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How to Recover from a Losing Steak Playing Online Bingo?

Just like with any other game of chance, when luck is not on your side when playing online bingo, you have to take a step back and reconsider your options. Naturally, as an online bingo player, you are aware that you won’t always be winning; sometimes you’ll experience a losing streak.

In times like that, you would need to recollect yourself and make a plan on how to stick to your budget and still recover from the losses. While at it, you would need to remember that to overcome a losing streak, you would still need to abide by the responsible gambling rules, if you want to get back on your feet in the most painless way possible.

In this article, we’ve tried to select a few tips you could use to get back in the game and have luck on your side once again. Therefore, just follow them, and soon you’ll be on the right track.

Stick to Your Budget

No matter how long does the losing streak lasts, never ever alter your bingo budget. Overspending while chasing losses would be the most unreasonable thing you could do. If, when you started playing bingo, with the responsible gambling tools you’ve set a certain bingo budget, don’t go and try to change it, as you would be at a greater risk of losing even more and not gambling responsibly.

Even if you tried to alter your bingo budget, the rules are that you’d need to wait 24 hours for the operator to increase your limit. So thankfully, this responsible gambling tool would allow you to think and help you stop chasing a win and risk losing more than you can afford.

Time to Cool Off

Luck cannot always be on your side, that’s a fact. Sometimes, you’re going to find yourself in a situation that no matter how long you’re playing, you cannot get a winning ticket. And that’s your cue to take a break.

Whether you’d go out for a walk, get yourself some coffee or watch your favorite TV show, just take a breather. You will see that after the storm calms, the sun will rise again. And that’s when you can try returning to your game. In the meantime, if you don’t wish to get out of your element completely, why not try social bingo games? You can download an app to play them or you can play them on Facebook, as they are all over the place. When you feel ready, you can go back to the real money play.

Move On from the Losses

Now that you’ve recollected yourself, it’s time to do the math. You might have lost a lot more than you intended, but now is not the time for regrets. After all, bingo is a game of luck. So, resume from where you left, and forget about the losses.

It’s a new beginning. You should be satisfied playing with what you have left of your budget. So it’s time for the next step: strategizing your future play.

The Best Way to Get Back in the Game? Lower Your Stakes!

Strategizing your future play would mean making a plan on how to continue playing with the budget you have left. If you’ve lost, say £50 playing bingo games with tickets that cost £1, and you have £50 left to play with, the best plan would be to lower your stakes. If you want to stay in the game longer and play bingo without making any budget changes, you would definitely need to look for games with lower ticket prices. Or play free bingo, where the entry is free and you still have a shot at winning a prize.

Now, there’s another thing you could do. If you aren’t ready to give up on the bingo games with higher ticket prices, as the prizes are bigger in these games, then buy fewer tickets. But while at it, make sure you join a bingo room with the fewest players actively participating. That way your chances of winning with one or two tickets would be improved.

The Ultimate Guide to Improving Your Odds

You now have the advice you need to move forward and forget about your losses. However, the following list of tips summarizes everything you’ve read so far and would be the perfect go-to guide whenever you feel that you need help getting back in the game after a losing streak. Whenever that happens, do the following:

• Take a break to forget about your losses – Chasing losses would be the worst thing you can do, so when on a losing streak, make sure you take a break from bingo. Do what you have to do, but do not continue playing until you’ve completely cooled off.

• Stick to your budget and manage your stakes – Remember that spending over your budget would be irresponsible gambling. Therefore, either take part in bingo games with lower ticket prices or buy fewer tickets for the bingo rooms you love, but never overstep your limits.

• Join rooms with fewer players, at quiet hours – Look for bingo rooms with the least number of players active, preferably at times when others are still sleeping or at work, say from 7 pm to 12 pm. Your chances of winning would be greatly improved this way.

Keep in mind, that whenever in doubt, you always have free bingo games to try to maintain your budget for a while, until you’re ready to get back into real money play. No matter what you do to keep a cool head, don’t forget to play within the responsible gambling rules and stick to your budget. Luck will smile at you again, don’t worry!

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