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Problem Gambling (2024)

Gambling is supposed to be fun, safe and entertaining.-It can also take a toll on you and your relationships if you are not careful. Do you or someone close to you have any issues with gambling? If you do, there are so many people that care about you and help is available at any moment. It is possible to take back control of your life and any addictions.
Some of the signs of gambling has become an addiction include:

  1. Do you gamble to forget?
  2. Do you steal to gamble?
  3. Do you lie to loved ones?
  4. Do you borrow money to gamble?
  5. Do you miss work to gamble?
  6. Do you go into debt after gambling and spend your bill money?

Has your gambling gotten out of hand? If so, there are many helplines available and people that care. If your country is not listed then you can easily research this on Google. Here are a few numbers for quick reference:

Gamblers Anonymous USA

EATA Recovery UK


NCP Gambling International Helpline

Problem Gambling Canada

Help is available at any time and so many resources are available in every country. You just need to reach out for help!