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SouthBeach Bingo Halloween Slots Fest ⋆

Some big Halloween SouthBeach Bingo promotions are running that will help you to end the month of October on a strong note and start strong in November.

A few big SouthBeach Bingo promotions are going to let you end October with a lot of momentum that will help to carry you through the rest of 2015. It starts with the Force of Darkness promotion. For every $1 that you wager on Diablo 13, you’ll earn a point from October 26 through October 30. The top ten players in this event will be automatically entered into the Halloween Slots Fest with a big prize pool and a $4,000 top prize.


SouthBeach Bingo Promotion: Halloween Slots Fest

There’s been a weekly slots tournament happening each week during October, and the top 10 players who win in each week will be entered into the final round that happens on October 31. The Diablo 13 portion of the tournament is running right now as mentioned above and you’ll be pooled together from the tournaments for Transylvania, Witches Cauldron and Grave Grabbers. On October 31, the final round will be determined on Graveyard Shift, and tons of money will be paid to people based on their places with $4,000 up for the top prize.

There are a few different ways to enter this final round:


  • Place in the top ten of the Grave Grabbers tournament in Week 1.
  • Get to the top ten of the Witches Cauldron tournament in Week 2.
  • Place in the ten highest spots in the Transylvania event in Week 3.
  • Score in the 10 highest ranks on the Diablo 13 leaderboard before October 30.
  • Deposit $400 or more on October 31 for an instant entry into the finals.


Note that you don’t have to enter any of the weekly events if you join directly through method number five above.

Reverse Coveralls Tournament

For the bingoheads at SouthBeach Bingo, you’ll be able to get your own promotion through November 1 with the Reverse Coveralls tournament that’s running right now. For every six qualifying cards you buy for this event, you’ll get three free, and that’s already a tremendous value. The following events qualify:


  • Play from 7pm – 9pm in the Dollar Room.
  • Play from 9 pm – 10 pm in the Fusion Room.
  • Play from 10 pm – midnight in the Supernova Room.
  • Play from midnight – 1 am in the Taboo Room.
  • Play from 5am – 7 am in the Afterhours Lounge.


If you’re one of the three players to win the most reverse coverall games in these rooms, you’ll pick up $500 for first, $300 for second and $200 for third.

Varied Promotions

SouthBeach Bingo promotions are pretty varied, as you can see from everything they have going on right now. You can earn up to $2,500 in the Force of Darkness tournament that’s running now, pick up a spot in the finals of October’s big tournament event for slots or get in on the action with a great bingo tournament.