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Ripon Ugly Sweater Bingo

There’s no doubt that the UK is a bingo country as there are lots of bingo halls across it. You can go to the big towns or the smaller ones and you’ll find people playing bingo everywhere.

Ripon is another bingo city and recently it has announced a special kind of bingo night. The event will be hosted at Town Square and it’s an Ugly Sweater Bingo event. In other words, bingo and the sweater tradition are brought together to make for a fun event. Attendees are encouraged to bring their ugly sweaters along.

Ugly Sweater Bingo Just in Time for the Holidays

The Ugly Sweater has become a tradition. It’s not the best-looking sweater, but you wear it for Christmas or through the entire holiday season. Moreover, it’s a popular tradition across the UK, so why not merge it with bingo?

Bingo is another popular thing across the UK as there are loads of people playing it. That’s why Ripon has decided to mix the two and make an event out of it. Towns Square is the place the event is going to take place and all visitors should wear an ugly sweater.

There are prizes for particularly ugly sweaters, and the ugliest one also gets a prize. The event will also feature 13 different games, bingo included. The bingo event will come with a progressive jackpot prize that’s said to exceed $1,600.

People looking to take part in the bingo game can buy their tickets and pick their favorite numbers before the game begins. Those that arrive early will get to pick their seats. The event will also have some snacks and beverages to offer. These include wine, beer, snacks, and hotdogs.

Besides this people can also visit the Holiday Market and buy some gifts for their family and friends. The kids will also get to write their letters to Santa too. In short, it’s an event for all ages, but the bingo game is strictly for adults.

The bingo game will come with many prizes. The jackpot will be the top prize, but there will also be prizes for those that get some of the numbers right. The goal here is to have fun which is what every bingo event is about. It’s the holiday season and it’s the time to be jolly. You can do so with a game of bingo or any other game available. Alternatively, you can shop at the market and get a nice deal on some presents.

The bottom line is that bingo goes pretty well with the holiday season. The point of bingo is to have fun with friends and family, which is what the holiday season is all about.


Bingo and the festive season always go hand in hand. It’s the season to be jolly and Ripton is celebrating it with an Ugly Sweater event that includes a lovely bingo game with a jackpot prize. The event is filled with fun activities for everyone which is why it’s going to gather quite a crowd.

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