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UKGC Introduces New Safety and Choice Rules for Gamblers

UKGC Introduces New Safety and choise rules for gamblers

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has introduced new rules to boost safety and give players more choices. These changes are set to take effect on September 12, 2024. They are designed to protect players and make gambling safer and fairer.

Reducing Game Speed and Intensity

One of the major changes includes reducing the speed and intensity of online games. Operators must now ensure that casino games have spin speeds of at least 5 seconds, excluding peer-to-peer poker, because faster games can lead to harmful gambling behavior. UKGC Chief Executive Andrew Rhodes said, “We are taking steps to ensure that online games do not encourage excessive gambling. Slowing down the games will help players stay in control.”

Improving Marketing and Financial Checks

The new rules also focus on improving direct marketing materials. Operators must ensure that marketing is clear and not misleading. Additionally, they are required to conduct financial vulnerability checks. This means checking if players can afford to gamble without facing financial harm. Rhodes emphasized, “It’s crucial that players are not exposed to misleading marketing and that their financial health is considered.”

Tightening Age Verification and Licensing

To further protect young people, the UKGC is tightening age verification for premises. This means operators must verify the age of anyone entering gambling premises more strictly. They also need to have personal management licenses for those running the premises. Rhodes noted, “These steps will help prevent underage gambling and ensure that those managing gambling venues are properly qualified.”

Big Steps Towards Safer Gambling

The new UKGC rules are a big step towards safer and more responsible gambling. By reducing game speed, improving marketing practices, conducting financial checks, and tightening age verification, the UKGC aims to protect players and promote fair play. These changes show a strong commitment to creating a safer gambling environment in the UK.

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