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Windsor Mom Wins $100K Bingo Jackpot

Windsor Mom Wins $100K Bingo Jackpot

A bingo ticket can go a long way if you pick the right numbers that are. The people that get the right numbers are winners in a game of bingo regardless if they’re playing it online or offline. Recently there was a bingo winner at Windsor.

In other words, Thain Mai, a Windsor woman got lucky on her bingo ticket. She is $100,000 richer now for picking the right numbers. Naturally, she didn’t expect the win which is what made the whole process of winning more interesting.

A Bingo Player Gets Lucky

All it takes is for one bingo ticket to go the right way, and the bingo player with it is going to land a prize. But bingo is a social game, which means there’s more than one contender for the prize. These players might get runner-up prizes for the players depending on the online bingo site or the bingo hall.

Even if they don’t win, bingo players get the pleasure of enjoying their favorite game. The social aspect is there to make them get together again for the next game. The funny thing about bingo is that there’s no telling which numbers will land.

Players have different strategies for picking the numbers, but the truth is that when the game comes the numbers are picked randomly to ensure fair play. Mai knew this which is why she bought multiple tickets. She happened to buy one on Christmas Day which made it special in a way.

When the time came for picking the numbers, she did her duty and waited for the numbers to come in. When they did, they turned out to match hers which is why she won the top bingo prize. In other words, she managed to land the bingo jackpot prize of $100,000.

Mai was surprised by the size of the prize, just as anyone would be. She also said that she’s going to take her family and kids to Vietnam on a trip. In other words, she’s going to have some much-deserved fun with the amount.


Mai is another lucky bingo winner. The Windsor mother landed a $100,000 bingo jackpot prize and she plans to take her family on a trip to Vietnam with it. Moreover, she’s another bingo jackpot winner that will go down in history. She had bought the bingo ticket on Christmas Day which is why Mai thinks it’s special and why it brought her the prize.

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