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200% Bonus$50 + 100 Spins
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500% Bonus$20 + 60 Spins
online bingo FranceAmigo Bingo
600% Bonus$50 + 50 Spins
Online Bingo AustraliaBingo Australia
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French online gambling regulation has led to a surge of popularity for online bingo in France, even though they prefer atypical styles of the game.

In 2010, France was one of the first European countries to completely reform their online gambling regulations, and this created a legal framework for outside companies to receive licenses to offer games to French players.

This led to a number of licensed bingo rooms, and online bingo in France has been growing at a fast pace ever since. With that having been said, there have been criticisms of the current regulatory structure, and many of these criticisms affect bingo players in significant ways.

The Effects of Regulation for Online Bingo in France

As a part of the overall regulatory structure for online gambling, licensees have to pay some pretty significant taxes that are well above the industry average. This means that bingo players in France will tend to get fewer special offers, bonuses, and promotions because the cost of operation is higher here than in most parts of the world. This also creates a higher barrier of entry, so there are fewer regulated sites for playing online bingo in France. Fewer sites mean a lower level of competition and less of an incentive for the online rooms that do exist to come up with innovative ways to attract players.


On top of that, all sites are segregated to only include French players. This part of the regulatory structure means that you won’t be able to chat with players from other parts of the world while you play. This is especially damaging for online bingo in France because of how the social element is so overwhelmingly important for bingo players. While it’s not going to keep anyone from being able to play the games, it does hurt the overall experience quite a bit because a big part of the fun for many bingo players is meeting players from across the globe and making new friends.


French Online Bingo in the Future


The basic situation for online bingo in France at this point in time is that, while they do have regulated games that help to keep funds and personal information safe for players, certain parts of the regulatory structure hurt the overall experience for the average player. A few simple tweaks, although unlikely, could drastically improve this experience:


  1. Remove the useless player segregation rule so that players can meet different people since the social factor is so critical for bingo

  3. Lower the levels of taxes that operators have to pay so that they can afford to give players better promotions

  5. Provide further financial incentives so that more bingo operators apply for and keep their licenses to drive up the level of competition


Players are not allowed to seek out international or unlicensed bingo rooms to play with, so they’re stuck with all of the French-regulated options that are subject to the disadvantages that we’ve discussed in the above. The bottom line is that until these issues are resolved, French players will have options for playing bingo on the Internet, but those options will be sub-optimal.