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Top Bingo Sites South Africa

Top South Africa Bingo Rooms

Here is our list of accredited online bingo sites for South African players. You are able to deposit in South African rand (ZAR) and many other currencies.

Bingo RoomDeposit BonusesSign Up BonusPlay
bingo bonusesCyberBingo
Deposit $25 Play With $150$20 + 60 Spins
Australian Bingo Sites Bingo Billy
Deposit $20 Play With $120$60
Bingo VillageBingo Village
Spend $25 Play With $75$50 + 100 Spins
Amigo bingoAmigo Bingo
Deposit $20 Play With $140$50 + 50 Spins
  Online Bingo AustraliaBingo Australia
Deposit $20 Play With $140$50 + 50 Spins

All these South African bingo rooms are safe to play at and have solid reputations. You will find fast payouts, solid customer support and high payout percentages.
*Terms & Conditions and wagering requirements apply on bonuses. Must be 18+ to play.

There is good news and bad news…..Playing online bingo in South Africa is illegal, but the laws have been actively fought against each year for quite some time.

The good news…
Luckily, there are many recommended bingo sites with great bonuses and promotions. We even have exclusive offers for each. With that having been said, there are really good chances for the game to be made legal at some point in the next few years. Below we get into the legalities for South African players.

The situation for online bingo in South Africa is the same as the situation for casino games and poker. It’s completely illegal to play these games anywhere in the country, regardless of whether you’re playing with a site located inside or outside of the country.

Here’s the deal….

An Established Online Gambling Licensing Process

The first thing to understand about the chances for online bingo in South Africa to become legal and regulated is that both sports betting and bets on horse races are legal in the country. Each province has the ability to license online bookmakers for these types of bets, and many of them do. What keeps them from expanding those licenses to games like bingo is the National Gambling Act of 2004, which makes all other forms of online gambling illegal. Essentially, you have the provinces who have all of the power to offers licenses to operators for the types of online gambling that the national government allows, and this currently does not include online bingo in South Africa.

That’s not all…

Related Laws for Online Bingo in South Africa

To clarify the laws for playing Internet bingo in this country, consider the following things that are specifically and explicitly listed as illegal in South Africa:

  1. Players placing wagers on online bingo

  3. Businesses accepting wagers on online bingo

  5. Banks and other companies processing deposits and withdrawals for online bingo

  7. Any medium that advertises bingo inside of the country

Bottom line?
This should give you an idea of the extent they have gone to in making sure that players aren’t able to get in on the action of Internet bingo in this country. With that having been said, there are good chances that it becomes regulated sooner rather than later.

Chances for Regulating the Internet Bingo Industry

Changes to the 2004 laws called the National Gambling Amendment Act of 2008 were designed to expand various types of gambling, including online bingo in South Africa, and to create a regulatory structure for earning revenues in the form of taxes and licensing fees. However, this amendment was opposed heavily by land-based gambling interests. The point is that they know that having all forms of online gambling other than horse racing and sports betting banned helps to keep people coming to their casinos and other types of gambling houses. They believe that opening up online bingo and other forms of Internet gambling will draw players away and hurt their business.

To some degree, they’re definitely right. However, we’ve seen this type of opposition to the expansion of online gambling in various jurisdictions, and it doesn’t typically hold up over the long run, so South Africa has some good chances of regulating online bingo inside of the next few years.