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Alchemist’s Lab Free Slot

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Free Alchemist’s Lab slot is a unique game offered by Playtech which is centered around the theme of making gold out of other objects and metals.  This particular game is different from other run of the meal slots because the reels are laid out as they traditionally are.  As a result, Alchemist slot has almost a 3-D look to it which is sure to draw in a younger crowd which is used to flashy graphics.

Alchemist Slot

Free Alchemist slot may not be for everyone as the minimum bet is one dollar with a maximum of three dollars per pull.  However, the maximum bet does allow players the chance to walk away with a jackpot of $10,000.  To do this, players must line up three gold coins on the pay line.  The largest jackpot available playing just one coin is $3000, while a two coin bet could be worth as much as $6000.
Alchemist Lab slots does come with a fun bonus round as well.  The bonus is first activated when players get three recipe books on the pay line.  Once in the bonus, players will choose three vials which are then poured into the cauldron and turned into gold.  At this point, players get a bonus game win.  The more gold your potions make, the more the bonus is going to be worth.  Therefore, it pays to pick wisely.

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