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Playing online bingo is world wide known and played by many people because of the excitement and entertainment it can offer for players. One can play in specific halls or you are given the chance to try it Online. There are more types of games, and the rules, variations and even payouts differ from one hall to another, so you have the option to choose the ones that mostly appeal to you. Let’s take a closer look at this game. It is consisting of buying specific cards which have five lines and five rows having different numbers on them referring to the five-letters word of ‘BINGO’. In addition, numbers are drawn randomly and a person who is not a player calls out these numbers in such a way that he/she also tells the letter which corresponds to that number. For instance: B-15, I-20 or N-45. In the American style there are 75 numbers available, while at European style these are up to 90 and it is called ‘Tombola’. The numbers are drawn and called out as long as one of the players has the special numbers collected with the letters corresponding to the word of ‘Bingo’. One can win in three different ways; these are: a line in the card including five numbers in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row. Anyone who has such numbers is the winner of the prize.

So, what is a card really consisting of? There are 25 spaces out of which 24 spaces are filled each with a number and one space is blank. As we said there are five columns and five rows. The numbers in the ‘B’ column are from 1 to 15, those in the ‘I’ column are between 16 and 30, the ones in the ‘N’ column – this is the column where there are only 4 numbers plus the blank space- numbers are from 31 and 45; those in the ‘G’ column includes numbers from 46 to 60 and on the last column, the one with the ‘O’ letter holds the numbers from 61 to 75.

You are given the chance to select from a great set of cards, so that you can be sure that no other player is playing the same numbers. While sitting in the hall, the numbers are called quickly, so you are required to pay a great attention and whenever the numbers which are called correspond to your card and you have collected ‘B-I-N-G-O’, you say louder ‘Bingo’. In addition, you benefit of a prize, or in case somebody else also got a win, the winning is split. You are allowed to play more than one card at the same time, but be very careful and attentive.

So, as we have said, playing online does not necessarily mean going to a hall, but you can play it right from the comfort of your home by accessing websites. There is a wide selection of such provided for you; all it takes for you is to choose a specific site. We can say that playing Online is easier than the game in halls. As there are more types of online games, you need to choose the website which you think is the most convenient for you. At some websites online you have to download the software in order to start playing, while at some you don’t need to. Many sites are supplying the players with a free games, where you can play just for fun or to get used to game’s rules. Before all these, you must register, so that you can have your cards. The site will then randomly give you cards; you are allowed to get up to fifty cards at the same time if you wish so. The real object of this is to make a certain combination of numbers, to have those set of numbers in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row in your cards which were called out. The software is programmed in such a way that numbers from one to seventy-five will be called out, or a separate window will appear in the website so that you can compare them with the numbers in your cards.

As a piece of advice, it is an advantage when playing online, to play with three or four cards at a time, because otherwise it may happen to you that you lose track of the called numbers. Then, another tip which may lead you to a winning is that you should try playing Online at websites which haven’t got many players at a time. This is beneficial, because in case of winning, it may happen that another player has also won, and you will have to share the prize.

Above these, you are given the opportunity to take advantage of several promotions available on these websites and your winning may increase as well.

Now, let us enlighten you about exceptional terms which are used while playing Online.
– Admission Packet: this differs from hall to hall, and it is consisting of the minimum number of cards that you must buy for admission.
– Blackout: this is also known as ‘Coverall’ which means that you need to cover your whole card in order to win.
– Board: this is the so-called window which is displayed on the website whenever a number is called.
– Card: this looks the same and has the same structure like the card we have described above.
– Buy-in: see ‘Admission Packet’.
– Caller: the person who is calling out the numbers.
– Chat Room: this is a display board where you have the chance to send and receive messages from other players.
– Free Space: this is the blank space which does not have any number in it.
– Jackpot: this is a great prize which is given to those who attain a difficult template of set of numbers.
– Lucky Jar: this is also called as ‘Cookie Jar’, this contains money and you can benefit of it in case you win on the lucky number.
– Pattern: this is the specific shape you are required to cover on your cards, this may be: horizontal, vertical or diagonal.
– Progressive Jackpot: this is a Jackpot which is increasing as long as it is will be won.
– Split Pot: this is a game where the player divides the pot with the ‘House’.

Mainly these are the specific expressions which are used when playing online. So, don’t waste your time and have some real fun by playing online bingo . Good luck!

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