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Russian River Sisters Have Frozen Bingo Charity

frozen charity bingo event

The US is fond of bingo which is why there are lots of bingo fans looking to play their favorite game. They can go to bingo halls or private bingo parties. Some bingo events are even hosted for charity as happened recently in Santa Rosa.

The Russian River Sisters decided to host a Frozen-themed bingo event to raise money to support the homeless of the community as well as funds for the community programs and scholarships for Sonoma High School. Several thousand dollars were raised for that cause.

A Frozen-Themed Bingo Event

The Veterans Memorial Building was the place chosen for the bingo charity event and Frozen, a popular Disney cartoon, was chosen for the theme of the event. Either way, there were lots of people looking to have some fun with their favorite game.

Bingo is a pretty simple thing to master which is why so many people go for it. It’s pretty popular with the elderly which is why elderly people play it at nursing homes. It’s also a frequent game played at charity events like the one mentioned before.

So, people that enjoy bingo can go and play it at a designed place and they will also get to help some people in need which makes every bingo charity event a win-win event. There are some prizes for the best winners and money is raised for those in need.

The atmosphere is fun which is why people like attending these kinds of events. The Russian River Sisters even graced the attendants with the song “Let It Go” and made sure the atmosphere was amazing. As mentioned before, a couple of thousand dollars were raised for good causes. Some of them will go to the community programs and scholarships for Sonoma High School. Another portion of the money raised is going to the homeless.

So, every bingo player in the community can come for a fun night out whenever there’s a bingo charity event. The game is popular with lots of people which is why the charity is bound to be a success. People may donate individually or by buying tickets for the game.

Once they win they could donate their winnings or keep them. The charity will get their money either way and those in need will get the help they need. The community students will get to study at a high school on a scholarship and will be able to attend other programs, and the homeless will get the money they need to buy clothes, food, drink, and more.

Events like these bring the community together for a good cause. That’s why bingo and charity will continue to go together.


The Santa Rosa community has had a bingo charity event with the Frozen theme. It has gotten lots of visitors and raised thousands of dollars for a good cause. Thanks to this event students will get a chance at scholarships and other kinds of programs. Moreover, the homeless will get the care they need.

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