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Rushden Player Wins Bingo Jackpot of £50,000

Player Wins Bingo Jackpot

Similar to all kinds of social games, bingo games will give you a chance at earning a prize. Regardless if you’re playing by yourself or with friends, you won’t be disappointed in a bingo game. Most people nowadays play bingo online, but there are those that still like to visit a bingo hall.

Once Rushden player is an example of this. The 57-year-old Emma enjoys a game of bingo with her friends and visits the Rushden bingo hall. One of her recent visits turned out to be quite the visit as she managed to win £50,000.

From a Regular Bingo Night to a Jackpot Win

Emma is the type of bingo player that enjoys the social aspect of the game. The thing about her is that she likes to play with friends and every bingo night is a chance to see them because she has a busy working schedule. Usually, Monday is the day that she and her friends would go out for a night of bingo, but recently that changed to Saturday.

So when Saturday came rolling in they upheld their parts of the bargain. In other words, they met in the bingo club, bought the tickets, and sat down. The other players did the same things and they are looking for the game to start. Once it did, the numbers started rolling in and it was time to stamp them if you had the right numbers.

To Emma’s surprise, she had all the numbers needed to win so far. The only ones that needed to land were 1 and 25. So, it was a matter of time and luck when these 2 numbers would land. Naturally, there’s no telling if these are the next numbers in line because the numbers appear randomly. But this was Emma’s lucky night as both numbers landed.

She couldn’t believe it because she earned the jackpot of £50,000. She won the jackpot but didn’t keep it all for herself. Instead, she split it with her friends. She also decided to spend her part on a holiday which has been a long time coming.

Bingo games are fun when you play them with your friends, especially if you have a friend like Emma. But even if you enjoy it solo you can get a kick out of the atmosphere, and a night to remember if you win a prize or land a jackpot.


Lucky are those who land bingo jackpots and luckier are those that have some friends to share the jackpot prize with. This proves again that bingo is a social game and any win can be a win for the squad.

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