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Woman Wins £50,000 Jackpot at Surrey Quays Bingo

Woman Wins at Surrey Quays Bingo

Bingo is a great game to enjoy solo and with friends. Usually, it’s the latter case because bingo halls are full of people enjoying the game. The Surrey Quays bingo hall is host to bingo players every single day and makes sure each one of them has fun when popping in for a visit.

Recently a certain player got lucky when they managed to land a jackpot of £50,000. The woman was shocked that it was her that won the jackpot and everyone in the hall congratulated her. Sophie won the jackpot and turned her life around just like that.

The £50,000 Ticket

Buzz Bingo is a familiar brand to bingo players across the UK and the one in Surrey Quays is familiar to the players living there. Sophie was one of them and she was a loyal customer as she didn’t bother with other bingo halls. In other words, she has been going to Buzz Bingo for some time now.

The thing about this bingo hall is that all her friends were there and she knew the crowd and staff. They were all friendly and made sure she had a blast each time she went for a round of bingo. Sometimes she would win, and other times she’d lose, but she would enjoy a bingo session each time she went there.

The wins weren’t significant either, but recently she would win so big, that it would shock her. It seemed like any regular session when Sophie walked into the hall. She bought her ticket and then sat down. The next thing that she needed to wait for was for the numbers to come in.

It seemed like magic that the numbers called were the exact same numbers on her card and when the final number came round she had that one as well. The thing about it is that it seemed like another regular win for Sophie, but it turned out to be a £50,000 jackpot.

She was surprised when everyone around her was clapping and congratulating her on her win. Once she came down from that happy state she decided that she would go on a well-earned holiday with the money.


Sophie is one of the many bingo jackpot winners that prove that bingo can be a great game. Sometimes rewards happen unexpectedly in the form of jackpots and they can turn a bingo player’s life around. The winners can celebrate with their money, as they do in most cases, or sometimes they would split the prize with the other players. Celebrations can go either way.

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