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Wrexham Bingo Player Lands £50K Jackpot

Wrexham Bingo Player Lands £50K Jackpot

Bingo is popular across the world which is why there are bingo halls pretty much everywhere. The UK is a country that’s big on bingo and it has its fair share of bingo halls. Wrexham happens to be one of the locations with a bingo hall.

Mecca Bingo is one of the many brands across the UK, and it has a bingo hall in Wrexham. This bingo hall got a visitor recently and the visitor happened to win a jackpot prize of £50,000. The player decided to remain anonymous as is her right.

Player Lands Jackpot on April Fools Day

The lucky player decided to visit the Wrexham bingo hall on April Fools’ Day. The atmosphere on any Saturday is excellent in the bingo hall, but everyone was in a good mood that day. Bingo puts everyone in a good mood.

It’s a fun activity to be enjoyed with friends, family, and total strangers. By the time the game’s over, everyone will have a new friend. Bingo halls are fun places and when everyone is done playing they congratulate the winner. Even if they don’t win, they will be looking forward to the next game.

The lucky lady was just going in to see her friends and have some fun on that day. The bingo hall happened to be packed with other players looking to have some fun. She bought a ticket and picked some cards. It was time for the game to start as the numbers started rolling in.

They were called out and the lady had each one consequentially. The ticket was on fire as there was a single number missing. The last number for the session was called out and the lady couldn’t believe herself. She was the lucky winner of a £50,000 jackpot.

She couldn’t believe her win which is why she had to check. Everything was in order despite it being April Fools’ Day. The woman got her prize and decided to remain anonymous as is her right. She’s another lucky bingo winner at Wrexham Hall that happened to pick the right bingo cards.


Wrexham bingo hall happened to see quite a win on April Fools’ Day as a female player landed a £50,000 jackpot prize. She picked the right cards and she landed the prize. It wasn’t a prank as she checked before getting the prize. Now, she’s a happy jackpot winner.

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