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Don’t Miss the Bingo Circus Spectacle at Bingo Australia

 Bingo Circus Promotion at Bingo Australia
Don’t Miss the Bingo Circus Spectacle at Bingo Australia
If you’re a fan of high-energy atmospheres where anything can happen, you’re bound to love The Bingo Circus promo at Bingo Australia! This exciting featurette combines the best part of online Bingo and spins them into a single month-long event that has a bit of everything. For those keen on partaking, keep an eye out for exciting themed games, huge guaranteed prizes, jackpots, and much more!

The one thing to remember before joining the circus, things can get a bit wild. You can expect new tents to come rolling in every week, each bringing a different set of treats anyone has a chance at winning. Don’t hesitate to peek inside and join the show!

The basics

Bingo Australia is the place to be in April. If you’ve decided to give the site and its exciting circus-theme promo a shot, all you have to do is register an account and head towards the Main Room. It’s open 24/7, so you needn’t worry about ever being late to the party.

The event boasts a pot of $150,000 in Guaranteed Cash that everyone can chip away at. All that’s left up to you is to explore the various games available that week and give them your best shot!

These games start at the beginning of each contest week. You’ll need to buy cards to enter, but don’t worry, they’re more than reasonably priced. The prices range from 25 cents to $1. Given the massive Jackpots and other special offers on deck, this is practically nothing!

To make the most of the contests, you can utilize the Buy 30 Get 5 Offer available for all cards and squeeze in some extra playing time.

The Competition

Since The Bingo Circus is a contest, you should expect some healthy competition. You can jump into the fold by depositing and playing the various games and Bingos available in the Main Room. Naturally, this will earn you points that count towards the leaderboards.

If you’re wondering how the points system works, here’s a brief rundown. For each contest game you win, you get one point towards the weekly contest. For every $10 wagered on eligible games, you’ll receive 2 points towards the weekly contest. Lastly, deposits made within the weekly contest will earn you three points in the ranking!

Each week, random players, or the top five, will be chosen to be the weekly winners, depending on the contest rules.

Exciting Additions

Despite the usual prizes you can earn by ranking up and playing your favorite Bingos, you can also snag Extra Prizes and rewards from the Weekly Grand Draws! The first set of rewards in the Extra Prizes category varies. Depending on the tasks performed, you can win $500, entry tickets to other Tourneys from the operator, and vouchers for selected games.

The Weekly Grand Draw winners will be selected from the entire pool of participants. The selection process is random, so everyone has an equal shot of winning! The prizes here consist of $500, $350, and $150, respectively.

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