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Top Ireland Online Bingo Rooms

Here is our accredited online bingo sites for our Irish players. See what each site has on offer in our honest full reviews of each. These brands are safe for our Irish players and have a rock solid reputation in this industry. Irish players can deposit with both £ and €.

Deposit Bonuses

Free Bonus 75 Ball 90 Ball IE / No IE Review
bingo hall website BingoHall
$72 75 Ball 90 Ball Ireland welcome Play Now!
BGO website BGO
0 75 Ball 90 ball Ireland welcome Play Now!
$60 75 Ball 90 Ball Ireland welcome Play Now!
Vic's bingo Vic’s
$75 75 Ball 90 Ball Ireland welcome Play Now!
bingo cabin Cabin
0 75 Ball 90 Ball Ireland welcome Play Now!
online bingo Brazil Cyber
$50 75 Ball 90 ball Ireland welcome Play Now!
Brazillian bingo sites Downtown
$50 75 Ball 90 ball Ireland welcome Play Now!
BingoFest BingoFest
$50 75 Ball 90 Ball Ireland welcome Play Now!
instant bingo Instant
$75 75 Ball 90 Ball Ireland welcome Play Now!
Brazil online bingo room For Money
$70 75 Ball 90 Ball Ireland welcome Play Now!

England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales – while these four countries make up the United Kingdom, they also have a very distinct culture of their own. But online bingo in Ireland is much the same as it is for anywhere else. This is a simple soft gambling game that is loved the world over, as much for its simplicity, as well as the super prizes that can be won. Tangible prizes as well as cash.
The Irish have playing bingo deeply entrenched in their culture, much like the rest of the UK. It is for this reason that the game has translated online so brilliantly. As this is a game of chance – absolute pure luck, the notorious luck of the Irish may well stand players in this country a better chance of winning, and when playing online, there is so many chances to win.



All types of gambling can be enjoyed in Ireland. And online bingo games are deeply ingrained in the culture. Be it sports betting to private casinos, everything is grist for their mill. Billions of Euros are spent on this form of entertainment both online and off, although casino gaming is illegal. There are however loopholes in the law through which gaming sites have managed to emerge.


By the same token bingo websites are regulated and legal, and this country is incredibly liberal as far as playing on the Internet is concerned. In 2003 Internet gambling was made legal, and the Government provides licenses to operate these sites. However many of these sites take advantage of offshore licenses, in Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Alderney, and Malta to escape stringent taxation. The UK has changed the White Label laws, but not Ireland.


Safety and Security At Offshore Licensed Bingo Sites


As the vast majority of the best online bingo sites in Ireland are licensed offshore, this immediately calls to question the validity and security of the product. There are no concerns in this regard, especially when gambling with a reputable brand. Every offshore licensing jurisdiction mentioned above is absolutely safe, and regulations guarantee that there is strict consumer protection in place.
Player protection, responsible gambling precautions, and financial transactional security are all in place too. These websites offer contactable customer service in live chat, email, and even telephone 24/7 treat all customers as very important players. The use of a recommendation portal is also handy, as this helps both new and savvy players see what other people think, and keeps them informed of promotional offers.


Irish Themes And Free Games For Players

Obviously being Irish means have a distinct national identity. Therefore websites that offer games of bingo and target this marketplace will take this very important fact into consideration. Themes are often reminiscent of the rolling green hills of the land, which creates a feeling of being comfortable while playing at a particular site.


By the same token promotions, prizes, celebrations, and giveaways are also in keeping with this fun theme. When speaking of fun, one of the best possible things about playing online bingo in Ireland is the fact that so many free games are given away. Players are to win these free games, take advantage of “double your money” offers, and of course earn brilliant loyalty points that are able to substantially boost a bankroll.

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