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Real Fun Group Acquires Eight Bingo Clubs from Majestic

Real Fun Group Acquires Eight Bingo Clubs from Majestic

Real Fun Group continues its upward trajectory within the UK bingo landscape, with the acquisition of eight bingo clubs and their accompanying retail spaces from Majestic Bingo. Amidst administration, this move stands as a significant leap forward for the operator.

Elevating Bingo Club Count

As detailed by , this acquisition elevates Real Fun Group’s bingo club count to a solid ten, strategically spread across England and Wales. This expansion underlines the company’s steadfast ambition to lead the industry. Yet, beyond this milestone, the retention of over 140 jobs reflects their unwavering commitment to preserving employment continuity.

Lifeline Amidst Administration

For Majestic Bingo Limited, this acquisition arrived as a lifeline following its entry into administration on July 7, 2023, guided by Interpath Advisory’s joint administrators, Tim Bateson and Chris Pole. Bateson expressed immense satisfaction, emphasizing the sale’s success in safeguarding jobs and ensuring ongoing business continuity for the communities served.

Embracing Opportunity

Kevin McGinnigle, Real Fun Group’s CEO, shared his excitement at this opportunity. He acknowledged the challenges faced by the previously well-run business and expressed eagerness to collaborate with the team. McGinnigle’s joy was evident as he emphasized the preservation of jobs and showcased confidence in the staff’s ability to navigate this transition.

Personal Connection and Community Focus

McGinnigle’s personal ties to bingo clubs as a family tradition added an emotional dimension to the acquisition. Stressing their importance within community dynamics, he expressed delight in maintaining these historic establishments for their loyal patrons.

Securing Community Hubs

Sarah Teal, representing Real Fun Group in the acquisition, expressed elation at securing the future of these crucial community hubs, ensuring job stability, particularly during the festive season. Stuart Taylor from Harrison Clark Rickerbys echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the importance of preserving jobs and supporting local businesses.

Real Fun Group’s dedication to upholding these bingo clubs as cornerstones of their communities shines through in this acquisition. Beyond business growth, their commitment promises sustained local impact and employment stability.

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