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Rogue Online Bingo Sites- Warning To Players

rogue bingo sites

We are here to be an advocate for players and list any unethical and unregulated online bingo establishments. Here is our list of warnings and rogue online bingo sites. These bingo sites are blacklisted so please avoid at all costs.


We receive many complaints regarding unfair bonus withdrawal so please read our wagering requirements article before making any deposits. If you strongly feel we are missing any websites, then please email us directly and we will look into your request immediately. We update this list regularly, so please check back often.


Bingo Site


Bingoville.agtoo many player complaints
Bingon.comtoo many player complaints
Bingocheers.comslow payouts/refused payouts
Bingohouse.comignore players/refuse payouts
Bingomania.comnon payments/blocking players
BingoScotland.combad customer support/unethical/stealing
Bingovega.comrefuse payouts
Blackpoolbingo.compoor customer service/non payouts
Cheekybingo.combad customer support/unethical/stealing
DowntownBingo.eunon payouts/unethical
Dreambingo.comrefuse payouts
Foxybingo.combad customer support/unethical/stealing
Ginabingo.comt/c breach of contract
Goldenhatbingo.comtoo many player warnings
Goldenpound.comtoo many player warnings
Kiwibingo.compoor customer service/non payouts
Mirabingo.comnon payouts
Milehighbingo.comtoo many player complaints payouts
Tikibingo.compoor customer service/non payouts
Titanbingo.comtoo many player complaints
Thinkbingo.combad customer support/unethical/stealing

What Make a Bingo Site Rogue?

We have identified a number of rogue bingo sites as an easy reference for players to refer to so they can make sure they avoid unreliable rooms. These bingo rooms are blacklisted from many online sources.
We have a simple process for determining if a bingo site has gone rogue. This process includes taking in reports of proven unfair games or a failure to pay out withdrawals when they should. With that having been said, we also don’t just accept every player at their word since we hold ourselves to a high standard when it comes to calling out a site. We weigh the evidence in a reasonable way, and if we come to the conclusion that a site is surely rogue by intensive research, we then list it here.

While it takes a bit of proof to show that a site has truly gone rogue, it’s often a much simpler matter to find a site that can prove that you can trust them. The reason for this comes down to the simple fact that the industry has to regulate itself to some degree because there is no global regulatory body. To this end, independent certifications and licenses in strong jurisdictions go a long way.


The Jurisdiction Issue


Just because a site is licensed doesn’t mean that you’re going to be safe. A license from somewhere like Costa Rica, for example, don’t enforce any rules on their licensees. On the other hand, in order to offer online bingo services to countries like Canada and Australia, it is a must to get licensing from jurisdictions like Costa Rica. This doesn’t mean they are rogue but you must stay on the side of caution until you have researched enough that the bingo site has a good reputation. On the other hand, you have locations like Malta and the UK that have proven over and over again that they will take action against rogue operators. A license from most European countries, including the United Kingdom especially, hold a lot of weight.


History and Certifications


Along similar lines of the importance of a license is based on where it’s issued, certifications are the same way. A Safe & Fair Seal from eCOGRA is the most important and most respected certification that a room can have, and you can rest assured that there are measures in place to make sure that no site with this certification has gone rogue.


In the same line of thinking, a site that has a long history of paying out when they are supposed to be a big green flag that you can continue trusting them in the future. When a bingo room has a long history of being reliable, then that’s often worth just as much as a key certification like that from eCOGRA, and it provides a huge incentive for them to not mess it up by unfairly taking withdrawals or enforcing unethical policies on bingo bonuses and other issues.