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Sam L. Jackson Visits Bongo’s Bingo Event

Sam L. Jackson Visits Bongo’s Bingo Event

Bingo is a community game, and when that community stretches globally. There are lots of bingo halls across the UK that host bingo nights and accept bingo fans of all shapes and sizes. And then there’s Bongo’ Bingo.

They recently had an event in Glasgow and the party was wild. It took place on April Fools Day and everyone was having fun. But the party went viral went Samuel L. Jackson decided to visit. The star is shooting a film in Scotland and decided to see what the fuss was all about. He wasn’t disappointed.

The Star Decided to Have Some Fun

Bingo is fun when enjoyed with friends, family, or complete strangers that are visiting the bingo hall for the first time. But bingo can be made even more fun by adding some music and some DJs. That’s the idea behind Bongo’s Bingo.

This is a unique way to enjoy bingo because it combines the titular game with some party elements. In other words, people looking to play bingo can do exactly that. Those that have come for a party can party the night away. This idea of bingo with partying has become popular across the UK.

The company has also stated that it’s looking to expand abroad as there have been a few Bongo’s Bingo events that have been pretty successful. The latest one happened to be quite successful. It took place in Glasgow and the event was packed with bingo fans and party maniacs.

In other words, the place was full. The event was going on when a star decided to join the party. Samuel L. Jackson visited the event and had people taking pictures with him. He had a fun time too. The actor is currently shooting a film in Scotland and decided to enjoy the rest of his day by visiting a Bongo’s Bingo event.

The event was a huge hit across social media and in general. Bongo’s Bingo truly does a good job if it happens to attract the likes of Sam Jackson. It was a surprise for the organizers and the visitors.


Recently, Bongo’s Bingo made a lot of noise in Glasgow. The event was done on April Fools Day and a lot of masked people had come to enjoy bingo and have a good time. Samuel L. Jackson also decided to visit and had the organizers and fans surprised.

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