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Slot machine History & Terminology

What Are Slot Machines?

antique slot machine

The slot machine history and basic terminology. This is a coin-operated casino game with the odds of winning based on random chance. They traditionally have a lever which is pulled in order to make three or more reels spin. These reels contain symbols, which are the basis for winning. There are various patterns of these symbols shown on the front of this game. The pattern that shows up on the reels determines pay out. This game make up the vast majority of the income of most casinos. They are the most-used gambling method in a typical casino. They are are also called poker machines in Australia and fruit machines in Britain.

History of Slot Machines

Sittman & Pitt came up with the first of the gambling machines in 1891. These were the precursors to what we now know as slot machines. The game cost a nickel to play, and winning prizes at the time included things like a free drink or cigar. This first gambling machine was a game derived from poker. Fifty card faces were held in five rows, and the object was to get a good poker hand.

Another one of the first games that modern machines are based on gave gum as a prize. The reels of the machine showed fruit symbols, which determined what flavor of gum one would get. This is where the cherries and other popular symbols that are used today originated.

Bally came up with the Money Honey in 1964. This was the very first electro-mechanical machine, and also the first one that would automatically pay out five hundred coins without an attendant’s help.

The slot machines that we use today may be more advanced, but they are based on these older machines that started showing up well over a century ago. We now have multi-line machines, multi-denomination playing, video poker slots, and machines with themes based on TV shows like I Dream of Jeannie.

Slot Machine Technology

They are capable of much more today than they were just a couple of decades ago. This is due to new computer technology, which allows people to program the machines. The odds of winning are based on this programming, so the owners can control how often they pay out.

A random number generator is a computer element that randomly picks the positions of the reels. It generates numbers over and over all the time, up to thousands of number combinations every second. When a person pulls the lever, the last number it picked is the one that is used.

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