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Stockton Woman Lands £50K Bingo Jackpot ⋆ Top 50 Online Bingo Sites

Stockton Woman Lands £50K Bingo Jackpot

Bingo is pretty popular across the UK. There are lots of bingo brands that have their bingo halls across the country. Stockton is just one such place and Mecca Bingo is one such brand.

Recently, a Stockton woman visited one such bingo hall and got pretty lucky. She’s now another winner at Mecca Stockton by landing a jackpot prize of £50,000. She was a regular player and she enjoyed the game. This goes to show that being a regular at the bingo hall can pay off.

Regular Visits to the Bingo Hall Can Pay Off

Mecca Stockton hosts all sorts of bingo players. Some win and some lose, but all of them enjoy the friendly bingo atmosphere. This is pretty much the case with every bingo hall across the UK. Bingo players will need to be pretty lucky to land a prize.

Bingo is all about luck and picking the right numbers. Sometimes players pick an entire row while other times they pick all 3 rows. They are awarded accordingly for both efforts, but if they don’t land any combinations of numbers, they won’t get a prize. The company they’re with and the splendid atmosphere is the prize they get.

The Stockton woman came into the Mecca Bingo hall with a good time in mind. She bought her ticket and she sat down at the nearest table. The numbers started rolling in and she started stamping them out. To her amazement, she had the majority of them right and there was one that separated her from landing a huge prize.

It was all down to that last number and when it landed she got a £50,000 jackpot. The top prize was hers and she decided to remain anonymous. This is what some players do to keep themselves safe. She’s a richer woman now because of her luck.

The Stockton woman hasn’t commented on how she plans to spend her money, but she will be returning to the hall to play some bingo with her friends. The win has changed her life as any prize would.


Bingo is a wonderful game that has prizes for everyone involved. Some will get to make new friends while others will take on a £50k prize just like the Stockton woman did in Mecca Bingo. She’s a lucky bingo player that got richer and she’ll keep playing bingo in the hall.

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