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Hot November Bingo Promotions

Play bingo promotions your style without going a mile. SouthBeach Bingo takes pride in showering real cash money even if you don’t deposit. Equipped with responsible gaming, chat room facility, 24 hours customer service and bingo goodies South beach bingo is coming up with a splash of promotions with the advent of snow and Thanksgiving. Though the darkness comes early in the dreary winter months but here the sun shines bright on the gambling globe. Take a look with sunglasses on!

Hold the November rain @ SouthBeach Bingo:

Dinner Party: Let the men cook while you hook! Glam up ladies as we are going to party tonight on this freaking Friday, November 7th till Sunday, November 9th. Indulge in 2 hours of fun, thrill and excitement from 5PM to 7PM in their Fair and Square Bingo Room and treat your pocket with fixed prizes of $70.
If you are lucky enough to get across 2 games in the same day in the mentioned time frame, then SouthBeach Bingo will sprinkle another $50 as bonus money on Monday, November 10th.
Holiday Madness: The Christmas bells will be ringing soon, tummy will be getting yummy on thanksgiving and you are sure to be hopping around with shopping. SouthBeach Bingo has brought all the holiday excitement to the Crazy Room from Friday, November 7th to Wednesday, November 12th between 4PM and 5PM EST. Catch up with the special speed games with fixed give out of $150 on every 5th call and $20 for rest of the calls with the upper bound limit of up to 48 cards every game.
Pursuit of Happiness: Stop gazing at the sky; as there is always a chance to fly through the winds. Get out of the gloom and celebrate the happiness week with full enthusiasm. Take time out for yourself and join them in the Dollar Room from November 6th to November 12th between 5PM to 6PM EST for special speed game variants. There is loot for the fixed prize money of $1,000 on every 5th call and all other calls are graced with $100.
Football Time: Add more passion, courage and excitement to your spectacular Saturday and sluggish Sunday. After the beautiful game of football in the afternoon on November 8th and November 9th, get mesmerized for an hour between 9PM and 10PM with the beloved game of bingo in the Quarter Room where every 5th call is rewarded with $200 and grab $40 on all other calls.
Stress Free Bingo Promotions: Come out of the unpleasant stressful life of modern day living. Get a respite from the 9 to 5 mundane chores and plan your one hour of thrill from 4PM to 5PM EST for four days between Sunday, November 9th and Wednesday, November 12th in Desperate Housewives Room and you might be the chosen one to win in one of their games worth $125 in fixed prize.
A single hour of bingo in any of their room is sufficient to bestow riches, fun and excitement in the ongoing month of November. Plan the upcoming weekend with these hot November bingo promotions and go tango!

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