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Top Portugal Bingo Rooms

Find the top online bingo sites that except players from Portugal and play in Euros. We offer honest reviews for accredited Portuguese bingo rooms. You can expect prompt withdrawals, above average customer support and safe gaming from the Portugal bingo sites below.

Bingo RoomDeposit BonusesSign Up Bonus50Play
bingo bonusesCyberBingo
Deposit $25 Play With $150$20 + 60 Spins
Bingo VillageBingo Village
Spend $25 Play With $75$50 + 100 Spins
Bingo LinerBingo Liner
Deposit $20 Play With $40$0.00
Bingo Cabin Cash Cabin

Spend $10 Play With $40$0.00
Amigo bingoAmigo Bingo
Deposit $20 Play With $140$50 + 50 Spins
  Online Bingo AustraliaBingo Australia
Deposit $20 Play With $140$50 + 50 Spins

(Terms & Conditions and wagering requirements apply on bonuses. Must be 18+ to play.)

The case for online bingo in Portugal is extremely interesting and atypical because they are one of the only cases you’ll find of the game being totally regulated and games still not run because there is so little of a demand. This is largely a function of cultural factors combining with the wide levels of availability for other types of gambling, both online and land-based, in the country. Keep reading to see what your options are if you want to play online bingo in Portugal.

The Regulatory Body

The regulatory body for Portugal issues licenses for every type of online gambling out there, and there are no bans on any specific way of playing. However, they very rarely, if ever, have issued licenses for online bingo sites simply because there aren’t any companies looking to run games there. Between the cultural issues that tend to focus on sports betting and the economic issues of not wanting to put up the money for a site that might fail because of a lack of interest, it’s virtually impossible to find an online bingo site in Portugal that is regulated by the government.

Options for Players

With that having been said, Portuguese online bingo players aren’t completely out of luck. The regulatory body does not prohibit players from getting in on the action with foreign operators, so there’s no problem with playing with sites that are not licensed in the country. The irony of this situation is that the best options for online bingo in Portugal aren’t actually located in Portugal, but there are no laws keeping you from playing with them anyway.

Here is a list of things you should keep an eye out for when choosing a foreign site for online bingo:

  1. A trusted brand that’s been around for a while (5+ years preferably)

  3. A long history of being reliable with cash outs, preferably with quick withdrawals

  5. A license in a trustworthy jurisdiction like Gibraltar, Malta or the United Kingdom

  7. A strong selection of games so that you get to play the type of online bingo you want

  9. Multiple banking methods that you can use in case one goes down unexpectedly (so that you can always get access to your funds)

If you check off these five items in your search, then you probably have a safe enough option for enjoying online bingo in Portugal, even though you’ll be playing with a foreign site.

Possible Expansion of Online Bingo in Portugal in the Future

If we look towards the future, we can speculate on whether or not this country will end up attracting more operators for online bingo sites. Chances are that they will not pull many in the future, but it would be possible for a token one or two sites to spring up just because there is hardly anyone offering games to meet the demand of the players in Portugal who do want to take part in online bingo games without having to resort to foreign operators.

Although online bingo is completely regulated and legal in Portugal, there are few if any regulated sites because of the lack of popularity of the game.