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Mega Bingo Cabin Marathon⋆

A dreary land covered with snow has been rejuvenated to look more lustrous and fascinating right on your screens, at the very home page of Bingo Cabin. An online bingo wonderland full of thrill, fun, entertainment, and surprises, Bingo Cabin is a one-stop-shop for all bingo enthusiasts. In harmony with its name and theme, Bingo Cabin proves to be a winter sun in the modern-day mundane & stress full lifestyle. The theme offers a lodge in the snow land and the features bestow the beloved players with a captivating assortment of offers and promotions.

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Mega Bingo Marathon

Tie up your shoelace; get the headgear on and warm up before you end up with an awful heartbreaking expression of missing a chance. Bingo Cabin has initiated this bingo pursuit both for daydreamers and night owls. Join Bingo Cabin in the Mega Bingo Room either at 7 AM EST or 11 PM EST and get lucky to sway at least one guaranteed mega payout. Acquire 5 bingo cards priced at a mere $1 each and get 10 free bonus cards.
Relax and take a chill pill even if you are not webbed. All your purchased cards will be played on the scheduled gaming time. Bingo Cabin is not only a respite from work and depression but also a buddy to bother at times.

Pot of Gold

Bingo Lingos is not only sensual and fun but this time they are up to serious business. Indeed, on a meticulous task of counting on how much are you in love with them! Yes, numbers are goanna cast an aura of magic and phew; you are bestowed with a pot of $10,000 BBs. You will obtain this pleasure in treasure when you bingo on these magical numbers: 4, 7, 13, 29, 33, 37, 50, 58, 65 or 70. The prize pot improves with the number of magic points you land up at.
Get mesmerized with this month-long competition and fill up your buckets with loads of bingo bonuses.

Rainbow Connection

Add a pleasant and colorful sight to the snow-clad landscape with a rainbow. Sprinkle blush to the 9 to 5 exertion and rushed routine with the Bingo Cabin’s rainbow connection where $1,200 BBs are up for grab. Prevalent any day from Monday through Sunday, during CM hours, the color of your best card will be used to determine which color you receive a point for. This decision is made at the conclusion of each bingo game. Check your account credited for winnings on every Monday by 11 PM EST.
Enjoy the real pleasure after work with the windfall right from your mobile!