. This decision is made at the conclusion of each bingo game. Check your account credited for winnings on every Monday by 11 PM EST.
Enjoy the real pleasure after work with the windfall right from your mobile!

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$50,000 Loonie Bingo Contest

This time bingo players it’s not American Aquatic loons, but Canadian currency loons that are up for grabs. Get acquainted with “Loonie Bingo”; an online Canadian hub portraying marvelous gaming. They have a great platform, guarantee an ultimate experience and incredible jackpots. Loonie Bingo is all set to shake the gaming globe with its ongoing and upcoming promotions that can leave any player spellbound. Make this month of love more joyous, exciting and full of surprises. Take a look at the pleasure box waiting to get unwrapped.

Visit Loonie Bingo

$50,000 Contest:

Gaming has got another definition at Loonie bingo with over $50,000 worth of themed Canadian prizes. It is not just gambling but involves fun, anxiety, and suspense. The shorter month of flirty February has become fascinating right from February 1st to February 28th with every time staking for a new bingo pattern. If you play twice every hour between 11 AM to 11 PM, you will automatically be a part of the star-studded Grand Prize Draw, now isn’t it an ‘eh’?

Let us now move our eyes to the ‘zed’ part of it. On Tuesday, March 2nd, 2015, all the contest entries will be going for another lucky draw to witness a Grand Prize Winner of $1,000 loonies in cash!

Last but not the least; Loonie Bingo also has in-store weekly “Proud to be Canadian, Winner takes all” tournament for the slot lovers. Your weekly rankings will qualify for the grand prize winner lucky draw.
What more can you expect throughout the month, every week and every rushing hour? This is exactly eh to zed.

Player Appreciation Free Roll

Loonie Bingo takes utmost care to turn your mundane Monday mornings to be marvelous, merry and motivating. Keep looking at your watch; as with the flashing 7 PM, all your stress and worries would disappear as if by magic. Catch up with bingo friends in the Winter Room, to pocket $500 free cash prize every Monday. Mondays were never so affluent before. A player gets a chance to play 20 free games, by paying a mere $25 of cash each. To play for the big $2,000 freeroll you should have played at least once in the last 7 days.

Celebrate this fall-winter at the dawn of every week to mark a happy, rejuvenating and prosperous week ahead.

Nightly $1,000 Bingo Coverall

When the light goes fader, our sky gets brighter not only with the twinkling stars but also with the $1,000 coverall as Loonie Bingo has doubled the prizes. Join the glamour every night at 11 PM EST for a guaranteed $1,000 coverall. This time, the coverall fires up in 50 calls, and 1 call is added every four days. A player gets a chance to grab a minimum of $100 cash jackpot.

So, Canada play more bingo to add tango to your fabulous February

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Online Bingo Paris Trip For 2 Tournament

Take a leap and try your luck with an online bingo Paris Trip for 2 tournaments. Held at Bingo Canada February 1st to February 28th. Make this a sensational, flirty & exciting month. Rejuvenate your tired body as Bingo Canada is going places with this breathtaking promotions. Get as many points as you can before the end of the month to win this great prize. Known for its honest reputation, easy payouts, and amazing game layouts, Bingo Canada is getting hotter with rising temperatures. Fill your lazy afternoons or get over a hectic work schedule with upcoming guaranteed jackpots or random money giveaways.

Visit Bingo Canada

Special Hour Highlights: Mid Day Bingo Special

Snap a deal while enjoying your meal. Set a reminder to visit Bingo Canada’s Dollar Room and book yourself for two hours of fun from 12 pm to 2 pm EST. Try your hands on bingo and grab $500 fixed prizes.
Plan to look out for some deposit promotions!

Lucky Tuesday

Arrange for a tantalizing Tuesday with Bingo Canada and party hard with all the fun, excitement and thrill following your footsteps. Enjoy the four-fold fun on Tuesdays with a deposit of $100 or more. Claim a surprising 400% bonus credited to your account and celebrate the bingo bonanza with improved eminence.
Bingo Canada doesn’t allow a player to leave disheartened, even if he deposits less than $100. He can still take pleasure in a 250% bonus and pocket thrill with exciting rewards following sensual lingos.

High Roller Wednesday

Step on the skate rollers on the hump day of the week to make your Wednesday wackier. Double your deposit of $250 by grabbing a 500% bonus, 450% bonus on $150 deposit and 400% bonus on a deposit of $100. Explore more of fun, thrill, and excitement in the middle of the week by just being online with Bingo Canada.

Candle Light Delight

Bingo Canada is all geared up to embellish the star-studded sky by bestowing electrifying promos offering a night rush of cash games and bonus rewards. The dancing games, coveralls, fixed prize games, and high-low games all laid for all the night persons between 2 am and 7 am EST in the After Hours Lounge Room. Your beloved bingo is dressed up looking forward to seeing you wagering and collecting riches with candlelight delight promotion.

History repeats itself with ‘The Rebound Tournament’

Certain things never leave a trail, rather they bounce back with a bang. Get a glimpse of the captivating Rebound Bingo Tournament by collecting 30 losing games within a span of 2 days. Bring into play these losing games and brace the entrance into a one-hour event in the Tournament Room. Losing games at Bingo Canada also seems sensible when it buys your tournament ticket worth up to $1,000 in cash.
Promo, events, offers and gaming styles; all this sets Bingo Canada apart from the crowd. Enthral the mundane routine, sprinkle a flavor of bingo and raise your savings by playing on Bingo Canada.

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Sun Bingo’s New Years Eve Bash

Going lucky and playing online bingo games could never be easier as Sun Bingo is all set to mesmerize the gambling globe with its patronizing promotions. Make hay while the sun shines…all of us have heard this saying and now it is actually the time to implement it! Register with Sun Bingo and excite your nerves by playing bingo with so many alluring and entertaining styles, joyous jackpots and social standing. See how Sun Bingo is going to do the magic of splurging rewards and making your new year eve fantastic with bingo fun.

Visit Sun Bingo

Sun Bingo NYE Cash Party

Set the mood to lingo with bingo to bid a goodbye to 2014. Have a blast this new year eve with the Sun Bingo’s lucrative NYE Cash Party. Play your hands on a minimum of £30 on December 31st, Wednesday to grab a share of £5,000 this new year. A player can play throughout the day on any game. Fill up the booty bag before the onset of 2015 and greet the coming new year with riches.
Festive Chat parties: December brings snowflakes of winters and ribbons of festivals together. Add colors to the month by decorative and splashing festive mood throughout the month. Join in with Sun Bingo in Lollipop each day between 6 PM to 7 PM from December 1st to December 31st to win £20 every day. Experience the fun, gaming and wining each day in a short span of 1 hour. Catch the promo as it is going to fade away with this year-end.

    Super Links Week: Still wanna carry forward the hangover? No worries! Sun Bingo has planned a special week from December 29th, 2014, Monday to January 4th, 2015, Super Sunday. Spend pennies and go lucky to win pounds. Throughout the sensational week play Bingo 90 every day from 8 AM to 12:30 AM and grab a chance to win jackpots from just 10p every half an hour. If the sun really shines on you with a full bingo house, then the Sun Bingo takes the pride in bestowing the player with guaranteed £200,000 prizes.
    Deposit £10 & Get £40 to play: Indulge in the warm welcome bestowed upon by the Sun Bingo as you register. The enticement to 300% welcome bonus is worth grabbing and if you go further with an initial deposit of mere £10 between Friday, December 26th and Tuesday, January 27th, then your wagering will see no limits. A player is much pampered with an additional 3 months access to the Sun Bingo games and promotions
    Bingo balls are getting glittered up for the new year bash and your luck is all set on its chariot to hit the cash. Catch up with bingo lingo and add pounds with Sun Bingo.

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    CyberBingo Christmas Eve Bingo Party

    Get ready to add colors to the ashen laid landscape in the dreary winter month of December and get mesmerized with jingle bells. Trees are no more clad with only snow but they are dressing themselves up with trinkets, ribbons, bells and glittering balls. CyberBingo further brightens the Christmas season with its patronizing and alluring bingo promotions. Make your Christmas incredibly awesome by just being online at the right time and at the right wagering site. Fix your eyes at these promotions or else they will vanish in a blink!

    Visit CyberBingo

    Christmas Eve Bingo Party

    Play hard and party harder! Enjoy the party decked up for you with CyberBingo this Christmas. Plan your evening with CyberBingo for Christmas Eve Bingo Party to loot marvelous cash prizes. Start stamping your feet for the party that will begin at 5 PM EST on December 24th, Wednesday in the Christmas Bingo Room. Make the year-end fabulous and unforgetful with all your luck playing the tunes for 6 hours of Christmas bingo games. CyberBingo offers a mix of all the cherished bingo games on cracking the renowned Christmas patterns for the fantastic and exciting prizes. As you win you improve upon your ranking for the Christmas Bingo Tourney. There are no hiccups to win big this season. Go, grab it!

    Supreme Christmas Day Bingo

    The wait for the D-day has come to an end. Unwrap all your gifts, pleasure and excitement to the supreme bingo games on December 25th. Indulge in the all-day event from 12:01 AM EST till midnight at 11:59 PM EST in the Christmas Bingo Room. Enjoy the cookies, cakes, and candies along with a turkey size prize pot of $250. The bash with bingo starts at $25 and gradually increments by $6.50 on the 25th call onwards. All these winnings come easily to you for just 0.75$ a card. Decorate the Xmas tree with fun ideas and shop crazy like never before as bingo is going to swell your bank balance.

    Boxing Day, Buy 3 Get 1 Free

    Don’t bid adieu to Christmas as the bash is still not over. There is still a lot to party about with bingo buy 3 get 1 free. Don’t just rely on leftover as Boxing Day will prove to be as energizing and rewarding with CyberBingo as Christmas. Join in the Bingo Tourney Room on December 26th, Friday and win a chance to grab $1,000 cash for $2 a card in the first three games & no other cost to bear in the fourth game. Extend the weekend fun with this special Boxing Day deal starting at 8 PM EST and add fun to the festive mood with 4 top of the hour $1,000 games. Each game brings good luck and $1,000 in cash prize money.

    Meet Santa coming with a reindeer and a bag full of surprises at CyberBingo this Christmas and Boxing Day.

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