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Refugee Road Bingo Hall Shootout

Refugee Road Bingo Hall Shootout

Bingo halls are places filled with joy. They have various prize winners each night they open and these winners attract all sorts of attention to the hall. Some of the people that come around are interested in bingo, while others aren’t.

A bingo hall at Refugee Road happened to be part of an incident. It was near the bingo hall, that a shootout occurred. One police officer was run over by 2 teens in a car. His partner drew out his gun and shot the driver of the vehicle. Both the teens and the injured officer are in the hospital.

3 Injured in the Hospital and No Other Victims

Bingo halls attract bingo players from across the world, but they also attract criminals. They might be looking to snag the prize of the winner just as soon as the winner leaves the premises. Also, they might be looking to follow them and then rob them of their winnings. There are countless examples of bingo winners being robbed.

This might have been the plan behind the Refugee Road Bingo Hall incident. There were 2 teens in a car near the bingo hall. One officer was outside and the other was inside the premises. It’s possible that the 2 suspects were looking to incapacitate the officer before going inside to rob the bingo hall.

But they were unaware of the second officer who came out of the bingo hall and shot and injured the driver of the vehicle. After injuring the driver, the car went into another car and the other assailant was injured.

Luckily, no one lost their lives and both teens and the injured police officer have been transported to the hospital. The incident is being looked at and cleared up. It’s also possible that the 2 teens might have had other motivations for assaulting the police officer with a vehicle.

Either way, they gave the bingo fans at Refugee Bingo Hall a start as a shootout is something that usually doesn’t occur near a bingo hall. Time will tell what motivated the 2 teens to take part in such an incident and be part of a shootout.


A shootout occurred near Refugee Road Bingo Hall in Ohio after a police officer outside the premises was run over by 2 teen suspects in a car. The second police officer shot the driver of the vehicle that ran over his colleague after which the car hit another car. All 3 are in the hospital and the case is being investigated.

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