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Scots Veteran Attacked After Bingo Night

senior man attacked

Bingo is a fun game to be enjoyed with friends and more so when there’s a prize for one or some of the contestants. But the bad thing about getting such a prize is that you become a target just like a Scottish Veteran from Aberdeen.

This 75-year-old man was going home after a night of bingo. He got home and to his surprise, his home was broken into. 2 assailants did this and they attacked him. He was assaulted and battered by them. Once they got what they needed, they left him.

The Assault and Robbery

There’s a possibility that the robbers saw an easy target in the man and that’s why they went for him. He was just released from the hospital and decided to go for a night of bingo. There’s no information as to whether he had won the bingo night or not. But it is a possibility.

This would mean that the 2 assailants might have kept an eye on him while he was in the bingo hall and might have been looking to score. Either way, they got what they wanted. It is also possible that they were hoping for him to go to the bingo hall and return to a burgled home.

It’s unclear as to how the situation developed as there aren’t many details about it. The sad thing about it is that the man was attacked and beaten. He had been battling throat, mouth, and tongue cancer. He was out of the hospital that night and decided to go for some bingo.

He was also a color sergeant with the Scots Guard for 30 years. This veteran didn’t show that he was hurt on the outside, but inside he was hurting. His brother confirmed this and he also said that his brother is now afraid to go and be home. In addition to this information, he will help his brother get back on his feet.

People have also rallied to help him and have managed to get around £3,000 to help him recover. Moreover, a 28-year-old man appeared in the Aberdeen Sheriff’s Court and was charged with multiple offenses. He was released on bail but needs to appear before a court on a date that’s yet to be determined. The police are still searching for the second man.

Bingo prizes are great things to win, but they can make you a target for crooks looking to score. That’s why you need to be mindful of your surroundings and take better care when you’ve won a bingo prize. Bingo halls can be a safe place, but they can also host criminals looking to take your prize. So, be careful.


A potential bingo prize winner and former color sergeant were assaulted and beaten in his own home which goes to show that cooks will stop at nothing when they’re looking to rob someone. A bingo night can turn into a disaster, and your own home can turn into a risky place. That’s why need to be careful.

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