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Thanksgiving Turkey Thursdays at CyberBingo

Turkey Thursdays at CyberBingo

The Festive Season Has Begun – Join the Turkey Thursdays at CyberBingo

Halloween is over and that only means one thing – Thanksgiving is approaching. There are so many exciting points that are significant for this time of the year and it is often hard to choose a favorite. However, the majority of people have always been interested in entertainment possibilities that eventually grow into festive traditions.

So, in order to give you an idea about all of this, we suggest that you tune in for the most exciting CyberBingo online bingo events that are inspired by the biggest festive events within this month of November. Here, you should hop on the CyberBingo website in order to play and win every Thursday of this month. The Turkey Thursdays are here and this is everything you need to know.

Turkey Thursdays Event Details

There is nothing more delicious than the juicy turkey and festive Thanksgiving feast. If you are in the spirit of preparing for the biggest holiday of November, then you should definitely join in this special bingo event that CyberBingo is hosting.

The Turkey Thursdays event will last all the way to the very end of this month, giving you more than enough opportunities to experience the joy of Thanksgiving through the form of entertainment. The Seasonal Room is open and you can visit the CyberBingo website so that you can find the exciting Turkey Thursdays event.

Here, it is important to note that the event begins at 7:00 pm EDT every Thursday and will last for two hours. This means that there are two whole hours of exciting games that perfectly depict the festive spirit of the Thanksgiving season. Following all of this, the event offers a weekly prize pool of $48,000 up for grabs.

Turkey Thursdays Weekly Pool

This Turkey Thursday’s weekly pool consists of three different games that are going to be played during the two hours of the scheduled event. The Top of the Hour game is a $20,000 Coverall game with a minimum of $200. Here, the cards only cost $1 each.

After the Top of the Hour game, players can explore the $250 Guaranteed games where the cards only cost $0.50. The third and final game is the Bungee Games that consist of a starting $600 pot. The bungee effect here happens when the prize pot drops to a minimum of $60 and jumps right back up, hence, the name of the game. The cards for the Bungee Game also come at the cost of $0.50 per card.

In addition to all of this, CyberBingo has a very exciting and generous promotion where players can buy 7 cards and get 3 for free. No matter which cards you want to buy, you can use the Buy 7, Get 3 free offer for the Turkey Thursdays event.

Make sure that you tune in right in time for the beginning of the event. Go to the CyberBingo website, find the Seasonal Room. Once you enter the bingo room you will have to purchase your cards, so remember to take advantage of the generous offer, and enjoy your Thanksgiving game.

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