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Two London Women Get $50K Instant Bingo Prizes ⋆ Top 50 Online Bingo Sites

Two London woman get $50k bingo prizes

You probably know by now just how popular bingo is in the UK. There are bingo halls all over the cities and people love visiting them. London is the capital so you can imagine just how popular bingo is with Londoners.

There are many kinds of bingo and some of them are instant bingo games. Londoners enjoy instant bingo as well and 2 of them managed to snag $50k when playing this bingo variant. Roxana Bailey and Wedad Beniamin are the 2 lucky winners of instant bingo prizes.

The Right Numbers Bring a Prize

London is the main hub of the UK and it’s one of the towns that have lots of bingo fans. Instant bingo is the game of choice for some and if they’re persistent enough then they’ll get the right prize. Two Londoners managed the win a nice prize by playing instant bingo.

Roxana was the first one and she stated that she enjoys playing instant bingo and lotto max too. She had bought a ticket and the numbers started rolling in. She got number after number right and she only needed 3 more to get the prize. Once those landed she was ecstatic because she had won $50,000. She was so happy that she scared her grandchildren. Once she checked her ticket everything was in order and she went to pick up her prize.

Roxana decided to spend the money to improve her home. She’s also going to treat herself by going on a shopping spree as well. Naturally, she’s going to share the prize with her daughters. The second winner of another $50,000 prize is Wedad. She likes playing instant bingo as well as crossword games. She won the prize at a crossword game and she was missing a vowel for some time. When she uncovered it she was happy she had won $5,000. But when she checked her app she saw that she had won $50,000.

She was so happy that she started jumping up and down and screaming. The neighbors had to check on her to see if she was alright. Once they found out what had happened, they congratulated her. She sent a screenshot of the prize to her boyfriend too.

Wedad is looking to make a down payment on a home. She’s also going to treat her family to a nice dinner and is going to take her children on a nice trip. Bingo can bring players prizes and when they get them they’re looking to celebrate, just as these 2 London winners did. But they also made important decisions by looking for homes and improving them.


Big bingo prizes will change a bingo player’s life. These 2 Londoners will have money to spend on themselves and their families. Besides celebrating they have also taken a pragmatic approach by improving their home or making a down payment on a future home. In short, they’re free to spend their money however they want.

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