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Bermuda Triangle Free Slot



The Bermuda Triangle might not be a place you want to visit, but you don’t want to miss this free slot! Playtech’s Bermuda Triangle slot is a fun and fast paced game that won’t leave you lost. There are many things associated with the Bermuda Triangle and this game has them all. From sea creatures to missing planes, they are all a part of this multi-line slot.
The free Bermuda slot game comes with three reels and five lines giving players plenty of ways to win. There are no wild features, bonus rounds or multipliers, but the game does appeal to those with a bankroll of any size. The coins accepted are anywhere from five cents up to five dollars. However, it is important to play the maximum bet of five coins because each additional coin will activate a new pay line. Even with playing five coins, players can still get by with an economical cost of only twenty-five cents per pull.
The top combination is reached when a player gets three sail boats. However, the amount of money won will be determined by the line on which the sailboats appear. For example, the largest payout is one thousand coins for hitting the three sailboats on the fifth line.

Bermuda Game

Overall, the free Bermuda game is a fun game based on a mysterious theme. It is also a good quality game that gives players a number of ways to win.

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