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Privacy Policy

On occasion may collect impersonal information from those who access the site. Such information could include your browser type or where you may be located.

Should you decide to receive our company newsletter, the only additional information that we may collect will be limited to your e-mail address. By using your email address IBS may forward details of any company promotions or giveaways but will never send unsolicited mail to your account or use it for marketing purposes. This information is always reiterated when requesting receipt of the newsletter. Therefore if you wish to remain fully anonymous while visiting the site it is not advisable to opt-in to receive our mailings.

When occasionally needs further personal details to enable us to improve our service this will only be obtained with your consent and you will be notified at the time that such information is required. By doing this we can improve your personal experience of the site but it is not compulsory.

You are able to cancel receipt of mailings at any time by clicking on unsubscribe at the bottom of the email message. It is also possible that IBS may store cookies on visitor’s computers. These cookies store your data so that the site can recognize and remember you when you next choose to log-in. This data can include, but is not limited to any comments or ratings you may have posted.

If you choose not to allow IBS to have such access to your computer then cookies can be blocked after consulting with your web browser documentation.

Third parties who advertise on the website may have their own cookies, privacy policy and terms of use which you should be comfortable with before disclosing any personal information. These third party companies are in no way connected to IBS and we are not responsible or liable for any content within such sites.

Although Internet Bingo Sites strives to only associate with reputable companies, should you have any cause for concern then we welcome any feedback or comments you may wish to make.

Under no circumstances will, trade or reveal any personal information that they may have obtained to other parties.

By using the website you consent to the above privacy policy, which may be subject to amendment at any time. Such changes will be made available on this page. If you have any queries regarding the above details please contact us directly.