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Join in the Spooky Bingo Tourney at BingoSpirit

Spooky Bingo Tourney

The Halloween Season Is Right Around the Corner – Join in the Spooky Bingo Tourney at BingoSpirit

It’s October and that only means one thing – Halloween! The spooky season has officially started and there are so many exciting things that you will get a chance to celebrate. The most eye-catching one is definitely this Spooky Bingo Tourney that BingoSpirit is hosting.

If you are a fan of all things scary then this is the perfect bingo event that will mix all of the things that you enjoy the most. So, in order to properly prepare for the scariest season of them all, then you should definitely continue reading through this article. Having all of this said, let the Spooky Bingo Tourney begin!

The Spooky Bingo Tourney in Detail

With the famous Halloween, there comes a great selection of things that people can enjoy. The one thing that really stands out of the standard Halloween activities is definitely the Spooky Bingo Tourney that BingoSpirit has managed to organize.

This implies the fact that all the bingo enthusiasts can tune in and explore the incredible selection of bonuses and rewards that players can explore every single day. In order for you to access all of this, you will have to visit the BingoSpirit website and find the Halloween Bingo Room.

This is where the party starts. Every single day within the month of October you will get a chance to access this Spooky Bingo Tourney at the Halloween Bingo Room at BingoSpirit and explore the top-of-the-hour games that are filled with scary rewards.

The Spooky Bingo Tourney Prizes

The beginning of this tourney is with the Multi-Part Guaranteed $31.00 / $31.00 / $31.00 games. The first section of the tourney is played on a small pattern. The second section is played on a scary Halloween-inspired pattern, and the final section is going to be played on a Coverall pattern.

Here, all of the cards will only cost you $0.50 each and if you buy 7 at a time, you will get 3 free cards.

Setting aside the prizes that are within the games, there is a ranking segment that will be going on alongside the Spooky Bingo Tourney. This is where 40 players will get the chance to rank to be on the top. The winner of the daily tournament that has won the most bingo games will get $225 in cash.

Furthermore, the runners-up will receive a Free Play Bingo Bonus, meaning that they can keep playing their bingo games as long as they want. Here, it is also important to note that there is a wagering requirement in order to be able to explore all of the bonuses that are part of the Spooky Bingo Tourney. This means that the total sum of the tourney will have a $600 prize pool that will be offered every day in the month of October.

Final Remarks

In order to access all of the scary prizes and rewards that are part of the Spooky Bingo Tourney, you will have to go on the BingoSpirit website, find the Halloween Bingo Room, and let the fun begin!

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