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Wales Pub Host Charity Bingo Night

Charity Bingo Night at Wales Pub

Bingo is popular across the UK, Wales included. There are lots of bingo halls that bingo fans visit to enjoy their favorite game. They do so with friends or family or with total strangers that become friends after a game of bingo.

But bingo and charity also go hand in hand in Wales. Recently, a pub hosted a bingo charity night and managed to raise £350 for the Bronglais Hospital. They have donated money for the chemotherapy program which is a thing the hospital is grateful for.

Bingo Charity Night Raises £350 for Bronglais Hospital

With charity, you get to help those that need help the most. That’s why charity events are hosted. Sometimes the money goes to individuals in need and other times they go to organizations that specialize in charity work. Either way, those in need of help, get the help they deserve.

Charities and bingo have gone hand in hand for some time. They have been held at all sorts of places across the UK. Some of them have been pubs and others have been mostly bingo halls. With a bingo charity event at a pub, you’ll have the chance to enjoy a fun night with friends and help raise money for a good cause.

The pub in Wales had the same thing available for some time because it has been having bingo nights for a while. A bingo game with a pint and a snack is a marvelous way to have some fun when you’re at a pub with friends. So far, the pub has managed to raise £350 and that’s the sum the owner of the pub gave to the chemotherapy program at the Bronglais Hospital.

The hospital officials were grateful for the donation. It’s possible that the pub will also have more bingo nights and continue the good work they’ve done so far. Every penny spared for charity is welcome as the hospital is also looking to renovate to provide better care for its patients.

Bingo and charity prove that they are a match that helps people which is why they’ll continue happening at pubs, bingo halls, and any other place that’s operated by people with a good heart. Bingo is fun and always gets a lot of attention and the more money is raised for charity the better. People in need will get the help they need and will go on living knowing that someone cares.

Those that come for bingo won’t shy away from sparing a penny or a pound for a good cause. They’ll still have fun with bingo and get to win a prize or two if they’re lucky. More importantly, they’ll leave the premises knowing that they’ve helped someone.


A pub in Wales held a couple of bingo nights and managed to raise £350 for the Bronglais Hospital. This is just another instance of how good bingo can be for the community especially when you have a charity event. That’s why bingo and charity events will continue to go hand in hand.

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