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Major Cash Blizzard Winning Streak Hits Bingo Cabin-Bingo News

Players hope to hit a major winning streak every single day. Check out how one lucky player really nailed a long steak at Bingo Cabin.

Winning streaks are something that bingo players know and understand because of the way luck manifests itself in the games. You can go several games without winning on a streak of bad luck, and then a couple of quick wins can bring you up to having a net profit. The streaks can be a little weird, but they show that not all big payouts in online bingo have to be major jackpots. A recent win at Bingo Cabin also shows that they don’t have to happen on bingo games at all.


A Cash Blizzard in October

Cash Blizzard is an online slot offered by Bingo Cabin for players who want to take a break from the bingo games. They offer up a variety of games because many people don’t prefer just a single way to play. A player with the username “justinebrazil” showed that big wins can happen on the slots as well with a series of wins that totaled a whooping $86,400. These payouts happened on October 19 and into the night the morning of October 20.

The Biggest Individual Wins

What’s so crazy about this winning streak is that many of the individual wins could have been news-worthy jackpot stories on their own. Over 17 different prizes were won worth over $1,500 apiece. Here are some examples of the biggest wins:

  • $14,680 on October 19
  • $12,370 on October 20
  • $9,830 on October 19
  • $8,460 on October 20
  • $6,370 on October 20
  • $6,130 on October 19

All in all, this amounted to just under a six-figure win, one of the largest winning streaks ever seen at Bingo Cabin.

About Cash Blizzard

Cash Blizzard is a five-reel video slot with a winter wonderland theme that includes snowmen, penguins, skiers and sledding. It uses a standard five-reel format with three rows, and there are 30 paylines available on each spin. This game is known for having lots of chances for free spins and a balanced paytable that hits frequently. The user justinebrazil found this out in a real personal way by running up their own impressive hit-rate over less than 24 hours of play with one of the hottest winning streaks of the year so far.

Playing at Bingo Cabin

Players at Bingo Cabin find themselves welcomed with a $30 no deposit bonus, and both bingo and slots can be played with it. They have a cool winter cabin theme that’s appropriate for the winter season coming up soon, and this pairs up nicely with the Cash Blizzard online slot that was the game that justinebrazil won so much money from. They offer both 90-ball and 75-ball bingo games along with a good selection of slots and casino titles, and this helps the site to appeal to a wider range of players. Overall, this is a good place to go if you want to settle in and enjoy your favorite games while shooting for your own big winning streak.