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Pembrokeshire Bingo Night Raises Over £200

Bingo Cahirity Event in Pembrokeshire

Bingo for a good cause attracts the attention of many. That’s why you will see many charity events going for bingo as a game of choice. Lots of people enjoy playing it with family and friends at bingo halls or on online bingo sites.

Pembrokeshire’s Paul Sartori Hospice recently hosted a bingo charity event that was quite successful as it raised over £200 for its purposes. The funds are aimed to help people with life-limiting illnesses that are being taken care of in the hospice. The event was a success and staff will now have more funds to take care of their patients.

Bingo for Charity

You’ve heard many times before that bingo is a game best enjoyed with other people. In other words, bingo is a social game to be enjoyed with friends, family, or complete strangers in a bingo hall. That’s why bingo halls are full today.

But bingo can also be used for a good cause like helping a local organization or in this case hospice to raise some money for its patients. Bingo is popular all over the UK and which is why the hospice decided to go for such a game.

Bingo is a great game to keep people entertained because anyone can get the hang of it. All you need is a ticket and once you’ve got it the next thing to do is to pick out the numbers. With the numbers on your ticket, you’ll need to wait for the announcer to announce the balls with numbers.

They appear randomly which is why there’s no telling if you’ll win or lose. The Pembrokeshire hospice went for this version of bingo and managed to raise over £200 for its patients. The foundation aims to use this money to help people with life-limiting illnesses.

There’s also an online version of bingo that’s pretty similar to regular bingo except the system does the number checking for you and notifies you of winning or losing. But if you’re looking for a live version of bingo, then head to your nearest bingo hall.

This is not the first example of bingo used as a game at a charity event. Precisely because bingo is so popular all over the UK, you will see many charities using bingo as the main event. Everyone wins at these events because the money is donated to a good cause. Naturally, the atmosphere is fun and skilled bingo players get to snag a prize or two. In short, it’s a win-win situation.


Bingo for a good cause rallies lots of people to a venue. That’s why bingo will continue to be played at charity events across the UK and the world. It’s a popular game that anyone can play which is why lots of people will turn up at such an event. So, bingo isn’t just a fun game that you can enjoy in a bingo hall, it’s a game that can save lives when played at fundraisers.

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