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Pragmatic Play Launches New Progressive Bingo Jackpot

Pragmatic Play New Progressive Drop Pots

Pragmatic Play Launches a New Progressive Bingo Jackpot Feature, Drop Pots

Pragmatic Play has once again outdone itself, presenting all bingo fans with a new progressive bingo jackpot feature, called Drop Pots. The developer has once again done an incredible job at enhancing the bingo experience to players from all across the globe.

The Drop Pots is the latest addition to the developer’s innovative bingo offering, following the release of the recent Beachball Blast, a summer-themed title, already available across all Pragmatic Play-powered bingo sites.

Drop Pots Is the New Progressive Jackpot Feature by Pragmatic Play

The leading content provider to the online gambling industry, Pragmatic Play, strikes again. In addition to offering up to five new slots and Live Casino games each month, Pragmatic Play is dedicated to enhancing its bingo offering. On the 20th of September, the developer has launched a brand-new progressive jackpot network that applies to all of its bingo games, called Drop Pots. Let’s see what it is all about!

Drop Pots is an exclusive multilayer progressive jackpot feature, only available on a dedicated network room, offering three different jackpot tiers with different USPs, offerings and strategies. It gives operators a dynamic and unique feature to offer to players, unavailable elsewhere on the market.

The three jackpot layers can be hit in different ways. The smallest, the Mini Drop Pot, can be won multiple times a day, through incrementing the ball call. You can win the medium-valuable pot, the Midi Drop Pot, more than once a day by staying at a specified ball call, until a certain time. During the promotional period, it gives you significantly increased chances of winning.

And finally, the best and most lucrative Maxi Drop Pot is guaranteed to be won by a lucky player once a day, at a specific time. Should it be won, its value will reset in preparation for the next day’s pot and game.

What the Developer Had to Say About It?

Pragmatic Play’s Vice President of Bingo Operations, Claire McDaid, said that the Drop Pot was one of the developer’s most thrilling bingo concepts to date. According to McDaid, it was an exclusive feature that gave players more chances to win more often and win bigger amounts.

McDaid added that by having each of the three tiers behave differently, there was a guaranteed excitement for bingo players each time they entered the network room. Finally, McDaid said that they were confident bingo fans from all across the globe would love the added anticipation as well as knowing there was a maxi jackpot guaranteed to be won every single day.

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