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Paisley Bingo Players Win £62K at Mecca Bingo

 Paisley Bingo Win at Mecca

If bingo wasn’t a social game then bingo halls all over the world wouldn’t be full to this day. Scotland is one of the countries where bingo is a popular game which is why the Mecca Bingo brand has established several venues across the country.

Paisley is one of the many towns in Scotland that has its fair share of bingo halls. Once such bingo hall saw two new winners snagging a total of £62k one after the other. The players decided to remain anonymous which is a safety measure some jackpot winners take.

Two Winners at the Same Place

Jackpots rarely land, but when they do they change the life of the winner. Bingo has its fair share of jackpots and the luckiest winners get to win them. The thing about a bingo jackpot is that players need to get the right numbers on a ticket to land the jackpot. But there’s no telling which numbers they are as they are chosen randomly.

The Paisley Mecca Bingo venue is host to lots of bingo players and it seemed like a regular bingo night when the regulars pooled in. There was one new member of the fold and he took his mum for a fun night of bingo. Once the tickets were bought, the players took their seats.

The game of bingo had begun and the numbers started rolling in. The players were looking closely at their tickets and marking the numbers that matched. But there was one player that was doing better than others. She had managed to get a sequence of numbers right and she yelled the crucial words to snag the prize.

In other words, she won a £50,000 jackpot and celebrated by buying her friends a round of drinks. Then the second game of bingo began and the man with his mother that was visiting for the first time was minutes away from becoming a new jackpot winner. The man had an idea of what the sequence of numbers might look like.

Just like in the first round, the numbers started rolling in and everyone took to their bingo tickets. When the right numbers came about the player realized that they had won another jackpot. He was the lucky winner of £12,000 and was rather surprised. It was his first time walking through the doors of that bingo hall and thanks to the jackpot prize, he will remember his first time fondly.

The Mecca Bingo establishment has 2 new winners in its history of jackpot recipients. They’re glad to add them to the fold and are always happy when new winners, big or small, are announced.


Bingo winners land huge prizes when they get a jackpot. Some may choose to stay anonymous while others don’t. It’s a personal choice. But the spirit of bingo remains as the players come to the bingo hall once again for a gaming session filled with fun. The Paisley bingo hall will be filled with players once again.

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