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Relay for Life and Monroe County Fair Join Forces via Bingo

bingo fundraiser for cancer

Bingo is a fun game to play solo online or with friends in a venue. But bingo is more than a social occasion and it is often used as the basis for a fundraiser. This happened recently in Monroe County as the county joined forces with Relay for Life.

Bingo was the game played at this fundraiser and it had quite the turnout. In other words, lots of people came and enjoyed the game. Some were just there to donate money, but the main thing that remains is that the event was successful.

A Fundraiser for Cancer

The American Cancer Society is behind Relay for Life and they decided to give bingo a chance. The Bingo Barn has been run by the Relay for Life organization for some time which is why they decided to ally themselves with Monroe County when looking for funds for cancer research.

Bingo is a fun game the county enjoys and when combining it with a good cause it makes for a popular event. This happened to be the case as a lot of people came to support the cause. Cancer is a disease that takes millions of lives each year which is why scientists and doctors need funds for research that will help them battle the disease effectively.

The American Cancer Society is doing just that. Relay for Life and the Bingo Barn hosted an event that will raise funds for cancer research. In a way, the event merged a good cause and bingo. Players would donate money by buying tickets and would get to enjoy their favorite game. As mentioned before, some people decided to just donate the money and not play the game.

The representatives of the society were pleased with the number of people that turned up and were surprised to see so many of them. This is just one story where bingo and a good cause bring people together.


As mentioned previously, bingo is a social game that brings people together. And when there’s a good cause in the mix, more bingo players will turn up. A good cause will rally good people and when it comes to cancer research, it’s no surprise that so many people decided to play bingo that day. The American Cancer Society deemed the event a successful one as it got the funds it needed and players got to play a game they enjoyed.

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