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Telethon Bingo Fundraiser in Perth Raised $50,000


Bingo has been around for ages and it has been keeping people entertained for years. Young and old have been visiting bingo halls and left them with smiles on their faces regardless if they won or didn’t. But bingo can be used for a cause or a fundraiser as happened in Perth recently.

Mega Bingo in Perth from the land down under was host to a bingo fundraiser event that had an unexpectedly large turnout. The organizers were surprised to see so many people present. Nevertheless, the event was a success and it got a lot of smiling faces and happy players.

Bingo for a Cause

The Telethon was held to help generate funds that help sick and disadvantaged children. There were prizes for everyone that attended the event, some were cash prizes while others just got a kick out of the atmosphere. The event was sold out in mere 48 hours and a record 6,000 raffle tickets were bought. In return, $50,000 were raised for the Telethon in a roaring atmosphere.

But this was followed by silence for all the bingo players out there. The players fell silent as the numbers started coming in and the prizes started rolling in. Jill Safe was one of the winners of this event and managed to snag $500. Elaine Gartland did even better by getting $5,000. A 19-year-old called Summer Vlahov managed to win the big prize of $35,000. She’s going to use her money to celebrate her 21st birthday.

But everyone’s a winner when it comes to bingo as the atmosphere is rich with excited people looking to have a blast. The Telethon was a success as thousands of people visited and raised a staggering amount of money for sick and disabled children.

This is just one proof of how bingo can be used for a worthy cause. Those children won’t have to say thank you to the bingo players as all the tickets sold will go towards their future. The people participating in the event made sure to buy as many tickets as possible to support this cause.


It’s thanks to fundraisers like this one that those in need get what they need. Bingo is just a means to an end when it comes to taking care of sick and disabled children. This Perth Telethon made sure to have something for the participants as well and if they didn’t manage to win a prize, they gave their money to a worthy cause. In addition to that, they got to play a game they know and love in an amazing atmosphere and that’s a plus in anyone’s book.

The combination of bingo and charity is always a good one and there have been several examples of it already. All have ended in success as significant amounts of money had been raised and the participants enjoyed a bingo game. The prizes may be symbolic, but the real prizes are the lives they saved along the way.

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