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Wakefield Regular Lands £19K Bingo Jackpot

Wakefield Regular Lands £19K Bingo Jackpot

Bingo is one of the most popular games across the UK. The country has loads of bingo halls that are brimming with bingo fans looking to have some fun. Buzz Bingo is one of the bingo brands with halls, and its hall in Wakefield recently got a huge win.

The Buzz Bingo Hall in Wakefield held a game night with a Community pot of gold jackpot game that happened to be a bingo game. One lucky player spun the reels and landed a jackpot of £19,000. She called the house and landed the prize.

Buzz Bingo Wakefield Gets Another Jackpot Winner

The thing that makes bingo so popular is the fact that it’s a game of luck. Sure, some experience would come in handy, but it comes down to picking the right numbers. Buying a ticket is easy, and if you get the right numbers picked, then you’ll get to enjoy a prize.

Landing all of them is a treat as you’ll get to enjoy a nice jackpot prize. One such player decided to visit the Buzz Bingo Hall at Wakefield. She was a regular and she was looking for another fun night out. Bingo was the name of the game and she bought a ticket.

After she picked some numbers she waited to hear which ones are going to be called out. Number after number, she got them all right and there was one number left. After it was called out, she got the house on the prize and was the lucky winner of a jackpot.

At first, she thought she had won a symbolic prize of £1,900, but she was told she is the recipient of a huge prize of £19,000. She was flabbergasted to have won such a prize. Moreover, the regular player decided she would remain anonymous after having won such a prize.

Bingo can turn a life around, especially with prizes like this one. The Wakefield regular is now another legendary jackpot winner at the Buzz Bingo Hall and remains an inspiration for other bingo players of the region.


A regular player at the Wakefield Buzz Bingo Hall landed an incredible jackpot of £19k. She bought a ticket and got all the numbers right, and when she called the house on the jackpot she was hoping for a smaller sum. Now, she’s a jackpot winner the players of Buzz Bingo Wakefield will remember.

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