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CyberBingo Christmas Eve Bingo Party

Get ready to add colors to the ashen laid landscape in the dreary winter month of December and get mesmerized with jingle bells. Trees are no more clad with only snow but they are dressing themselves up with trinkets, ribbons, bells and glittering balls. CyberBingo further brightens the Christmas season with its patronizing and alluring bingo promotions. Make your Christmas incredibly awesome by just being online at the right time and at the right wagering site. Fix your eyes at these promotions or else they will vanish in a blink!

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Christmas Eve Bingo Party

Play hard and party harder! Enjoy the party decked up for you with CyberBingo this Christmas. Plan your evening with CyberBingo for Christmas Eve Bingo Party to loot marvelous cash prizes. Start stamping your feet for the party that will begin at 5 PM EST on December 24th, Wednesday in the Christmas Bingo Room. Make the year-end fabulous and unforgetful with all your luck playing the tunes for 6 hours of Christmas bingo games. CyberBingo offers a mix of all the cherished bingo games on cracking the renowned Christmas patterns for the fantastic and exciting prizes. As you win you improve upon your ranking for the Christmas Bingo Tourney. There are no hiccups to win big this season. Go, grab it!

Supreme Christmas Day Bingo

The wait for the D-day has come to an end. Unwrap all your gifts, pleasure and excitement to the supreme bingo games on December 25th. Indulge in the all-day event from 12:01 AM EST till midnight at 11:59 PM EST in the Christmas Bingo Room. Enjoy the cookies, cakes, and candies along with a turkey size prize pot of $250. The bash with bingo starts at $25 and gradually increments by $6.50 on the 25th call onwards. All these winnings come easily to you for just 0.75$ a card. Decorate the Xmas tree with fun ideas and shop crazy like never before as bingo is going to swell your bank balance.

Boxing Day, Buy 3 Get 1 Free

Don’t bid adieu to Christmas as the bash is still not over. There is still a lot to party about with bingo buy 3 get 1 free. Don’t just rely on leftover as Boxing Day will prove to be as energizing and rewarding with CyberBingo as Christmas. Join in the Bingo Tourney Room on December 26th, Friday and win a chance to grab $1,000 cash for $2 a card in the first three games & no other cost to bear in the fourth game. Extend the weekend fun with this special Boxing Day deal starting at 8 PM EST and add fun to the festive mood with 4 top of the hour $1,000 games. Each game brings good luck and $1,000 in cash prize money.

Meet Santa coming with a reindeer and a bag full of surprises at CyberBingo this Christmas and Boxing Day.

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Christmas Fun at 123Bingo Online

Give your credit card a much-needed break as 123Bingo Online has everything that you need for a real Christmas bash. Getaway with the hangover of the credit card bills after chanting Christmas carols and shopping crazy. December has now landed up with a chariot of luck, love, leisure, passion & prosperity. Celebrate the Christmas cheer with 123Bingo Online and appreciate the unlimited bingo buzz rewarding buckets full of booty to give the year-end a dramatic turnover. 123BingoOnline is a renowned and trusted online gaming site for American gamers and serves as a hub of jubilant jackpots.
Power your passion with Christmas promotions:

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Win a Caribbean Cruise For two: Playing with secret codes was never so much fun and exclusively rewarding as it is going to be in this dreary winter with 123Bingo Online. Decode December and you could win a lovely and romantic seven days cruise to Caribbean with your beloved. To qualify for this wonderful and lifetime adventure, all you need to do is to redeem all the 7 codes before 11:59 PM 31st December, 2014. These codes are also attached with alluring bonuses as under:

Redeem CAPTAIN, SHIP, OCEAN, ISLAND, BEACH, HOLIDAY and LUXURY for bonuses ranging from 400% to 500%.
Every coupon can be redeemed by a deposit of 50 USD or more. Each coupon can be redeemed only once. Check out your luck on 1st January 2015. The coupon codes themselves are exciting enough that you can imagine the enthusiasm it will shower on the winner. Set your sail now with cruise to charm, splendour and saga.
Daily Raffles: Why wait for an event to celebrate life. Add a pinch of fun and entertainment to everyday dishes of work and stress. 123BingoOnline has come up with daily dose of raffles to improve the flavor of gaming. Everyday 4 joyous jackpots are announced against a minimum deposit of $50. Player’s eagerly wait for 12 noon; when winners of the previous day are announced. Now, don’t let Mondays affect your mood, let Tuesday play the trick. You can easily walk over the Wednesday and treat your buddies on Thursday. Fabulous Friday waits for the weekend ahead. Celebrate the success with Saturday and a chilled scoop on Sunday.
$15,000 Super Slots Tourney’s: Weekends are not only relaxing; they are rewarding too with 123BingoOnline. Treasure every day of the weekend with rolling slots and grab $3,750 as a cash reward. Wager at your peak during the super slots tourney to grab prize money of $250, $200, $150 or $100. If not these then return to your game with a consolation prize of $50. December is truly rewarding as you can still catch up with the week 3 & week 4 of super slot tourney. After every weekend, winners are declared on following Monday, 12 Noon.
123BingoOnline is all set to spread the aura of joy, blessings and riches this Christmas with alluring and exciting promotions spread throughout the month of December. Go Merry this Christmas and jingle all the way to your bank!

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Dare with a Scare – Halloween Bingo Tourneys

Halloween bingo
Get geared up for the day that makes the other 364 worth living. Dress up, but don’t mess up! Every Halloween you dress up in spooky costumes, put on scary makeup and exchange candies but this time it’s going to be more fun with Halloween Special Bingo & video slot promotions. Go online, hunt for the ghost, test your luck to create skeleton pattern or spin the wheel for creepy video slots and you could be the luckiest ghost to loot the boot. So use the ancient enchantment “Trick or Treat” and who knows your charm could make this day more special.

The online casino gets spooky with bingo. Check out!
• 3D Halloween Tournament @ BingoHall and VicsBingo: Let your fingers hunt the ghost in high definition with an innovative variant of Bingo. Join the October fiesta for tremendous treats and marvelous rewards. Each time you get a skeleton pattern on your bingo card you get closer to the Melon. Each week; players getting the most skeleton pattern get rewarded with a ‘50 inch full high definition LG Cinema 3D Smart TV’. You will be rewarded differently in different bingo rooms with certain points against the pattern; the highest rewarding being the ‘Supernova’ room with 20 points and the lowest payout with ‘Nickels Room’ giving out a single point. The highest point earning player each week gets to take home the flashy reward. Still, you got a chance to grab your Smart TV with Round 4; running from October 25th to October 31st. The winner for every round is announced every Monday following the round’s conclusion. You need to gather points by Friday at 23:59 PM EST.

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• Creepy Halloween Spins @ CyberBingo: Jolt the gleaming pumpkins with your extraordinary spin at video slots and savor the Halloween Video Slots Tourney with $1,000 cash. This exciting tournament is running from Wednesday, October 1 at 12:01 AM EDT until Friday, October 31st at 11:59 PM EDT.

Spin the lucky charm at ‘Monster House’,’ Mystery at the Manor’,’ Scary Night and Frankie’s Place’ video slots and you could turn out to be the tourney champion.

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• Trick O’ Treat @ NewBingoBilly: Login daily to collect the surprise bonus till October 31st with no deposits. Still, if you wish to deposit any amount today, then get charmed with a bigger treat of $31.00 tomorrow. If you choose not to deposit, you can take home a lower bonus ranging from 50c to $3.00 every time you login with us.
Let Halloween mesmerize you, get enchanted online and grab the glitter of rewards to make your day worthwhile. Snatch these alluring promotions at the conclusion of Bingo festive month of October before someone else takes it away!

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Halloweens Biggest Bingo Tourney


Gambling is incomplete without bingo. Bingo has always been the most cherished game amongst players of all ages, decorum, stature or interests. Bingo becomes both sweet and salty with its lingos. This game holds the capability to earn you huge lucrative jackpots as it comes with many promising promotions. So forget all your stress, come with your lady luck and go crazy. The three renowned bingo sites CyberBingo, BingoSky, and BingoFest are offering money-spinning potential promotion of:

$50,000 coverall, minimum $10,000

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Celebrate October with fun, delight, and amusement with the massive upcoming event that will definitely leave you thrilled and drenched with loads of money. Come on; gear up for the irresistible $50,000 coverall minimum $10,000 event to be held on the 25th of October, Saturday. Join this event and win big at $50,000 and you could be in the top winner’s catalog. Your dreams are on the verge of fulfillment winking at you to flaunt your magic lucky charm.

How to grab the incredible cash prize? Take a look:
– The platform welcomes you with 3 top of the hour warm-up games, each with a guaranteed cash reward of $1,000. These games require you to spend a meager $2 as a card cost.

– The main scenario comes into action at 11 PM EDT when you actually play for the marvelous $50,000 coverall minimum $10,000 event against the card cost of $5 only. Who knows, this $5 can grab you $50,000.

Where to play:

This whole action will take place on Saturday, 25th of October in the Bingo Tourney room. We have three of our trusted, renowned, equipped and best in class casino sites. Get ready to play and make your Saturday sensational with:

CyberBingo: Graduated from adolescence to maturity, CyberBingo is time-honored to provide excellent graphics, safe and secure transactions, fair gameplay integrated with all modern-day advanced technology. It offers huge jackpots with the added bingo chat convenience.

BingoSky: The main attraction goes for the theme-based bingo rooms giving out the ambiance of a real casino apart from being good at promotions, frequent jackpots, and safe gamble.

Bingo Fest: The true follower of fun portion in life, it claims to eliminate all silly gambling rules generously bestowing hassle-free gaming. Outstanding weekly and monthly bonuses create excitement.

All 3 online bingo sites share the stage when it comes to their generous and rewarding welcome gesture. Once you land up to play with any of these bingo sites you need to register. Once registered, a player is rewarded with $50 as a sign-up bonus. When you are all set to play with real money, again gains are going to delight you with a 500% match up bonus with first deposit.

So let’s begin the weekend with a bang and get ready for the big bingo event!

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$4,000 Breast Cancer Awareness CyberBingo

Time-honored in the gambling world since 1996, CyberBingo has captured 18 years of expertise, admiration, and trust. With the advent of ‘Age of Maturity’, CyberBingo has come up with marvelous, money-spinning and worthwhile promotions. Not just fun but CyberBingo has added a pinch of good cause to its games and tournaments. Take a look at how these promotions spell the magic, dispel rewards along with being noble.


$4,000 Breast Cancer Awareness

Play as a vibrant, outgoing and flirtatious flamingo and be a supporter in the fight to find a cure. Play for those who suffer. CyberBingo is coming out with a ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’ campaign on the 17th of October which embraces four incredible ‘Top of the hour’ $4,000 guaranteed cash games. Games are conducted on breast cancer awareness model every hour from 8 PM onwards. Just gaze at the schedule as under:

• Land up in the ‘Bingo Tourney Room’ from 8 PM EDT on 17th October, Friday that is National Mammography Day. This remarkable day will see the onset of the first game of the series. Here against the card cost of $2, the player will be awarded an unbelievable $1,000 cash prize.
• The fourth game of the series is coming with many more surprises. Play it for free. This last $4,000 Breast cancer awareness game will be conducted at 11 PM EDT on the same day. No ticket is charged for entry.
Spread this worthwhile October event and loot the boot. Play and prosper while you put on the virtues.

October delight with Chat special promotions
You might be the lucky one to grab fantastic surprise booty while you are in chat.

Bingo or No Bingo

Experience the tantalizing Thursday fun every week of October in our Classic Room from 8 AM EDT until 11 AM EDT and grab a chance to take home extra BBs. The qualifying factor for this promotion is that a player should win bingo games while on chat. Each number has some BBs associated with it. Upon winning the game, if a player announces ‘Bingo’ then he can keep the BBs, but in case he chooses ‘No Bingo’ then the host will use the first ball in the next game as your winning case. If this first ball has already won your rewards, then you are back home with nothing lost. Each ball can have BBs ranging from 2 to 25.

It is a game of chance where you can win more, less or play just to enjoy.

Digging for Skeletons Special

Make your Wednesday wackier by digging for some special delight in Diamond Bingo Room on 22nd October, Wednesday from 8 PM EDT until 12 AM EDT. Under this design 150, BBs are on the loot as numbers 1 to 75 are hiding 15 diamonds worth anywhere from 10 BBs to 150 BBs. Get ready to grab the show!

If you Bingo on a Skeleton (the last ball called), then the BBs under it are yours. The prizes under the unfound skeletons are used for a draw. To be a contender in this draw you must have purchased cards for at least 15 games during this chat game.

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CyberBingo Halloween Tourney


To Celebrate Halloween CyberBingo Trick or Treat Bingo Tourney will run all month long in the Halloween Bingo room, starting today Wednesday, October 1 at 12:01 AM EST till Friday, October 31 at 11:59 PM EST. Once an hour, every hour they will play a special Trick or Treat Bingo Tourney game on one of the creepy Halloween bingo patterns. The more of these great games that you win, the more chance that you have of being the tourney winner of $1,000 cash!

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Bingo News-£20k Night at Mecca Bingo

Mecca Bingo Promo

Mecca Bingo takes pride in serving the stalwart gambling industry with one of its most cherished games – Bingo. Mecca Bingo is powered by the Virtue Fusion network and is not only flowering with bingo but is on top of the charts with so many potential and patronizing promotions. Celebrate October with fun, thrill, excitement and take home buckets full of booty. Let’s take a look at their spellbound promotions that not only make your weekends special but are a great stress buster for the mundane workdays.


    £5k Money grabber: Come on get in your shoes and jump into the exciting world of Bingo. High on the reels till Friday, 3rd October, Mecca Bingo gets more rewarding by offering 45 money-grabbing draws each giving £100 prizes. You just need to invest £5 a day on any of your darling bingo game. After earning your first ticket to the draw, every extra pound spent here will earn you more draw tickets.

    Another sensational £500 prize goes to the player who picks up a maximum number of daily entries to the draw.

    Winning Wednesdays: Get the fun quotient out of the hump day of the week. Don’t let work wreck the pleasure in your life, instead party your own way every Winking Wednesday of the month in the Dancing Queen room. Right from the minute, the day shines till late starry night Mecca Bingo will be flooded with lucky winners. So grab the games Last Chance Saloon and X to Go from 7 am to 2 am and get incredibly lucky.

    Thursday Thrills: Adventure and excitement have found a new dwelling at Lucky for Some bingo room. Thrill on Thursdays is available on Free and Penny bingo games all day long. These penny games can fetch you marvelous winnings with guaranteed fun.

    £20k Night: Celebrate the Friday fun on 3rd October with fantastic favors all evening. From 6 pm till midnight when the beer mugs go for cheers and the mood knows no fears, land up in Mecca bingo’s Lucky 7, 75 Ball room, who knows the big pot of £20,000 can be yours. Just craze yourself with any of the brilliant bingo games and seize fabulous Friday fun.

    £ 20k Hour: Every day and every hour falling in the first week of October is spreading sensation among the Bingo fans with mouth-watering promotions. Make this coming Saturday 4th October jazzier, amusing and shindig for just one tummy tickling hour from 10 pm to 11 pm in Gold Rush room. Play across ten bingo games each worth £ 1,000 prize and you could be the lucky go master with a lucky pot of £20,000.

    Adding on to the spark is another £ 10k Bingo Linx held at 10:30 pm in the same Gold rush room.

    Mecca Bingo is constantly adding stars to the skies of gambling not only with its lingos but also with the gleaming promotions leaving player’s hearts pounding with excitement.

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    Explore Sun Bingo Promotions!

    ‘The Sun’ has been a renowned and established name as a newspaper. They started off with Bingo in a very innovative way with bingo cards being distributed via their newspaper. Then in early 2006,’The Sun’ made a drift towards the online gambling arena and launched ‘Sun Bingo’ as their website. The site is attractive, glittering with colors, cheerful and easy to navigate. The Sun Bingo has always been on top of offering its players, numerous game variants, exclusive offers and huge jackpots.

    Visit Sun Bingo
    Sun Bingo Promotions

    Are you frustrated with suppressing your daily dose of excitement and living with mundane mornings or keeping in pace with a saturated system of work with no pleasure, just gazing through the gloomy closure of the day? Take a break and experience gleaming sunlight, gazing surprises and joyous jackpots from dawn to dusk at Sun Bingo. Register with Sun Bingo and get blown away by promising promotions running in various chat rooms. The fun part is that these chat rooms don’t ask for any deposits.

    Let’s check out what Sun Bingo has in store for you:
    Chat Party Season: It’s time to get spoiled, loose all your apprehensions as chat party season has begun from Monday, 22nd September to Friday, 31st October. Get ready to gather as £20,000 cash prizes are up for grabs. Choose your attire, bring along the booty bag and settle for the ‘Lollipop Chat Room’. £500 of cash prizes which can vary from £0.01 to £50 and Sun Bingo goodies are yours to win every night. Come and join the crowd on every Saturday to Thursday, 6 PM to 7 PM and Friday: 9 PM to 10 PM.

    Cash for Comics: It’s time to tickle your tummy and energize your funny bone as Sun Bingo bestows you a chance to win a £25 cash prize. Get creative, give wings to your sense of humor to create your own comic strip. Post it on the promotion page between Thursday, 25th September and Monday, 29th September in lieu of the ‘National Comic Book Day’. If yours is amongst the top 10 chosen comic strips, then it will definitely get you a prize. So, don’t miss out on the chance to experience both leisure and treasure.

    Free Bingo: Get the power of ‘T’ and that too free. A welcome respite is waiting for you every Tuesday (after a murky Monday) and Thursday (Just before freaking Friday) with hours of fun, entertainment and fortune. Check out between 7 AM to 10 PM and win in bundles. So, grab your chance and gain!
    £10 for one line, £15 for two and £50 for a full house.

    Deposit £10 & Get £40 to play: Waiting for the sun to shine and shower you with blessings? Sun Bingo offers you a bright and warm welcome true to its name. You’re joining Sun Bingo itself brings home the treasure with 300% welcome bonus. The icing on the cake is served with your initial deposit. You deposit £10 and you get £40 in return to play.

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