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Urswick Bingo United for Cancer Care Charity

bingo for cancer charity

There are thousands of people all over the world enjoying bingo. They usually do it in bingo halls, but some of them enjoy bingo games online. Bingo games have been the main course of entertainment in bingo halls which is why people play them to this day.

They’re even favorite events for charity. One such charity took place recently in Urswick, near Ulverston in the UK. Bingo players gathered to play bingo for charity and donated £270 to the CancerCare charity. So, bingo can help achieve a good cause.

Bingo and Charity Go Hand in Hand

Bingo events have been used for charity several times and will continue to be used. Organizations, such as CancerCare need funding and they will get it in various ways. This is why they organize charity events and appeal to the goodwill of the people.

Cancer is a disease that takes millions of lives each year. As it happens, members of CancerCare need funding to continue their research. This research will help them in the battle against cancer. That’s why they need charity events like the bingo event in Urswick. Any sum of money is welcome.

The combination of a good cause and bingo saves lives. This is why the good people at Urswick decided to gather and help the organization with charity. As mentioned several times before, a good cause brings people together. This is why a lot of people from Urswick came to the event and enjoyed some bingo games.

Everyone pitched in and bought as many tickets as they could. The Recreational Hall was the place chosen for the event, and the staff made sure everyone had some fun. There were some winners and losers, but everyone’s a winner when it comes to saving human lives.

CancerCare thanked everyone involved in the event as the £270 donation will help them continue the battle against cancer. This article is another proof that bingo can help people get together to help various organizations battle diseases of all sorts.

People get to have their bingo fun, and they get to raise some money that will help organizations like CancerCare to take the battle against cancer more efficiently. Bingo is a great game that many enjoy which is why the charity event is guaranteed to be a success.

The money will go to the people in need and they will get the help they deserve. Bingo is a social game that gets people together. It can be a night of fun for those that play solo, and those that play with friends. But it can also be a game that can make a charity event more interesting and successful.


Bingo is a great game that keeps any player entertained. The experience is magical even if you lose the round. It can fill a room with players, especially when it comes to charity events. That’s why bingo and charity events will continue to go hand in hand in the future.

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