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Spanish Woman Killed at Bingo Hall Heist

Spanish Woman Killed at Bingo Heist

Bingo halls get a lot of people together. Mostly it’s friends looking for a fun night out and those that are looking for a win. But to be a winner you’ll need to get the card with the right numbers on the ticket, regardless if you’re playing online or in a bingo hall.

In short, bingo halls attract a lot of attention, and countries such as Spain have lots of bingo halls to offer. Unfortunately, one such bingo hall attracted the attention of a group of criminals and they recently planned and executed a heist that resulted in the death of a woman.

The Heist and Aftermath

Tortosa had lots of people visiting its bingo hall. As everyone knows, bingo is a popular game so it’s no surprise that this happened. Bingo players of all ages came and went each night. Winners and losers went home and tried again the next day.

In other words, it was business as usual. But a lot of people get a lot of attention from unsavory types such as criminals. Any institution that handles big sums of money will get much attention. These criminals saw an opportunity and took it. They waited when the bingo hall was pretty much empty and they went in.

There was a single casino staff member and a few players. It was just after midnight, and they went in hard. They injured the staff member and took whatever was left in the register. To gain control they relied on violence and one thing led to another which is why they shot one of the players.

The criminals didn’t stick around and left the scene. By the time the police arrived, the shot woman was in a serious condition and was taken to the nearest hospital. Sadly, she succumbed to her wounds. The police are in pursuit of the criminals and are investigating multiple leads.

The heist was organized, but there’s no telling to which extent. It might have been a local group looking for a score or it might be something bigger. Either way, it’s clear that they took the planning seriously as they went in when there was a small number of people in there to minimize the risk of failing.

But the way they handled the situation indicates that they might be rookies. If they had the situation under control, no one would have been injured and the woman would be alive today. But these are just speculations and the police will get to the end of the matter. Time will tell who the perpetrators are and all that’s left is for the police to do their job, as it always does.


Bingo halls get a lot of attention and sometimes heists happen. Remember to keep safe at all times, especially if you’re winning a round. Take measures to stay safe when you’re playing your favorite bingo game online or offline. It’s better to be safe than to be sorry in the world of bingo.

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