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Westbury Leigh Hosted Alzheimer’s Bingo

Westbury Leigh Hosted Alzheimer’s Bingo

The world of charities is known for organizing fundraising events to help those in need. The community of Westbury Leigh is no different as the Alzheimer’s Society had recently organized such an event featuring a bingo game.

The event was a successful one as it had support from local companies and businesses. The bingo game attracted some attention as well and over £500 was raised for the Alzheimer’s Society. The money will be dedicated to helping those affected by the illness. Furthermore, this won’t be the last charity event to help society.

Another Successful Bingo Charity Event

Bingo is one of the most popular games in the world. It’s also extremely popular across the UK as there are many bingo halls across the country. But the popular game isn’t just played to win a prize, sometimes it can help people out.

In other words, bingo is a popular game at charity events as it gets loads of attention. Westbury Leigh decided to feature such a game at their recent charity event. Various members of the community and local businesses decided to visit the event and enjoy their favorite game.

The list of local businesses included Tesco Express, Center Parcs, The View, Eastern Paradise, and others. Naturally, there were winners and losers during the game, but the ones that won the most were those in the care of the Alzheimer’s Society. The charity event raised £500 thanks to its participants.

The money will be put to good use by those that are cared for by society. These are people in need of research and medical help as Alzheimer’s is a serious disease. Every penny is vital to their situation which is why charity organizations do fundraising events.

Bingo happens to be a game of the masses that never goes out of style. Because of this, the charity event was successful. Bingo and charity have been known to go hand in hand which is why there will be many more charity events in the future featuring bingo as the titular game. This is just another example of a successful bingo charity.


Alzheimer’s Society in Westbury Leigh had a successful charity event. £500 was raised for those dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease via this event which featured local companies and community members. The event also had a bingo game which got a lot of attention and helped the charity as a whole.

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